Thursday, February 22, 2024 – Missouri political news headlines

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Jason Rosenbaum’s Politically Speaking podcast via St. Louis Public Radio, sponsored by social justice group Empower Missouri: U.S. Rep. Eric Burlison on the case for Donald Trump (3:15); why January 6, 2021 was a protest and not an insurrection (5:25); message to Never Trumpers and supporters of other GOP candidates (8:30); why Republicans should embrace early voting (11:45); Ukraine and Israel (16:30); U.S. House GOP caucus battles (20:30); more

St. Louis Public Radio’s St. Louis on the Air: WerQfest to honor the intersection of blackness and queerness during Black History Month; “Black, but Make It Queer” campaign highlights “intersectionality” of converging victimhoods

Combest, The Missouri Times, 8/7/23: “Thank God that state-affiliated media isn’t a meritocracy, or (Jason) Rosenbaum might be hosting (St. Louis on the Air) episodes on ankle bracelets making immigrants’ hair fall out or the institutional racism of public toilets.”

Jason Rosenbaum’s “The Politically Speaking Hour” podcast on Spotify: Eric Burlison episode

Jason Rosenbaum’s “The Politically Speaking Hour” podcast on Spotify: All episodes

97.1 FM (St. Louis): Annie Frey Show: Will Scharf talks about liberals’ “campaign of lawfare” against Trump (1:15); appeal of New York ruling (2:30); two-tiered justice system (6:15); answering listener questions on speed of trial and more (11:00); outlook for cases between today and general election (29:00)

P-D: Despite congressional candidate Bob Onder’s claim, official says Wentzville superintendent won’t censure board members (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

This Week in Missouri Politics Mid-Week Update: Taylor Burks talks with Scott Faughn about why he’s running for 3rd Congressional District seat (0:15); district demographics/stats via Missouri Mapper, and why central Missouri needs to be united behind one candidate (2:00); advantages against Bob Onder (4:15); advantages against Mary Elizabeth Coleman (5:30); being drawn out of 4th Congressional District race for 2022 (8:30); Columbia and Jefferson City (11:30); “open dialogue” with Kurt Schaefer and need to coalesce around one mid-Mo. candidate (13:30); Scott Faughn on 3rd Congressional District primary (19:00); state legislative primaries (23:00) Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Thursday morning segments: Taylor Burks on Scott Faughn’s show (Segment A, 2:15); Will Scharf on Annie Frey’s show (Segment A, 4:30); Eric Burlison on Jason Rosenbaum’s show (Segment A, 6:00); St. Louis Public Radio and black/queer “intersectionality” (Segment A, 7:30); Missouri’s just-passing-through reporters (Segment A, 12:30); Franklin County Republican Central Committee Lincoln-Reagan Dinner (Segment A, 17:30); Taylor Burks vs. Bob Onder vs. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (Segment B, 3:30); Brad doubts 3rd Congressional District candidates will come on the show (Segment B, 11:15) Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Wednesday morning segments: Pronoun silliness and Charlamagne tha God (Segment A, 1:15); Missouri Senate filibuster ends (Segment A, 6:30); Gov. Parson, Sen. Schmitt and Rep. Ashley Aune on illegals and fentanyl (Segment A, 9:00); KC shooting details (Segment A, 11:30); John admits he was wrong in assuming shooters were Asian females (Segment A, 12:45); Sen. Bernie Sanders and warning labels for snack foods (Segment C, 1:00); John recalls when airline stewardesses could fit between aisles (Segment C, 14:15)

Brad & John Show on Instagram: Wednesday show summary Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Tuesday morning segments: Missouri Democrats flex on guns and initiative petitions (Segment A, 2:30); Taylor Burks (Segment A, 8:00); Lincoln Days recaps (Segment A, 13:00)

Brad & John Show on Instagram: Tuesday show summary

Columbia Missourian: Federal Internet subsidy program that assists nearly 400K state households projected to end in April

Missouri Independent: Jay Ashcroft draws bipartisan attacks over comments about veterans benefits

Missourinet: University of Missouri-Columbia economics professor Joe Haslag: Missouri’s economy is growing slower than U.S. economy; state needs more high-tech jobs, incentives

Columbia Missourian: State budget approval faces contentious road

JCNT: House sends Missouri crime prevention bill to Senate

JCNT: Missouri treasurer supports foreign investment legislation in hearing

Missouri Independent: State Treasurer Vivek Malek faces scrutiny over state advertising on unregulated slot machines

P-D: Missouri treasurer under fire over ads on slot machines (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

JCNT: Municipal League: Cities, schools ‘in the crosshairs’ of Missouri Legislature

P-D: University of Missouri opposes bill that would end its monopoly over certain graduate degrees (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Columbia Missourian: Bill would remove MU’s exclusivity in offering doctoral degrees

JCNT: Education committees consider bills on Missouri school transportation, four-day weeks

Missourinet: Democrat bill would incentivize school five days a week, boost teacher pay

Columbia Missourian: Rep. Gretchen Bangert (D-Florissant) makes final bid for cursive writing requirement in Missouri schools

JCNT: Speakers on Missouri House floor shed tears over veteran suicides

Columbia Missourian: Like a spring ritual, another attempt to end daylight saving time in Missouri

Missourinet: Following urban violence, Rep. Ashley Aune (D-Kansas City) wants to overturn Missouri’s permitless carry law

Columbia Missourian: Library of Congress launches website where Missourians can share COVID-19 stories

KC Star’s David Mastio: The Kansas City Chiefs rally shooting is a problem that can only be solved at home (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

The Missouri Times op-ed: St. Louis County Police Department Lt. Coloner Jason Law: State should regulate Delta-8 THC products

KC Star’s Katie Moore and Glenn Rice: After mom dies in KC police chase, kids get $3,571 each. How MO makes it hard to sue (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

Missouri Independent op-ed: Texas A&M assistant professor of landscape architecture, others: How tax breaks siphoned millions from Missouri public schools that serve poor students

P-D letter: St. Charles man criticizes conservative state lawmakers over child gender transitions and gun laws (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

P-D letter: Houston, Texas man named Jasir Rahman criticizes GOP state legislators for blocking urban gun control (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here) John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback ($12.99) and Amazon Kindle ($7.99)

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