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Archive - June 2021


        Wednesday, June 30, 2021
P-D:  Rain pushes St. Louis-area rivers into flood stages
          KC Star:  Vicky Hartzler, Jason Smith weigh in on Dems' effort to purge un-woke statues from U.S. Capitol;  Ann Wagner votes with Democrats
          KC Star:  How-to guide:  ACLU recommendations for participating in public agitations and street protests
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Legal roundtable:  Mark Smith (D), others to criticize Mark McCloskey, weigh in on Missouri's Medicaid debate and Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Local doctor offers tips and tricks to persuade vaccine holdouts
          KWMU:  Delta variant fuels China virus cases in Missouri
          P-D:  State, regional China virus update;  Blacks in St. Louis City lead the way in declining COVID vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  15 employees in Truman Building test positive for COVID
          JCNT:  Positive COVID-19 cases reported among Truman Building employees
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Gov. Parson opposes effort to 'pack' U.S. Supreme Court
          Missourinet:  Profile:  Get to know new Missouri Supreme Court Judge Robin Ransom
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson presents Fulton with $3M cold snap utility loan
          The Missouri Times:  Budget Committee passes FRA renewal along with bill targeting Planned Parenthood
          Missouri Independent:  No changes in committee as FRA bill heads to Missouri House for debate
          KWMU:  Missouri House committee passes renewal of tax that funds Medicaid
          KC Star:  Missouri House committee pushes renewal of critical Medicaid tax closer to passage
          P-D:  House panel endorses renewal of key tax for Missouri health care costs
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri expands protection orders under new law
          Missourinet:  Missouri domestic violence victims will be allowed to ask for lifetime protection order
          JCNT:  New tax credit to help maintain Missouri State Capitol
          Missourinet:  Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) wants plan in place by January for a "serious overhaul" of state's IT system
          SE Missourian:  Cape Girardeau School District sends letter opposing Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) program
          Missourinet:  Governor signs bill enacting new oversight over Missouri clean energy loan program
          SNL:  Gov. Parson signs several bills
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Despite publicity campaign, Kevin Strickland may not get off scot-free
          Missourinet:  Missouri Supreme Court sets execution date for triple-murderer;  Ernest Lee Johnson robbed Columbia convenience store, restrained three employees, then bashed their skulls with a hammer until they died;  Defense attorneys say lethal injection method could cause Johnson too much pain
          JCNT:  Missouri Supreme Court sends Sunshine Law case back to Cole County
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court:  State can't charge attorney fees for Sunshine Law requests
          KC Star:  Missouri officials can't charge fees for attorney review of public records, court says
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri students pilloried for white supremacist gesture were doing no such thing;  Doing the "OK" sign with palm turned inward is acceptable, but turning palm outward signals white supremacy
          SNL's Steve Pokin:  Do those who decline COVID vaccine deserve to die?
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Right to Life's Susan Klein, Steve Rupp and Gerard Neiters:  Senate passes Medicaid reimbursement bill with no pro-life protections;  House needs to add pro-life language
          KC Star op-ed:  Former assistant history professor:  Missouri's Second Amendment Preservation Act is "terrifying," and could lead to "second Civil War"
          P-D's Jack Suntrup:  Missouri Supreme Court ruling is a win for transparency
          P-D letter:  St. Louis man criticizes Vicky Hartzler for support of Boeing and United States' "imperialist ventures"

        Tuesday, June 29, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith accuses Biden of "bait and switch" on infrastructure deal
          KC Star:  Josh Hawley, Cori Bush offer divergent visions of policing with federal dollars
          P-D:  Cori Bush proposal would spend $10 billion on social workers, other "alternatives" to policing
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Cori Bush on creating a new federal make-work agency for "social workers and therapists and counselors"
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  How to argue, and win, against people who decline the China virus vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Sen. Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) and panel discuss FRA and more
          The Missouri Times:  J. Eggleston announces state Senate bid
          Missouri Independent:  Cole County judge blocks changes in Medicaid payments to Missouri hospitals
          The Missouri Times:  Medicaid expansion lawsuit heads to Missouri Supreme Court
          SNL:  Missouri Supreme Court to hear Medicaid expansion arguments July 13
          KMIZ:  Missouri House prepares for expedited committee hearing;  Comments from "Rep. Betsy Folge [sic]"
          P-D:  Sen. Jeanie Riddle (R-Mokane) hosted female lawmakers for policy discussion last week
          KC Star:  Rowden, Schatz seek to deliver "knockout punch" to Planned Parenthood state funding
          KCUR:  Moms Demand Action, Democratic lawmakers, others criticize Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  Grain Belt Express moving forward with land purchases
          KC Star editorial:  With Delta variant spiking in Missouri, those who got J&J vaccine may need a booster
          SNL op-ed:  Former Nixa and Springfield Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith:  'No' on HB 349, as public funding should go to public schools
          KC Star's Mara Rose Williams:  Very few teachers are signing up for paid Critical Race Theory training, and Missouri state legislators are to blame
          P-D letter:  Ladue sexagenarian wants statewide campaign encouraging condom use
          P-D letter:  Fenton octogenarian wants state legislators to stop disagreeing with each other

        Monday, June 28, 2021
SE Missourian:  Family, former employees gather to honor life and legacy of Bill Emerson
          Missourinet:  Former Rep. Brian Baker (R-Belton) passes away
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Cori Bush;  Wash U. "Professor of Social Welfare" to promote new book on poverty
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske weekly schedule:  Monday discussion with Cori Bush;  Tuesday discourse on removing statues of white men;  Thursday "pandemic reflections" from Wu Flu guru Dr. Alex Garza;  more
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Sen. Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) talks with Scott Faughn about FRA, GOP's long-term accomplishments, state's economy, COVID, rural broadband;  Panel of The Missouri Times' Kaitlyn Schallhorn, Sen. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) and NARAL's Mallory Schwarz on FRA, abortion, more
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, special session and FRA, more
          SNL's Galen Bacharier:  Event promo:  Come join the League of Women Voters for a "nonpartisan" meeting to advocate for "fair maps"
          Missourinet:  FRA extension legislation goes to Missouri House committee on Tuesday;  Full House convenes Wednesday
          JCNT:  Panel ready to OK 5-year transportation plan for Missouri
          Missouri Independent:  Judge rejects residency requirement for Missouri medical marijuana licenses
          CDT:  Newspaper finds someone to take managing editor job:  26-year-old Kevin Graeler, who became paper's sports editor in 2019, now in charge of newsroom
          P-D:  State, regional China virus update
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  FRA renewal becomes an alarming game of chicken
          P-D editorial:  Missouri's lottery needs more advertising dollars and less illegal competition
          KC Star's Hurubie Meko:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Missouri Senate Republicans killed bill that would have helped urban gardeners
          P-D letter:  Hannibal sexagenarian supports Biden's push for gun control, opposes Missouri's Second Amendment Preservation Act
          P-D letter:  Laguna Beach, California septuagenarian visits friends in St. Louis, disagrees with state's approach to China, 2nd Amendment, Medicaid, other issues
          P-D letter:  Wash U. Med School student unhappy with state legislators over Medicaid expansion funding

        Sunday, June 27, 2021
Joplin Globe:  Billy Long on U.S. Senate announcement:  "I'm definitely making preparations";  Bill White seeking second term in Missouri Senate
          SE Missourian:  Photo:  Bill Emerson 25th anniversary memorial dinner:  Peter Kinder, others gather to remember late congressman
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  3 Webster University alumni tapped by Biden administration
          KC Star:  Kansas Citians celebrate at Saturday's Pride on the Vine;  15-year-old girl poses for pictures, enjoys spotlight since declaring herself "pansexual" in seventh grade
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri lawmakers have introduced six bills to keep men from competing in women's sports;  Former NFL practice squad member Michael Sam discusses media adulation after coming out as gay
          P-D editorial:  In special session, state lawmakers seek to pile cruelty upon cruelty
          JCNT editorial:  AG Eric Schmitt chooses governor over Missourians
          P-D's Bill McClellan:  With McCloskey verdict, St. Louisans denied another show trial
          P-D's Aisha Sultan:  Fan mail:  St. Louis man seeks and receives female columnist's attention and validation for sending mock "bill" to Gov. Parson over vaccine-trip mileage;  other cute self-affirming anecdotes
          KC Star letter:  Liberty septuagenarian says that Sam Graves cares only about the rich
          P-D letter:  St. Louis woman opposes GOP lawmakers' pro-life stance, attempts analogy comparing abortion procedure to a papercut
          P-D letter:  Creve Coeur sexagenarian says Second Amendment Preservation Act appeals only to GOP's "ill-informed and rabid base"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County sexagenarian opposes Second Amendment Preservation Act, attempts "defund the police" punchline
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield man "mad as hell" about Second Amendment Preservation Act, says next step is GOP legislators "shooting their fellow Democratic lawmakers"

        Saturday, June 26, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Blunt, Hawley oppose ATF pistol brace rule
          Missourinet:  Hawley praises progress on Fort Leonard Wood hospital project, backs Biden Administration's budget request for it
          KC Star:  Cleaver laments lack of funding for affordable housing in Biden's infrastructure deal
          KC Star:  Liberal group targets Josh Hawley's sister;  Springfield police investigating harassment at Lesley Hawley's medical clinic
          P-D:  Feds threaten sanctions if Missouri ends emissions testing in suburban St. Louis counties
          P-D:  Longtime Missouri political consultant David Barklage expected to plead guilty to felony tax charge
          KC Star:  Profile:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis)
          The Missouri Times:  As thunderstorm descended upon Capitol, Republicans scrambled to reach deal on FRA reauthorization
          The Missouri Times:  Bipartisan group of women find common ground on contraceptive language
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate approves FRA, rejects push to ban Planned Parenthood from Medicaid
          AP:  Bill to renew key Missouri Medicaid funding tax advances
          P-D:  Missouri Senate breaks impasse over Medicaid and abortion funding
          KC Star:  Missouri Senate renews crucial tax
          SNL:  Missouri Housing Development Commission teams up with Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri to distribute rental-assistance handouts
          Missouri Independent:  After February blackouts, energy companies gear up for high summer demand
          Brownfield Ag News:  FFA students gain advocacy experience at Missouri Capitol
          Missouri Independent:  Federal judge grants release to Missouri man in prison for marijuana crimes
          Missouri Independent:  DHSS says it aims to share data on China virus uptick without agitating "mass hysteria"
          KC Star editorial:  Is Gov. Parson innocent? You know, we're just not sure
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Law or no law, motorcyclists should wear a helmet
          P-D editorial brief:  On Jim Bakker and Eric Schmitt
          P-D letter:  University City sexagenarian offers litany of complaints about GOP state lawmakers, says they are "poorly educated" and "lack creativity and spine"
          P-D letter:  Spanish Lake septuagenarian responds to June 18 letter responding to June 11 letter responding to June 8 story, attempts analogy comparing reindeer to vote fraud

        Friday, June 25, 2021
St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley unveils plan to put 100,000 new officers on the street
          Heartlander News:  Sen. Hawley introduces legislative agenda focused on supporting and protecting law enforcement
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Jason Rosenbaum discusses 2022 GOP U.S. Senate primary with KC Star reporters
          P-D:  Decision on whether to remove prosecutor from Greitens perjury case coming next week
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Branson receives $3 million grant for flood wall
          The Missouri Times:  Two FRA bills advance from committee
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate set to debate dueling bills extending tax crucial to Medicaid funding
          Missouri Independent:  Divide among Missouri Republicans threatens to upend special session on Medicaid tax
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri Senate convenes for first day of special session
          SNL:  Missouri special session opens with disagreement on abortion, contraceptives
          The Missouri Times:  Legislators criticize overreach at Missouri Housing Development Commission
          P-D:  Missouri Housing Development Commission enlists help from social service agencies to hand out $300 million in rental assistance
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Missouri Lottery reports $377 million for education in record year
          Missourinet:  Four-part series on Jobs for America's Graduates-Missouri:  Part Four:  High school graduation program turns Missouri student's life around
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri's first electric vehicle station funded through environmental mitigation fund unveiled in Kingdom City
          Missourinet:  State's Volkswagen settlement funding electric vehicle charging stations at busy rural Missouri interchanges
          Columbia Missourian:  State-funded electric vehicle charging station to open in Columbia
          JCNT:  FFA students hold mock hearings before legislators
          KWMU:  Women's group creates task force to address "pay equity," etc.
          P-D:  State, regional China virus update
          P-D editorial board:  "Up for Discussion" video series:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler talks with Editorial Page Editor Tod Robberson about China's military threat
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Medicaid expansion decision is deeply disappointing
          P-D's Aisha Sultan:  Republican lawmakers want your IUD, and it's creepy as hell
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman:  GOP state senators receive "remedial sex education," get owned by Democrats' clever one-liners
          KC Star's Luke Nozicka:  Gov. Parson unsure if Kevin Strickland is innocent. Here's why he is.

        Thursday, June 24, 2021
KC Star:  With backing from Roy Blunt, Robin Carnahan wins approval to lead GSA
          The Missouri Times:  St. Louis City joins Biden's effort on urban "public safety," gun control
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Nick Schroer (R-O'Fallon) launches state Senate campaign
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters) named ALEC state legislator of the month
          Washington Missourian:  Newspaper shutting down downtown office;  Staff moving into printing headquarters
          KWMU:  Court rejects effort to revive Missouri Medicaid expansion, but the legal fight is just beginning
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri does not need to expand Medicaid program July 1, judge rules
          Missourinet:  Missouri Medicaid expansion lawsuit case heading to Court of Appeals or Missouri Supreme Court after Beetem ruling
          Missouri Independent:  Judge strikes down Missouri Medicaid expansion as unconstitutional
          KC Star:  Judge rules against Medicaid expansion in Missouri
          P-D:  Missouri judge strikes down Medicaid expansion
          The Missouri Times:  Senate proposes multiple FRA reauthorization bills;  Missouri Right to Life opposes separating out pro-life language
          KWMU:  Missouri special session on funding Medicaid starts, but the debate hasn't changed
          KCUR:  Up to Date:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis), Missouri Independent's Jason Hancock on FRA
          Missouri Independent:  Contraceptives, Planned Parenthood dominate debate as Missouri Senate returns to Capitol
          Washington Missourian:  GOP Reps. Aaron Griesheimer, John Simmons weigh in on special session
          KRES/KWIX:  MACC president says FRA fight could affect higher education
          Missourinet:  Four-part series on Jobs for America's Graduates-Missouri;  Part Three:  JAG program transforms Missouri student
          P-D:  With gaming machines spread through Missouri, lottery officials concerned about revenue loss
          The Missouri Times:  PSC estimates $22 million in expenses for FY22
          The Missouri Times:  PSC progresses cold snap complaint cases
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Coalition for the Environment wants MO DNR to delay then deny Smithfield permit applications
          SNL:  Jim Bakker Show settles China virus 'cure' lawsuit with AG Eric Schmitt's office;  Televangelist represented by former Gov. Jay Nixon
          Missourinet:  View Missouri's latest COVID-19 state profile report
          AP:  Missouri sees bump in COVID cases;  Vaccine advocates say Fox News, "stubbornness" to blame
          P-D:  Exalted COVID doctor, teacher, and life coach Alex Garza deployed to Kuwait, gives heroic "final warning" about China virus
          KC Star editorial:  Sen. Hawley, hiring more cops won't bring down murder rate without gun convictions
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman:  "Missouri Republican Party's far-right wing," empowered by GOP control, seeks more ideological victories
          P-D letter:  St. Louis man demonstrates ability to read minds, says Roy Blunt opposed voting bill because Georgia superheavyweight Stacey Abrams supported it

        Wednesday, June 23, 2021
KC Star:  Hawley led opposition to Biden nominee who supports critical race theory
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Schmitt urges Congress to keep Hyde Amendment in budget
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson joins push to release 2020 Census redistricting data early
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette) talks with Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum about FRA, new congressional districts, state Senate bid, more
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson calls special session to extend Medicaid funding tax
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson calls special session on critical Medicaid tax
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson calls lawmakers in for FRA special session;  conservatives unhappy with strength of pro-life language
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson calls special session, setting up debate on contraceptives, Planned Parenthood
          Missourinet:  Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz (R-Sullivan), Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo (D-Independence) weigh in on special session
          SNL:  Gov. Parson calls special session for Medicaid tax
          P-D:  Gov. Parson calls special session on Medicaid tax;  debate on abortion looms
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson calls for Medicaid special session
          P-D:  State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick calls for expanding program that boosts low-income housing tax credit pricing
          Missourinet:  Four-part series on Jobs for America's Graduates-Missouri:  Part Two:  Missouri First Family's support runs deep for high school graduation program
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Missouri motorcyclists see big spike in deaths;  Missouri Republicans to blame
          P-D:  New DHSS director could be named within next 30 days
          KC Star:  DHSS tracking shows Delta variant of China virus in some Kansas City area wastewater facilities
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Census Bureau data shows Franklin County with "modest" growth while St. Louisans flee urban core
          KC Star editorial:  Medicaid funding at risk in Missouri, amid epic bumbling and indifference
          P-D editorial:  Amid leadership vacuum, southwest Missouri tops nation in new China virus cases
          Joplin Globe editorial:  While calling vaccine skeptics "stubborn," CoxHealth CEO takes "parting shot" at Fox News and Tucker Carlson
          P-D op-ed:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler:  President Biden's budget fails St. Louis and our F-18 fleet. Here's how.
          P-D letter:  Maryland Heights sexagenarian triggered by Mark McCloskey's "cavalier" attitude toward misdemeanor
          KC Star letter:  Parkville octogenarian says white GOP state lawmakers who support KC police legislation are racist

        Tuesday, June 22, 2021
St. Joseph News-Press:  Correction to redistricting article:  "Rep. Wagner won her seat by almost 29,000 votes, not the 115 previously stated in this article."
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, Sen. John Rizzo (D-Independence)
          The Missouri Times:  Kit Bond Strategies rebrands as "KBS Group," adds John Shimkus to team
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson denounces FRA battle, 'narrow political interests'
          KWMU:  Missouri special session on critical Medicaid tax still elusive
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson says he'll slash budget if lawmakers don't strike deal on FRA soon
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson sets deadline for Medicaid funding plan
          Missourinet:  With no FRA deal on the horizon, Gov. Parson threatens to freeze $722 million in next Missouri budget
          P-D:  Gov. Parson threatens lawmakers with big budget cuts over budget impasse
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson's ultimatum to lawmakers:  deep cuts if Medicaid tax not renewed
          The Missouri Times:  Judge hears arguments in Medicaid expansion suit, decision expected this week
          Missourinet:  Lawyers on both sides of Missouri's Medicaid expansion lawsuit disagree over whether lawmakers funded Medicaid expansion
          KC Star:  Missouri Medicaid expansion gets its day in court as July 1 deadline looms
          SNL:  Legal battle of Missouri Medicaid expansion begins
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Local state lawmakers weigh in on FRA, Medicaid expansion, Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Planned Parenthood reps on why Missouri Republicans are wrong about abortion pill and birth control
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Moms Demand Action reps to promote "traveling outdoor exhibit," criticize Gov. Parson and GOP lawmakers
          The Missouri Times:  St. Louis City, St. Louis County sue to stop Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  Jones, Page take SAPA to court
          P-D:  St. Louis City, St. Louis County sue to block Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KC Star:  Jackson County Executive Frank White hopes to glom onto St. Louis lawsuit over Second Amendment rights
          SE Missourian:  Local public defender office to expand;  understaffed for years, state director says
          JCNT:  Prescribed Burning Act set to become Missouri law
          Missourinet:  Four-part series on Jobs for America's Graduates-Missouri:  Part One:  JAG has great success in helping at-risk students graduate from high school
          KC Star:  New York Times says Missouri leads the nation in highest rate of new China virus infections
          JCNT editorial:  Celebrating the anniversary of the Missouri Governor's Mansion
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri politicians said COVID fight was socialism - now we're No. 1 in new cases
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Conner Kerrigan:  Handicapping the GOP U.S. Senate primary, and advice for candidates
          The Missouri Times letter:  Missouri Right to Life's Susan Klein:  Pro-life language must be included in FRA renewal
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Conner Kerrigan:  Don't vote to legalize marijuana without including automatic expungement
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang and Katie Bernard:  When COVID hit, KC area officials moved fast - then Missouri Republicans changed the law
          KC Star letters:  Kansas City woman wants Gov. Parson to pardon Kevin Strickland, compares governor to Texas' 1865 pro-slavery officials;  "Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice" sexagenarian wants to loosen voting standards

        Monday, June 21, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas talks with Scott Faughn about defunding the police, collaboration with St. Louis City, COVID restrictions, more;  Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo (D-Independence) on FRA, Second Amendment Preservation Act, Jay Nixon for U.S. Senate, more
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Missouri set for redistricting battle;  Ann Wagner "won her race by only 115 votes"
          Ballotpedia:  Ann Wagner wins 2018 re-election by 15,000 votes, wins 2020 re-election by 29,000 votes
          Missouri Independent:  Will Missouri expand Medicaid?  Lawsuit heads to trial today to answer that question
          Missourinet:  July hearing set for Missouri House committee vetting stimulus dollars;  September special session possible on Biden stimulus
          Missourinet:  Rural cooperatives and Missouri Farm Bureau to testify at next Missouri House broadband committee hearing
          Missourinet:  Missouri Public Defender System prepares for largest staffing increase since 1989
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Grain Belt Express power line looks to move forward
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri prison health care contract won by company accused of bid-rigging in Tennessee
          P-D editorial:  The Republican party's 'law and order' mantra has lost all credibility
          SNL op-ed:  What is the "Right to Repair" and how does it affect farmers?
          P-D letter:  League of Women Voters septuagenarian complains about current election laws, says rules discriminate against minorities, women, the poor, other helpless citizens
          P-D letter:  Barnhart sexagenarian expresses anger over GOP lawmakers' support for 'guns and religion'
          P-D letter:  Maplewood sexagenarian demonstrates ability to read state lawmakers' minds, says Second Amendment Preservation Act is secretly "a nod to Gen. Robert E. Lee"

        Sunday, June 20, 2021   Father's Day
P-D:  Cori Bush renews call for new race-specific government handouts:  "We need reparations now ... I'm fighting for reparations that look like cash"
          P-D:  Photo gallery:  Rally draws "over 50" attendees:  Morbidly obese women and their future caretakers gather downtown for group waddle to Mississippi River
          KC Star:  Photo gallery:  Obese woman tries on "waist trainer" at holiday swap meet;  Man beats drumsticks on 5-gallon Home Depot bucket for spare change;  other inspirational images
          SNL:  Photo gallery:  Morbidly obese men and women barbecue hot dogs at "T-Mobile Diverity [sic], Equity and Inclusion Team" station
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske weekly schedule:  Monday discussion on U.S. Senate primary, and why Missouri Republicans are wrong on FRA;  Tuesday discussion on why Missouri Republicans are wrong on gun control;  other balanced programming
          JCNT:  Corrections department wrangling with severe staffing shortages in some prisons, officials say
          P-D:  Missouri blip in China virus cases over 7 days ranked highest in nation
          KRES/KWIX:  Missouri Department of Conservation offering firearms safety workshop in Kirksville
          P-D editorial:  In plea bargain, gun-toting McCloskeys provide more than enough justification for disbarment
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman:  Missouri's GOP U.S. Senate candidates damage democracy
          KC Star letter:  Troy woman submits form letter in support of National Popular Vote Bill
          National Popular Vote group:  Here's a form letter template to customize for your state newspapers
          SNL letter:  Springfield sexagenarian mocks Missouri's limited-government ethos, calls state "Missouri FreeDumb World"
          P-D letter:  Town and Country septuagenarian couple says state lawmakers who oppose funding Medicaid expansion are "unchristian [sic]"

        Saturday, June 19, 2021
The Missouri Times:  American Conservative Union recognizes Billy Long, Jason Smith for scoring 93 in group's ratings;  Blaine Luetkemeyer (85) and Sam Graves (82) also recognized
          KC Star:  Cleaver weighs in on new federal holiday
          KWMU:  Medicaid expansion fans and foes make familiar arguments in Missouri's high-stakes court case
          JCNT:  Special session over Missouri's Medicaid funding in question
          Missouri Independent:  Special session in doubt over abortion amendment
          P-D:  With no deal on table, Gov. Parson won't call lawmakers back for FRA debate
          P-D:  O'Fallon, Mo. police chief quits after less than a year on the job, blames Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KC Star editorial:  Swamp 101:  Joe Manchin asks billionaire donors to get Roy Blunt to do their bidding
          Joplin Globe editorial:  A just outcome in state trial will expand Medicaid
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Jean Evans:  To build strong families, Republicans should continue Trump's plan for paid family leave

        Friday, June 18, 2021
Washington Missourian:  Blaine Luetkemeyer not interested in pursuing U.S. Senate seat
          P-D:  U.S. Senate candidate Mark McCloskey pleads guilty to fourth-degree assault:  "I'd do it again any time the mob approaches me"
          The Missouri Times:  McCloskeys plead guilty to misdemeanor harassment, assault charges
          KWMU:  McCloskeys plead guilty to misdemeanors
          AP:  St. Louis couple pleads guilty to misdemeanors
          The Missouri Times:  Cass County Associate Commissioner Ryan Johnson enters GOP primary for Vicky Hartzler's seat
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson, AG Eric Schmitt fire back at DOJ's SAPA letter:  'We will fight tooth and nail to defend' gun rights
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa) says SAPA will hold up in court
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson, Schmitt stand by gun law after DOJ intervention
          AP:  Missouri responds defiantly to Justice Dept. over gun law
          KC Star:  China virus assaults rural Missouri as variants spread
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Medicaid expansion trial delayed to Monday
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri hospitals sue to block changes in Medicaid payments
          The Missouri Times:  DESE submits American Rescue Plan proposal for local schools, teacher retention
          The Missouri Times:  White House unveils new broadband mapping tool, finds most of Missouri lacks adequate access
          Columbia Missourian:  County officials praise GOP state lawmakers for passing rental housing standards
          JCNT:  Missouri House, Senate to square off on Mizzou softball field for charity
          KC Star:  Weekly Cass County Democrat-Missourian newspaper to shut down
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Missouri Department of Conservation warns about ticks;  Blood-sucking parasites most active from April to July
          The Missouri Times:  State offices closed today for Juneteenth
          Missourinet:  DNR designates black cemetery as newest state park
          KC Star editorial:  How Missouri conservatives' favorite law could lead to 'defunding' Kansas City police

        Thursday, June 17, 2021
SNL:  Overview:  Missouri's 2022 U.S. Senate race
          Missouri Independent:  Senate panel advances nomination of Robin Carnahan to head GSA
          AP:  Biden's Justice Dept.:  Missouri can't stand up to federal gun laws
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt opposes revision of federal water regulation rule
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt joins support for repeal of California assault weapons ban
          P-D:  China virus hotspots spread across Missouri, driven by variant
          JCNT:  Missouri's unemployment rate edges higher
          KWMU:  Missouri families can apply for federal pandemic handouts to cover 2020 school meals
          SNL:  Details on child tax credit payments for Missouri families
          SE Missourian:  As taxpayer-funded handouts end, area food pantries prepare for uptick in services
          KC Star:  Event promo:  RSVP for our gun-control series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Panel, hosted by gun-control reporter Humera Lodhi, to feature four (4) minorities blaming systemic food insecurity for criminal behavior
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson expects to sign gas tax legislation, after bill's language is reviewed
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Governor signs law limiting local health orders
          The Missouri Times:  Inside the FRA reauthorization negotiations
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson set to call special session to extend FRA with ban on certain contraceptives
          KC Star:  Missouri GOP likely to include ban on abortion pill in Medicaid tax compromise;  Lawmakers cite Scott Faughn's Missouri Times newsletter as authoritative source for FRA information
          The Missouri Times:  Stamp commemorating Missouri bicentennial to be issued this year
          AP:  Evergy's green energy plan fuels debate in Missouri, Kansas
          The Missouri Times:  PSC approves changes to gas safety, transportation rules
          Missouri Independent:  After winter cold snap drove up natural gas prices, utilities grapple with who should pay
          JCNT editorial:  Gov. Parson should sign crime measures
          P-D editorial:  Legislature's Medicaid obstinacy puts Missouri employers at big disadvantage
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  Bill from U.S. Reps. Emanuel Cleaver, Vicky Hartzler will bring transparency to cattle markets
          KC Star letters:  Woman who chooses to live in Kansas calls Second Amendment Preservation Act "inane";  Richmond septuagenarian expresses anger over Gov. Parson's position on Kevin Strickland
          P-D letter:  Wash U. Med School student wants lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion, cites study from Wash U.'s Jeffrey Jones

        Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Jason Rosenbaum:  Missouri Republicans ponder crowded U.S. Senate contest;  Grassroots activists, elected officials weigh in on battle royal
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry:  Event promos:  U.S. Senate candidate Tim Shepard (D) to appear at Friday's KC Royals Pride Night, and June 26 at Nevada's first-ever Pride celebration
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Jason Rosenbaum and former Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber reminisce on late '00s Missouri politics, discuss the obsolescence of the Democratic state party, Dems' regional vs. statewide conundrum, current statehouse reporters' lack of institutional knowledge, and the decline of establishment "nonpartisan" political journalism
          Brownfield Ag News:  AG Eric Schmitt opposes Biden's EPA revisiting Waters of the United States rule
          KC Star:  House passes Sam Graves' legislation to protect flood victims from federal debt
          KC Star:  Cori Bush expresses anger over "punitive" systemic drug treatment racism:  "I've watched black families criminalized for heroin use while white families are treated for opioid use"
          SE Missourian:  VA medical center still on track for February opening
          KC Star:  Kansas City metro reports lowest daily average for new COVID cases in more than a year
          JCNT:  Missouri Primary Care Association pays it forward at Samaritan Center;  Gov. Parson, other leaders praise state employees
          The Missouri Times:  Funds to combat food insecurity donated on behalf of state employees
          JCNT:  Strategy to amp up Missouri workforce revisited
          The Missouri Times:  A list of all the bills Gov. Parson has signed in 2021
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson signs law limiting power of local health officials over ag issues
          SE Missourian:  Cape County Public Health Commission "OK" with county health legislation, says St. Louis County was "way too restrictive" in shutting down businesses
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson signs law regarding proper role of local officials in health orders
          SNL:  Gov. Parson signs bill on pandemic health orders
          The Missouri Times:  DESE Board of Education votes to approve hybrid work model
          Heartlander News:  Galloway's office used union data, which conflicts with DESE, to claim 'poor' state funding
          P-D:  Missouri education board urges Normandy superintendent to get credentials
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  MoDOT's Nicole Hood on Missouri traffic fatalities
          KC Star:  Judge rules on boarding school owners' request to get out of jail on abuse charges
          Washington Missourian editorial:  On Gov. Parson and business leaders' attempts to encourage people to work
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Second Amendment Preservation Act shouldn't handcuff local officers
          Joplin Globe editorial:  AG Eric Schmitt's decision on open records complaint sets a bad precedent
          P-D editorial:  With the virus rising and leadership scarce, Missourians must protect themselves
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City man disagrees with Star editorial opposing Second Amendment Preservation Act
          P-D letter:  Bayer Crop Science's Jeff Schneider says state lawmakers should reject "right-to-repair" bills
          P-D letter:  Oakville septuagenarian applauds the men who take responsibility for their kids, calls out child-abandoning deadbeat dads

        Tuesday, June 15, 2021
The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Vicky Hartzler:  "I'm more than just rhetoric";  Hannah Beers Sutton and Jonathan Ratliff on GOP primaries for U.S. Senate seat and 4th Congressional District
          The Missouri Times:  Republican Jasper Logan seeking Rep. Allen Andrews' safe GOP seat next year
          P-D:  Dozens in St. Louis become U.S. residents;  Despite pandemic challenges, some immigrants choose to come to America the legal way
          SNL:  University of Missouri study:  Springfield is fastest-growing metro area in Missouri
          CDT:  MU report:  State's population grew by smallest number in 10 years
          Missouri Independent:  Judge weighs allowing new plaintiffs to join Missouri Medicaid expansion lawsuit
          Missourinet:  Sen. Barbara Washington (D-Kansas City) opposes special session to defend KCPD funding, wants more money spent on "sensitivity and cultural diversity training"
          The Missouri Times:  Legislation curbing power of local health officials to be signed this week
          P-D:  Gov. Parson to sign new limits on pandemic health orders, vaccine passport restrictions
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson signs limit on health orders
          KMIZ:  Gov. Parson to sign bill on pandemic health orders today;  Comments from GOP Rep. "Justin [sic] Murphy"
          JCNT:  New federal gun rule ban good for state, mid-Missouri law officers say
          SNL:  Springfield law enforcement agencies weigh in on Second Amendment Preservation Act
          SE Missourian:  Cape chief 'concerned' about 'unintended consequences' of Second Amendment Preservation Act
          Missourinet:  Mountain Grove GOP Rep. Hannah Kelly's daughter, 'uncounted kids' inspire her to sponsor foster and adoption bills
          Missouri Independent:  Across Missouri, discussions continue over regulatory framework for CAFOs
          SNL:  Springfield Public Schools fires teacher who verbally attacked straight white male student over anti-breeder cupcake distribution
          KY3 (Springfield):  Springfield Public Schools says teacher who bullied straight white male student is no longer employed
          The Missouri Times:  Former House employee's COVID-related lawsuit partially dismissed
          KWMU:  St. Louis Coronavirus Task Force urges caution, optimism during final briefing
          P-D:  As China virus hospitalizations retreat locally, area officials hold final pandemic task force briefing
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Even after Robin Carnahan's nasty attacks on Roy Blunt, he demonstrates refreshing bipartisanship and collegiality
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Missouri PSC and Office of Public Counsel should put burden of energy price spikes on company shareholders, not customers
          SNL op-ed:  Rep. Bill Owen (R-Springfield):  Missouri congressional delegation should support bills to modernize federal flood policies
          P-D op-ed:  Former Rep. Deb Lavender (D-Kirkwood):  Missouri has plenty of money, and should spend more of it
          P-D letter:  Clayton sexagenarian says Cori Bush's rhetoric will cost St. Louis region jobs
          KC Star letter:  Wichita Falls, Texas man says Missourians elected an "illogical" governor, says Kevin Strickland should go to front of pardon line
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves man says Missouri Republicans oppose Medicaid expansion because they are racists who hate Barack Obama

        Monday, June 14, 2021   Flag Day
This Week in Missouri Politics:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler talks with Scott Faughn about her bid for U.S. Senate, differentiation from other candidates, legislative record, Donald Trump, more;  Panel of GOP consultants Hannah Beers Sutton and Jonathan Ratliff on GOP U.S. Senate primary, Vicky Hartzler's open U.S. House seat
          KC Star:  Dems Cori Bush, Emanuel Cleaver co-sponsor House legislation to provide slavery "remedies," including reparations
          KWMU:  How the China virus hysteria creates real-life anxiety attacks among the emotionally vulnerable - even after vaccinations
          KC Star:  COVID freakouts sent Missourians back to smoking;  DHSS official:  "There was a lot of stress, there was a lot of fear"
          Missourinet:  Budget Chair Cody Smith (R-Carthage) wants FRA special session by end of June, is encouraged by recent progress
          Missourinet:  Rep. Travis Smith (R-Twin Bridges) predicts PDMP will save thousands of lives
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State funds to upgrade Rosecrans tower
          Missouri Independent:  GOP legislative supermajority passed a host of bills aimed at keeping kids out of jail
          CDT:  Columbia activist group "Race Matters, Friends":  Vehicle Stops Report numbers too good, must be incorrect
          Missouri Independent's Jason Hancock:  While GOP rallied in Missouri, Eric Greitens chased conspiracies to Arizona

        Sunday, June 13, 2021
KWMU:  Missouri Republicans craft messages they hope lead to statewide sweep in 2022
          KC Star:  Ed Emery the first declared candidate to succeed Vicky Hartzler
          KMIZ:  Gov. Parson signs HB 85, establishing Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) "a little nervous" about legislators "dragging our feet" on FRA extension
          JCNT:  Average salaries increase in Missouri
          JCNT:  State, employers explore new paths to get Missourians to choose work over unemployment
          Washington Missourian:  County unemployment falls to 3.5% as employers search for new people to hire;  Numbers could continue to improve after benefits recipients weaned off state teat
          KC Star:  Former Agape students say some male staff members were closeted homosexuals, took turns gang-raping underage boys
          Washington Missourian:  Tire shop owner:  MoDOT sidewalks are a drag on tire business
          KC Star:  KC activists call for ceasefire in violent crime;  Urban liberals wear masks outdoors
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson's signature on gun bill violates U.S. Constitution, makes Missourians less safe
          P-D editorial:  Pardoning Kevin Strickland should be a top priority for Gov. Parson
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman:  GOP U.S. Senate candidates are "demonizing Democrats and talking the language of cultural grievance deployed by the former president"
          SNL op-ed:  "Right to Repair" legislation not right for Missouri's farmers
          SNL letter:  Springfield man responds to "Right to Repair" op-ed, says legislation is necessary for Missouri farmers
          P-D letter:  Wash U. Law School professor responds to letter regarding Missouri Supreme Court nominations, race, and qualification criteria
          KC Star letter:  Kansas octogenarian wants Gov. Parson to free Kevin Strickland, says jury's extreme whiteness invalidates verdict

        Saturday, June 12, 2021
P-D:  Missouri Republicans contemplate congressional district composition;  1st Congressional District will spread further into St. Louis County as residents flee St. Louis City
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri tourist hotspots see increase in China virus counts as new variant spreads
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Statewide and locally, traffic fatalities increasing
          The Missouri Times:  Ed Emery announces bid for Vicky Hartzler's seat
          The Missouri Times:  Democrat Alex Dubinsky running for Tracy McCreery's House seat
          The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Kurt Schaefer
          The Missouri Times:  New semiconductor manufacturing jobs coming to Missouri
          Missourinet:  State officials say 392,000 Missourians still lack high-speed Internet
          KSGF (Springfield):  Video:  Springfield Public Schools teacher verbally attacks straight white male student for questioning special "unicorn rainbow" treats for LGBTQIA* students
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Gov. Parson in no hurry to pardon convicted triple-murderer Kevin Strickland
          Joplin Globe:  MoDOT plans Range Line closure for bridge replacement
          JCNT editorial:  Flag Day:  Fly it proudly, fly it high
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Redistricting should aim to minimize "safe" Democrat and Republican districts
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Ingrid Burnett (D-Kansas City):  Gambling with the FRA could lead to ruin
          Missouri Independent's Tessa Weinberg:  AG Eric Schmitt won't investigate our complaint against Gov. Parson, setting a dangerous precedent
          P-D letter:  Cape Girardeau septuagenarian Democrat, who lost 2014 state rep race by 48 points, says GOP has become party of "higher taxes and bigger government"

        Friday, June 11, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Vicky Hartzler announces U.S. Senate candidacy in Lee's Summit
          The Missouri Times:  Vicky Hartzler:  A timeline of her career
          KMBC:  Vicky Hartzler kicks off bid for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat
          Missouri Independent:  Vicky Hartzler makes it official, joining 2022 Missouri GOP U.S. Senate primary
          KC Star:  Vicky Hartzler launches Senate bid, vowing to keep seat in conservative hands
          KC Star:  Candidates maneuver for Hartzler's open U.S. House seat;  Comments from top GOP consultant James Harris, former MOGOP Executive Director Jean Evans, others
          Missouri Independent:  Roy Blunt introduces Biden's General Services Administration nominee Robin Carnahan at Senate committee hearing, praises former competitor
          Joplin Globe:  Former Rep. Kevin Wilson (R-Neosho) died Tuesday at 62
          The Missouri Times:  Second Amendment Preservation Act to be signed into law by Gov. Parson this weekend
          Missourinet:  Second Amendment Preservation Act to become law with governor's signature
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson to sign Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson says budget will be cut if Medicaid tax isn't passed, noncommital on other special sessions
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson signs livestock inspection law
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson on limited state role to correct cattle market inequities
          P-D:  Business owners relieved as unemployment handouts end this weekend;  Employers "slowly but surely" seeing adults roll off the couch and apply for jobs
          KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson in Milan, signs the East Locus Creek Reservoir resolution
          The Missouri Times:  DED says Missouri ranked No. 32 in broadband access;  millions invested in improvements
          The Salem News:  Missouri Supreme Court ruling frustrates prosecutor, law enforcement
          AP:  Woman clarifies inaccurate media reports about sexual relationship with Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green), says she was 20 - not a "teen" - when they began intercoursing
          P-D editorial:  Blunt's response to Jan. 6 Capitol riots shows he is a coward
          P-D editorial:  After refusing Medicaid expansion, Missouri Republicans now endanger the whole program
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Cassville woman says Vicky Hartzler is a "Kansas City moderate"
          Columbia Missourian's George Kennedy:  Sarcastic take on GOP legislative accomplishments, and mocking Caleb Rowden's service to the Lord through musical worship
          P-D op-ed:  SLU law school student:  Transparency needed on parole board decisions in Missouri

        Thursday, June 10, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith discusses Trump meeting on Fox Business
          KSHB:  Vicky Hartzler to make U.S. Senate campaign announcement today at 10 a.m.
          KC Star/Fox 4 "4 Star Politics" video:  Dave Helling talks with Democrats Rosetta Okohson and Bryan Lowry about U.S. Senate race
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Josh Hawley explains call for Fauci's resignation
          CDT:  No charges for drivers trapped in Black Lives Matter mob last year;  Amorphous humanoid admitted to jumping in front of car, received broken ankle
          Columbia Missourian:  Prosecutor opts to file no charges in human-roadblock cases;  Photo of Behonsay [sic?] Williams attacking car before taking a dive
          P-D:  COVID-19 hospitalizations decline locally;  Missouri ahead of national average in residents declining vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  Carol Comer, director of Natural Resources, dies
          JCNT:  Missouri Department of Natural Resources director dies
          SNL:  Former GOP state lawmaker Jay Wasson gives naming-level gift to Missouri State's "efactory"
          Missouri Independent:  Torch Electronics, Warrenton Oil contribute to GOP PACs
          The Missouri Times:  Robin Ransom, Gov. Parson's strict constructionist pick for Missouri Supreme Court, sworn in
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson says he wants a state health director with both a medical and administrative background
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson credits western Missouri town's work ethic for landing $6 million transportation facility and 60 new jobs
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri abortion law stymied by federal appeals court
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri appeals court upholds injunction blocking Missouri eight-week abortion ban
          KWMU:  Federal appeals court blocks Missouri from enforcing abortion law
          Columbia Missourian:  Activists respond to court ruling on abortion law
          KWMU:  Medicaid expansion fans and foes make familiar arguments in Missouri's high-stakes case
          Missourinet:  13 special session requests are now on Gov. Parson's desk
          The Missouri Times:  Agricultural facility inspection bill to be signed into law
          P-D:  State worker union calls return to work "unfair" and "dangerous"
          KRES/KWIX:  MoDOT addressing several bridges through the FARM program
          The Missouri Times:  PSC approves change to electric service territory agreement
          Brownfield Ag News:  Hemp farmers applaud Missouri hemp rule amendment
          JCNT editorial:  PDMP will be a valuable tool in the opioid fight
          KC Star editorial:  Who supports Gov. Parson's cruel stance that releasing innocent man is not a priority?
          P-D op-ed:  Wash U. Med School biostatistics professor:  State lawmakers should fund Medicaid expansion
          Columbia Missourian's William Skipworth:  Missouri fails to adequately protect those with developmental disabilities from abuse, neglect
          P-D sports reporter Dave Matter:  Missouri lawmakers cut through the NIL bull for a bill to benefit college athletes
          Missouri Independent's Rebecca Rivas and Allison Kite:  'Defund the police' was designed to provoke a response - and in Missouri, it worked
          P-D letter:  Godfrey, Ill. man calls Josh Hawley a Trump "lackey"
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian praises House Speaker Rob Vescovo (R-Arnold) for foster care legislation
          KC Star letters:  Woman who chooses to live in Kansas questions Gov. Parson's decision-making;  D.C. group praises Blunt and Hawley on USPS rate issue;  Kansas City man says Josh Hawley is not "intelligent"

        Wednesday, June 9, 2021
SE Missourian:  Blunt, other senators release Jan. 6 report, make recommendations
          KC Star:  Hawley delays confirmation of Biden appointee;  Kiran Ahuja promoted work of university prof who called Trump's election "racist progress"
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Blunt leads bipartisan effort to aid rural bridges
          Heartlander News:  Missouri's congressional delegation rallies to secure $900M F/A-18 order
          SNL:  CoxHealth official:  Get the COVID vaccine, or you will catch the China virus
          The Missouri Times:  Casey Wasser named Missouri Soybean Association COO
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  House Majority Leader Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about the ups and downs of legislative session
          The Missouri Times:  Special session requests abound:  A look at what lawmakers want to tackle
          Missourinet:  Missouri Farm Bureau:  PDMP is valuable tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri is sitting on a huge budget surplus. But without FRA extension, cuts loom
          P-D:  Talks continue on renewing major Medicaid tax
          Missouri Independent:  AG Eric Schmitt says Missouri lawmakers can refuse to fund Medicaid expansion
          P-D:  Great Circle, accused of overbilling Medicaid by nearly $2 million, settles case for less than $10,000
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson signs off on state commitment to fund water project
          Missouri Independent:  Legislative gridlock on gambling puts 'gray-market' machines before Missouri courts
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson appoints Spencer Bartlett administrative law judge;  Nixon appointee Sreenu Dandamudi's term expired in 2016
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson indicates that media campaign for triple-murderer Kevin Strickland won't "necessarily make it a priority to jump in front of the line"
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Missouri takes home 3 StateScoop technology awards
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Pro tem, Speaker holding softball rematch at Mizzou
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Missouri's PDMP is better late than never
          KC Star editorial:  BLM protesters threatening police with 'other white meat' coffin at KCPD headquarters was counterproductive
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City woman wants Medicaid expansion funded, says state lawmakers are "subverting democracy"

        Tuesday, June 8, 2021
The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics episode recap:  Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) on FRA and Senate leadership, panel shares thoughts on U.S. Senate primary battles, more
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette) announces state Senate candidacy
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Local Anti-Defamation League leader leaving post after 26 years
          Missouri Independent:  Ryan Conway moves from governor's office to Department of Natural Resources
          Missourinet:  Missouri's First Lady Teresa Parson gives more event details about the state's 200th birthday
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson signs statewide PDMP into law
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson signs drug monitoring bill
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson signs PDMP bill
          AP:  Missouri adopts prescription medication database
          P-D:  Gov. Parson signs PDMP into law
          Missourinet:  Millions being invested into two rural Missouri hospitals;  Noble Health CEO Elijah Haahr says foundation will launch Center for Rural Health Innovation
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson says withholdings could come if deal on Medicaid tax renewal is not reached
          SNL:  Gov. Parson visits site of Elevate Branson's planned tiny home community for those in poverty
          JCNT:  Big increase in state's revenue an aberration due to an additional income tax due date this year
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri among states set to allow college athletes to profit off their name, likeness
          SE Missourian:  Rehder answers reporters' questions about her living arrangements immediately post-divorce;  Senator is keeping permanent address and home in district
          The Missouri Times:  Kevin Strickland should be pardoned, bipartisan coalition of lawmakers tell Gov. Parson
          Missourinet:  Missouri bill passed would create school bus safety task force
          KC Star editorial:  'Special' sessions standard in Missouri now
          P-D editorial page editor Tod Robberson:  I'm moving to Connecticut, but will keep a "tiny" apartment in St. Louis to claim residency
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman:  Trump continues to advance lies and falsehoods - and Josh Hawley partly to blame with Jan. 6 vote
          P-D's Annika Merrilees:  As China virus cases drop, St. Louis task force prepares to end weekly briefings;  Media darling and chief scold Alex Garza "became a near-constant in local media and on Facebook"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City man responds to "former Republican" Lynn Schmidt's latest anti-GOP piece, defends Cori Bush
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City man celebrates Missouri GOP failings, cites MSNBC's Rachel Maddow as source

        Monday, June 7, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) on pro-life principles and FRA, Missouri Senate leadership, more;  Panel of Rep. Shamed Dogan (R-Ballwin), Grassroots Girl LLC's Lane Koch, Democratic operative Braxton Payne, AFL-CIO's Pat White talk U.S. Senate primaries, gas tax, initiative petition standards, "paycheck protection," more
          Heartlander News:  Jay Ashcroft's Faith and Freedom Rally to feature former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
          St. Joseph News-Press:  County remains clear flood-wise so far this year
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson to sign PDMP today
          Heartlander News:  Committee chairs call for Missouri special session on unresolved agriculture issues
          St. Joseph News-Press:  FRA still in the balance in Missouri Legislature
          P-D:  Missouri fund sets aside $1 million a year for witness protection;  only one request, from KC police, has been received
          Missouri Independent:  Sierra Club claims Missouri utilities could use loophole to charge customers for fossil fuel lobbying
          KC Star editorial:  Josh Hawley wants Anthony Fauci out, but he knows who really fumbled the pandemic
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, others to blame for "unpronounceable Chinese company" employing Missourians

        Sunday, June 6, 2021
KC Star:  Cori Bush heals the faith of the left, ascends as the new face of Democratic Party;  Top Missouri Dem consultant Jane Dueker says congresswoman's anti-police crusade "becomes a gift for Republicans"
          JCNT:  Two Jefferson City residents among 15 appointed to posts by governor
          KMIZ:  Gun-control advocates, defenders of Second Amendment weigh in on approaches to criminal behavior
          P-D editorial:  Missouri's cowardly U.S. senators opt to hide from the truth rather than learn from it
          KC Star editorial:  KC's Quinton Lucas needs Jeff City allies to cut through 'defund the police' hysteria
          JCNT editorial:  More data forthcoming on vehicle stops
          KC Star op-ed:  Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City):  On police budget and more, Kansas City is not the Northland versus south of the river
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Darvin Bentlage:  Missouri state lawmakers wrong on Medicaid expansion, COVID regulations, Cleaner Missouri, ag issues, more
          P-D's Antonio French:  Missouri legislators wrong to oppose Critical Race Theory
          P-D letter:  Wash U. med school student wants state lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City septuagenarian says convicted triple-murderer is in jail because he is black

        Saturday, June 5, 2021
SE Missourian:  Jason Smith says he has 'plenty of time' to decide on U.S. Senate run
          Missouri Independent:  Crowded field looking at Missouri's 4th District as Vicky Hartzler pivots to Senate bid
          KWMU:  Nicole Galloway, Missouri's lone Democratic statewide officeholder, won't seek re-election in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Nicole Galloway will not seek re-election - or any other political office - in 2022
          JCNT:  Galloway announces she will not seek re-election
          Missourinet:  Nicole Galloway announces she will not run for office in 2022
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri auditor Nicole Galloway announces she won't run for re-election in 2022
          P-D:  Missouri auditor, the lone Democratic statewide officeholder, not running in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Lucas Kunce speaks to Boone County Democratic Club
          KC Star:  Kansas City man charged with alleged participation in U.S. Capitol riot
          Washington Missourian:  Franklin County report shows new China virus cases are down to 2.7 per day
          NPR:  Missouri data, though imperfect, shows blacks outpacing whites in declining China virus vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  General revenue more than doubled in May compared to 2020, latest report says
          KC Star:  Another lawsuit filed over Medicaid expansion;  Attorneys use autistic man, depressed woman as plaintiffs
          P-D:  Attorneys find two people to serve as plaintiffs in Medicaid lawsuit
          The Missouri Times:  Police mental health, community economic programs await governor's signature
          P-D:  Missouri foster parents get help from Legislature, but why are more children coming into state care?
          Missourinet:  Rep. Andrew McDaniel (R-Deering):  Kevin Strickland should be released from prison immediately
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers ask Gov. Parson to pardon Kevin Strickland
          SE Missourian:  Holly Rehder announces divorce
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  On Nicole Galloway's school-funding report and Missouri's foundation formula
          KSMU's Jennifer Moore:  Remembering Missy Shelton Belote
          P-D letter:  Gulf Shores, Ala. man says Robin Ransom's appointment to Missouri Supreme Court is further proof that race, not qualifications, are primary criteria

        Friday, June 4, 2021
SNL:  Former KSMU Capitol reporter Missy Shelton Belote passes away from ovarian cancer at 44, remembered for love of family, storytelling
          SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith offers caution on Biden's 'two-state' Israel solution
          P-D:  Boeing, federal lawmakers again fight to keep new Super Hornets in St. Louis
          AP:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler announcement next Thursday on potential U.S. Senate bid
          KC Star:  Hartzler teases 'campaign announcement' ahead of expected U.S. Senate run
          AP:  Missouri River winter water release expected to be minimum
          SE Missourian:  Cape Girardeau County outpacing state average in percentage of residents declining COVID vaccine
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Buchanan County among tops in state for residents saying 'No' to China virus vaccine
          KCUR:  Missouri Hospital Association survey shows rate of teens getting injected with COVID vaccine already slowing down
          P-D:  Greene County sees uptick in China virus cases;  CoxHealth CEO blames people attending graduations, not wearing masks, other party fouls
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt drops lawsuit over St. Louis County COVID orders
          P-D:  Schmitt withdraws lawsuit against St. Louis County
          Missouri Independent:  Briefs:  Gov. Parson's PAC nabs $75k check;  Gov. Parson appoints Keith Holloway to University of Missouri Board of Curators
          Heartlander News:  With "Buy Missouri" initiative, Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe fights for Missouri businesses
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Jason Chipman (R-Steelville) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about gas tax and public vote, FRA, calls for special sessions, more
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri legislators request special ag session
          Missouri Independent:  Senate Dem leader John Rizzo (D-Kansas City) says delay in special session will allow tempers to cool
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri pharmacists could administer HIV medication if licensure bill approved by governor
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Tom Krahenbuhl named Department of Defense's Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) state chair
          Washington Missourian:  Amtrak to restore twice a day train service next month
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson does not pardon triple-murderer Kevin Strickland
          P-D:  Who wants to kill a black bear?  More than 6,000 Missourians, that's who.
          KWMU:  Fewer Missouri drivers pulled over in 2020;  ACLU, liberal UMSL professor still unhappy
          KC Star editorial:  Roy Blunt snubs mother of officer who died after protecting him
          SE Missourian editorial:  Legislative session was productive
          P-D editorial:  Missouri GOP lawmakers ignore farmers at their peril
          JCNT editorial:  Missouri DHSS demonstrates united effort against hunger
          KC Star op-ed:  Washington, D.C. tech industry think tank:  No, Josh Hawley, we aren't living in an 'age of monopoly' killing small businesses
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City woman who recently moved to Missouri says she is "mad" at Blunt and Hawley, wants "criminal charges and incarceration" for both
          P-D letter:  St. Peters octogenarian fantasizes about methods of punishing Missouri lawmakers who voted against Medicaid expansion funding

        Thursday, June 3, 2021
P-D:  A year after his shooting death in Black Lives Matter riot, retired Capt. David Dorn remembered as man to emulate
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson appoints Jamilah Nasheed to Missouri Parole Board
          P-D:  Former state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis City) earns seat on state parole board
          SE Missourian:  John Mehner leaving Cape Chamber of Commerce after nearly three decades
          JCNT:  EPA choose Jefferson City for food, health program
          SNL:  Greene County above state average in adults declining COVID vaccine
          JCNT:  Show-Me Institute appeals Cole County judge's ruling on Sunshine lawsuit
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson praises new peanut plant in southeast Missouri
          JCNT:  Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approves $3.2B transportation budget for Missouri
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) reflects on legislative successes and what's left to achieve
          Missouri Independent:  Some details of school choice legislation still to be determined;  Comments from Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters), Missouri School Boards' Association's Melissa Randol, others
          Missourinet:  Sen. Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) on path forward for FRA:  "We're not there yet, but we will get there"
          The Missouri Times:  Lawmakers ask Gov. Parson for special session on agriculture, eminent domain
          SE Missourian:  Rep. Rick Francis (R-Perryville) among lawmakers calling for special session
          P-D:  Missouri ag groups want lawmakers to extend key tax credits
          KWMU:  Missouri Republican lawmakers want to stop any defunding of police
          P-D:  St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones opposes state lawmakers' call for special session on crime
          Missourinet:  Missouri could join 49 other states by improving access to mental health services
          P-D:  St. Louis City could give $350-$500 handouts to residents facing state cutoff of pandemic freebies
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Amtrak service returning to 2 round-trip trains daily
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri PSC approves Missouri-American Water Company acquisition request
          SNL:  Commercial photography, filming will soon be allowed on MDC property with permit
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Failure to reach a deal on FRA would undermine strong legislative session
          P-D letter:  Farmington woman says Roy Blunt was "complicit" in Jan. 6 Capitol riot
          P-D letter:  University City septuagenarian responds to Dan Mehan op-ed, compares modern businesspeople to 1776 British soldiers seeking to kill Americans
          P-D letter:  St. Charles octogenarian wants Medicaid expansion funding, spins yarn about a fire she witnessed in 1957

        Wednesday, June 2, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Marilyn McLeod, new president of League of Women Voters of Missouri
          JCNT:  DHSS offers online maps to find "free" lunches in Missouri
          St. Joseph News-Press:  COVID vaccine demand continues to drop across Missouri
          P-D:  Linn County Health Department director blames indoor high school graduation, other social gatherings for uptick in county's COVID cases
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Supreme Court voids 'paycheck protection' bill
          Missouri Independent:  Unions celebrate Missouri Supreme Court ruling on 'paycheck protection' bill
          AP:  Missouri Supreme Court strikes down public labor union restrictions
          JCNT:  Missouri Supreme Court sends corrections officers' lawsuit back to circuit court
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court gives split decision in corrections overtime case
          Missourinet:  Peanut processing plant and new hospital highlight $75 million in planned investment in rural Missouri town:  Comments from Gov. Parson, Sen. Jason Bean (R-Holcomb), Rep. Herman Morse (R-Dexter)
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson says there's no legislative agreement right now on FRA
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) says a special session will be called, talks FRA and next year's state budget outlook
          P-D:  Republican lawmakers are again calling for a special session on crime in Missouri
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson evaluating options on unemployment overpayments
          KRES/KWIX:  MACC President Dr. Jeff Lashley appreciates legislative support for funding increase, thanks Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina), GOP Reps. Chuck Basye and Ed Lewis
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  DNR offers energy improvement loan program
          KWMU:  Missouri expands efforts to control chronic wasting in deer
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Environmentalists criticize animal agriculture operations
          Columbia Missourian:  MoDOT to try soybean-based sealant on U.S. 63
          Missouri Independent:  Pending law on wrongful convictions could depend on Missouri attorney general
          KC Star:  Missouri Supreme Court declines to hear triple-murderer's case
          The Missouri Times:  Traffic stops decreased significantly in 2020, according to AG's Vehicle Stops Report;  Search rate for black drivers decreases, search rate for white drivers increases
          AP:  Fewer 2020 traffic stops in Missouri
          CDT:  Missouri Department of Conservation documenting tick species across the state;  Blood-sucking parasites create trouble
          KC Star:  Some black leaders threaten protests over Missouri Highway Patrol investigation;  Malcolm Johnson shot police officer before being put down by KC cops
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City nonagenarian says Blunt and Hawley "do not have a backbone"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis man says Blunt and Hawley are Mitch McConnell's "toadies"
          P-D letter:  Sappington woman wants state lawmakers punished for Medicaid expansion funding vote, says legislators' families should lose health insurance

        Tuesday, June 1, 2021
June 2020 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2019 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2018 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2017 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2016 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2015 Missouri political news headlines
        The Daily Beast:  Missouri's Jack Oliver among political celebrities helping Rolf Kaestel - who robbed a taco joint with a toy pistol in 1981 and got life in prison
        P-D:  Profile:  Gov. Parson's pick for the first black woman on the Missouri Supreme Court
        Missourinet:  Galloway promotes school-funding report
        KWMU:  Missouri Department of Conservation gets some four-legged help
        Joplin Globe editorial:  Stop trying to break the Missouri Department of Conservation
        KC Star editorial:  A year after George Floyd riots began, BLM agitators face jail time
        SNL op-ed:  Wisconsin-based "Freedom From Religion Foundation" opposes Missouri state lawmakers' effort to allow schools to teach the Bible
        P-D letter:  Illinois woman defends U.S. Rep. Cori Bush's stance on Israel boycott




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