Monday, May 20, 2024 – Missouri political news headlines

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P-D: U.S. Rep. Cori Bush, Mayor Tishaura Jones attend black parade (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

This Week in Missouri Politics: Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo (D-Kansas City) talks with Scott Faughn about initiative petition (IP) legislation (0:45); “ballot candy” and Clean Missouri (2:45); state legislative maps (4:20); abortion and Democratic turnout (5:45); right-to-work vs. abortion and nationalization of state elections (8:00); education bill (9:45); criminal justice legislation (11:00); advice for incoming senators (12:00); panel of consultant Garrett Webb, Dem Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove, and GOP Reps. Bill Hardwick and Justin Hicks on Hicks’ bid for Congress (15:20); IP legislation (16:00); other legislation, including federal reimbursement allowance (FRA) (21:20); GOP gov primary, AG primary, Pat Contreras vs. Patty Lewis for Greg Razer’s seat (25:20); who won the week: Patty Prewitt, Ashley Bland Manlove, Mike Moon, Caleb Rowden

KWTO: All The Above with Garett Bowles: “Fighters” vs. winners in the Missouri Legislature, one specific bill that should have passed, and where Republicans go from here; Scott Faughn on end of legislative session, GOP infighting, and specific reasons why the 2025 session could be more productive (click here to listen via Apple podcast app)

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Jason Rosenbaum’s “On the Trail” column: GOP fissures and abortion rights item could usher in new Missouri legislative era

KC Star: Bill Eigel’s abrasive speeches upended the Missouri Senate. Will GOP voters approve? (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

Brad (Hildebrand) & John (Combest) Show on 104.5 FM (WashMo), Friday: (Segment A): Summary of Mary Elizabeth Coleman’s appearances on Scott Faughn’s show and Cass Bowen Anderson’s show; Cori Bush, Eric Burlison, Ann Wagner and the unfortunately-named Dick Lugar scale; Harrison Butker fallout

KC Star: Missouri governor candidate with alleged KKK ties can stay on GOP ballot, judge rules (avoid KC Star paywall by reading free syndicated version on Yahoo! News here)

SNL: State finds probable cause of election violations in Humansville, investigations ongoing; pandemic cash unaccounted for, mileage expenses allegedly inflated, more

SNL: Springfield Public Schools used pandemic funds to create 181 jobs. Two-thirds are going away.

P-D: St. Louis chefs join the wave of marijuana-infused dining. ‘A way to eat cannabis safely.’ (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

P-D’s Lynn Schmidt: ‘Homemaker’ may not be for everyone, but is a noble calling (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here)

Missouri Independent’s Jason Hancock and Rudi Keller: Winners and losers of the 2024 legislative session

Missouri Independent’s Janice Ellis: Missouri Republicans wrong about initiative petition process; diversity columnist writes about Missouri

Combest, The Missouri Times (8/7/23): “The Independent has published 25 of (diversity columnist Janice Ellis’) columns in the past 12 months, and one (1) was exclusively focused on Missouri issues. … Can you imagine if the (Missouri Independent’s) diversity slot was occupied by a strong voice on Missouri issues?”

Missouri Ruralist op-ed: Ag Director Chris Chinn: Two summer programs offer high school students a jump-start to an ag career

P-D’s Tony Messenger: More court costs are on the docket at Missouri Supreme Court. They should go. (avoid stltoday paywall by reading Combest-archived version here) John Combest: Stalking, Harassment, Internet Trolling: A Guide to Recovering and Rebuilding After Online Attacks – available in paperback and Amazon Kindle

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