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P-D: Teen girl still in critical condition after fight near Hazelwood East High School (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Daily Mail (UK): Teen girl is left in critical condition after high school mob beatdown in Missouri – as shocking footage shows her head being repeatedly slammed against concrete until she blacks out

KSDK: Student hospitalized after violent brawl near Hazelwood East High School, suspect in custody; video of the fight has gone national on social media Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Hazelwood East attack (Segment A, 16:00); why John doesn’t think savage attack was a hate crime (B, 4:30); what specific misinformation Valentina Gomez spread to 500,000 viewers (B, 12:00)

Jason Rosenbaum on X: Correcting Valentina Gomez’s misinformation

Listen live 7-8 a.m. Central: Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Young scholar bashes schoolmate’s skull into the pavement; Missouri’s hazy marijuana sales success; Nikki Haley supporter shares emotions about seeing so many Trump supporters at caucus; more

Combest, The Missouri Times, 3/13/22: Remembering Cora Faith Walker, who passed away on March 11; Washington University should create a Cora Faith Walker Memorial Scholarship to provide education opportunities and mentoring to young women

Washington University in St. Louis’s Institute for Public Health, August 2023: “Cora Faith Walker Scholar” program provides summer internship, mentoring

Combest book: “Does [black protagonist’s] #BossBabe text thread give honest feedback on [her] actions, or does it reflexively encourage and enable [her] approval-seeking behavior? Are they the type of women that would enable other self-destructive behaviors?” [p. 56]

Combest book: “Do you see [your friends acting out] with excessive pride and choose to stroke their ego, potentially encouraging their self-destructive behaviors? Do you see how such enabling behavior could cause them to kill their highs and live by loews?” [p.87]

SNL: Polling locations announced for MO Democratic presidential primary

Southeast Missourian: U.S. Rep. Jason Smith critiques State of the Union address (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

St. Louis Public Radio’s Jason Rosenbaum “On the Trail” column: Hawley criticizes Wagner for questioning cost of compensating radioactive contamination victims Friday morning: John’s theory on origin of Josh Hawley vs. Ann Wagner beef (Segment A, 17:00)

This Week in Missouri Politics: Senate Majority Floor Leader Cindy O’Laughlin (R-Shelbina); panel of Reps. Gretchen Bangert, Sherri Gallick and Jim Murphy, as well as Legislative Assistant Jamey Murphy

St. Louis Public Radio: Jason Rosenbaum’s Politically Speaking: Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin

Jason Rosenbaum’s “The Politically Speaking Hour” podcast on Spotify: Cindy O’Laughlin episode

Jason Rosenbaum’s “The Politically Speaking Hour” podcast on Spotify: All episodes Friday morning: Brad proposes “Jason Rosenbaum Fridays” (Segment A, 1:00); how you can help Wash U. get white men’s name off buildings (A, 7:30); GOP Rep. Mazzie Christensen’s bill and Maxi Glamour (A, 15:00); Brad proposes Missouri counter the drag queen story hours with Masculinity Monday performances (B, 6:00); “black girls’ spaces” (B, 8:00); Brad on Asian/K-Pop fruitiness and John on what attractive women want (C, 8:00)

AD: 15-second ad spots only $1 on St. Charles County’s Westplex 107.1FM (Hot Adult Contemporary – Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, et al.); one ad spot for $1; one ad per hour every hour $18; one week ad package $42; station owned and operated by St. Louis Radio Hall of Famer Brad Hildebrand

St. Louis Public Radio: A warm winter and lingering drought could set up a tough growing season in the Midwest

Missouri Independent’s Janice Ellis: Civic education is needed in Missouri – and the nation – more than ever

Combest, The Missouri Times, 8/7/23: Why won’t the Missouri Independent’s diversity columnist write about Missouri? “The Independent has published 25 of (diversity columnist Janice Ellis’) columns in the past 12 months, and one (1) was exclusively focused on Missouri issues.”

johncombest_com on X: Missouri Independent diversity columnist Janice Ellis says Missouri Republicans have “deft [sic] ears”; progressive blog makes correction with no acknowledgment or gratitude, then finally adds acknowledgment

P-D editorial board “Republican” Lynn Schmidt: Missouri GOP caucuses not fair for “us RINOs”: “Haley supporters were not just made to feel unwelcome, but intimidated and fearful.” (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here) Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (Franklin/St. Charles/Warren Counties): Thoughts on Lynn Schmidt’s op-ed on Trump meanness (Segment A, 3:15)

October 2023: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a “traditional conservative” Republican, but disagree with Josh Hawley and Eric Schmitt on populism, the U.S. military and national security [get around stltoday paywall here]

January 2023: P-D editorial board profiles: Meet Lynn Schmidt, our conservative/libertarian columnist

August 2023: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but disagree with Missouri GOP’s efforts to strengthen voting laws (get around stltoday paywall here)

March 2023: Lynn Schmidt: Missouri Republicans illustrate why it’s too late to challenge Trump and his control of the party and base [get around stltoday paywall here]

December 2022: Lynn Schmidt: I’m not a Democrat, but I wish for a competitive Missouri Democratic Party, ranked-choice voting, and a man like Jon Hamm to run against Josh Hawley [get around stltoday paywall here]

June 2022: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but Eric Greitens’ ad makes me feel unsafe [get around stltoday paywall here]

April 2021: Lynn Schmidt: I used to be a Republican, but not anymore [get around stltoday paywall here]

December 2020: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but I oppose Donald Trump, Josh Hawley and GOP senators [get around stltoday paywall here]

October 2020: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but I support Jill Schupp over Ann Wagner

September 2020: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but I oppose Jay Ashcroft’s plan on mail-in ballots [get around stltoday paywall here]

July 2020: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but I oppose Gov. Parson and the White House [get around stltoday paywall here]

July 2018: Lynn Schmidt: I’m a Republican, but support Claire McCaskill over Josh Hawley John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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