January 21, 2015 – Missouri political news headlines

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St. Louis Public Radio: President’s address generates usual partisan split

Missourinet: Congressional delegation/staff respond to SOTU

Politico: GOP seeking Plan B on immigration; Comments from Sen. Roy Blunt

KC Star: Missouri man one of several guests at SOTU, gets to say cursory hello to President

USA Today:  McCaskill investigation shows couple games military recruiting program for $4 million

KTVO (Kirksville):  Blunt plays large role in creating mental health grant

KMBC (Kansas City): Blunt:  Obama’s “free” community college proposal unlikely to pass

KC Star’s Kraske:  The Chat:  Hagel on modernization; More

AP:  In State of the State, Nixon to call for increased education funding

Missourinet:  “5 Things” journomeme:  Things to listen for in Nixon’s State of the State

Missourinet:  Sen. Ryan Silvey (R-Kansas City) proposes stand-alone veterans Medicaid expansion

The Missouri Times:  Ryan Silvey proposes Medicaid expansion for veterans

St. Louis Public Radio: Silvey proposal would expand Medicaid to veterans in Missouri

The Missouri Times:  House rejects pay increase

JCNT:  Missouri House votes against own pay raises

AP:  Missouri House votes to forego pay increases

AP:  Sen. David Sater (R-Cassville) proposes restricting welfare benefits

AP:  Advocacy groups plea with lawmakers to release millions in restricted funding

P-D:  Advocacy groups criticize Nixon’s budget decisions

KC Star:  MO Chamber seeks regulatory uniformity to avoid hodgepodge of local laws;  Group wants statewide standard for discrimination laws, minimum wage, employee benefits

JCNT: Ameren proposes new Noranda rate plan

Missourinet:  Lawmakers push for civics test requirement for graduation

St. Louis Public Radio:  STL County Election Chief says new Dem county exec ordered her removal;  Rita Days (D) oversaw ballot shortages and mix-ups, late reporting, wildly inaccurate statements about
registration, etc.

P-D:  Rita Days is out, Eric Fey is in as director of St. Louis County elections

SNL:  Koster announces that Tyson Foods will pay Missouri $530K in fish kill settlement

Missourinet:  U.S. Supreme Court orders hearing for Missouri inmate in halted execution;  Mark Christeson slashed woman’s throat in front of her children, then slashed and suffocated the kids

St. Louis Public Radio:  Low air pollution risk near West Lake Landfill

AP:  EPA:  No air quality problems at Bridgeton landfill

P-D:  EPA says air around Bridgeton and West Lake Landfills is safe

AP:  Few candidates file for Ferguson election despite protests

St. Louis Public Radio:  Ferguson Commission focuses on economic, racial divides in the classroom

KWMU:  St. Louis to spend $50K more on minority recruitment program

Huffington Post: Activists seek to improve community-police relations in St. Louis area; Comments from Ferguson Democratic Committeewoman Patricia Bynes, Pelopidas Director of Communications/Better Together spokeswoman Brooke Foster

P-D:  Gannett to close printing plant;  Post-Dispatch plant will now print USA Today

P-D editorial:  Five years on, Citizens United is worse than anyone imagined

JCNT editorial:  Missouri’s diversion of tobacco funds is unconscionable

CDT’s Waters:  Republican legislators’ budget process, designed to finish early, will be worth continuing year after year

KC Star’s Diuguid:  “Southern Education Foundation” numbers show that 55 percent of Missouri public school children are not low-income

KC Star’s Diuguid:  KCP&L compares neighbors’ energy use and helps cheer people to lower electricity bills

P-D letter:  North American Elk Breeders Association President Travis Lowe says Missouri’s ag department should regulate deer farmers

P-D letter:  Oakville woman notes that Post-Dispatch gave attention to 18 students in Atlanta for MLK junket, but no mention of hundreds of pro-life students in D.C.

P-D letter:  Creve Coeur man says racist-courts conspiracy theory has no evidence

P-D letter:  Chesterfield man says criminals’ savage behavior can’t be cured by courts

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