Friday, April 1, 2016 – April Fool’s Day – Missouri political news headlines

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KWMU:  NGA:  north St. Louis ‘preferred’ site for new facility

P-D:  NGA to stay in St. Louis;  Federal agency chooses to invest in urban area that needs support

KWMU:  Elected officials offer NGA reaction:  Underpaid government employees ghostwrite coherent, in-touch statements for multimillionaire bosses

Columbia Missourian:  Roy Blunt tours firehouse, gets free t-shirt and hat

KWMU:  “St. Louis on the Air”:  A look at issues facing women in Missouri;  KC-based Women’s Foundation provides research for closing gender wage gap, expanding child care options, other issues impacting women and children

KC Star:  Video:  Kansas City group protests for local jobs;  Residents of different races, faiths unite to call on corporate community for job-training help

Kraske:  The Chat:  Libla on transportation tax;  Greitens’ end-of-quarter fundraising push;  Republicans congratulate themselves for candidate-filing “victories” created by gerrymandered map

The Missouri Times:  Q&A with Speaker Todd Richardson:  SJR 39, paycheck deception, making it harder for minority and elderly Missourians to vote, more

KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Elijah Haahr (R-Springfield) on Uber, sex trafficking, restricting minority and elderly access to ballot box via voter ID, more

The Missouri Times:  Nixon and Richardson to clash over paycheck deception vote

JCNT:  Senate backs bill raising Missouri fuel taxes

Missourinet:  Senate budget demands reductions in Medicaid spending by next week;  Proposal would scrutinize, slash medications vital to the most vulnerable Missourians

Missourinet:  Republican candidate for statewide office wants to expand powers of the office he expects to win

The Missouri Times:  LGBT activists gather for Transgender Day of visibility, speak out against discriminatory measure

Columbia Missourian:  PROMO turns out more than 100 LGBT activists against SJR 39

Missourinet:  House passes state ban of powdered alchohol;  Republican reps rationalize more government intrusion into personal choice

The Missouri Times:  Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis City) represents St. Louis at Harvard conference

KWMU:  “St. Louis on the Air”:  Pros and cons of earnings tax ballot:  Municipal government employee Paul Payne vs. multimillionaire Travis Brown

KWMU:  Does St. Louis earnings tax affect business growth? Comments from academic experts, area corporate CEO who abandoned city for one (1) percent tax break

CDT:  House votes to allow concealed weapons on college campuses;  Republicans insist more guns equal greater safety

KWMU:  Free gun locks will be given away Friday at St. Louis City Hall;  Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice efforts seek to curb accidental-shooting epidemic

KWMU:  Ferguson picks Miami cop to be next police chief;  Majority-African-American community gets a top law enforcement officer that can relate to black community

P-D:  Florissant police arrest man at town hall meeting;  Landowning white male repeatedly disrupts public meeting, is escorted away in gentle and dignified manner

CDT:  Hank Waters among Boone County Hall of Fame inductees;  Veteran journalist is a role model for those who seek to maintain lucidity, community impact in twilight years

P-D editorial:  With NGA decision, faith and promise in a new St. Louis future

P-D editorial:  More Missourians get hungrier starting today;  Republicans strike disingenuous “get a job” stance while neediest Missourians fall through state’s food safety net

P-D op-ed:  Fordham Institute:  Missouri have erred in going alone on testing

P-D letter:  Clayton Caucasoid offended by female professor’s call for racial, gender diversity in university leadership