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        Monday, June 14, 2021   Flag Day
This Week in Missouri Politics:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler talks with Scott Faughn about her bid for U.S. Senate, differentiation from other candidates, legislative record, Donald Trump, more;  Panel of GOP consultants Hannah Beers Sutton and Jonathan Ratliff on GOP U.S. Senate primary, Vicky Hartzler's open U.S. House seat
          KC Star:  Dems Cori Bush, Emanuel Cleaver co-sponsor House legislation to provide slavery "remedies," including reparations
          KWMU:  How the China virus hysteria creates real-life anxiety attacks among the emotionally vulnerable - even after vaccinations
          KC Star:  COVID freakouts sent Missourians back to smoking;  DHSS official:  "There was a lot of stress, there was a lot of fear"
          Missourinet:  Budget Chair Cody Smith (R-Carthage) wants FRA special session by end of June, is encouraged by recent progress
          Missourinet:  Rep. Travis Smith (R-Twin Bridges) predicts PDMP will save thousands of lives
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State funds to upgrade Rosecrans tower
          Missouri Independent:  GOP legislative supermajority passed a host of bills aimed at keeping kids out of jail
          CDT:  Columbia activist group "Race Matters, Friends":  Vehicle Stops Report numbers too good, must be incorrect
          Missouri Independent's Jason Hancock:  While GOP rallied in Missouri, Eric Greitens chased conspiracies to Arizona

        Sunday, June 13, 2021
KWMU:  Missouri Republicans craft messages they hope lead to statewide sweep in 2022
          KC Star:  Ed Emery the first declared candidate to succeed Vicky Hartzler
          KMIZ:  Gov. Parson signs HB 85, establishing Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) "a little nervous" about legislators "dragging our feet" on FRA extension
          JCNT:  Average salaries increase in Missouri
          JCNT:  State, employers explore new paths to get Missourians to choose work over unemployment
          Washington Missourian:  County unemployment falls to 3.5% as employers search for new people to hire;  Numbers could continue to improve after benefits recipients weaned off state teat
          KC Star:  Former Agape students say some male staff members were closeted homosexuals, took turns gang-raping underage boys
          Washington Missourian:  Tire shop owner:  MoDOT sidewalks are a drag on tire business
          KC Star:  KC activists call for ceasefire in violent crime;  Urban liberals wear masks outdoors
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson's signature on gun bill violates U.S. Constitution, makes Missourians less safe
          P-D editorial:  Pardoning Kevin Strickland should be a top priority for Gov. Parson
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman:  GOP U.S. Senate candidates are "demonizing Democrats and talking the language of cultural grievance deployed by the former president"
          SNL op-ed:  "Right to Repair" legislation not right for Missouri's farmers
          SNL letter:  Springfield man responds to "Right to Repair" op-ed, says legislation is necessary for Missouri farmers
          P-D letter:  Wash U. Law School professor responds to letter regarding Missouri Supreme Court nominations, race, and qualification criteria
          KC Star letter:  Kansas octogenarian wants Gov. Parson to free Kevin Strickland, says jury's extreme whiteness invalidates verdict

        Saturday, June 12, 2021
P-D:  Missouri Republicans contemplate congressional district composition;  1st Congressional District will spread further into St. Louis County as residents flee St. Louis City
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri tourist hotspots see increase in China virus counts as new variant spreads
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Statewide and locally, traffic fatalities increasing
          The Missouri Times:  Ed Emery announces bid for Vicky Hartzler's seat
          The Missouri Times:  Democrat Alex Dubinsky running for Tracy McCreery's House seat
          The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Kurt Schaefer
          The Missouri Times:  New semiconductor manufacturing jobs coming to Missouri
          Missourinet:  State officials say 392,000 Missourians still lack high-speed Internet
          KSGF (Springfield):  Video:  Springfield Public Schools teacher verbally attacks straight white male student for questioning special "unicorn rainbow" treats for LGBTQIA* students
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Gov. Parson in no hurry to pardon convicted triple-murderer Kevin Strickland
          Joplin Globe:  MoDOT plans Range Line closure for bridge replacement
          JCNT editorial:  Flag Day:  Fly it proudly, fly it high
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Redistricting should aim to minimize "safe" Democrat and Republican districts
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Ingrid Burnett (D-Kansas City):  Gambling with the FRA could lead to ruin
          Missouri Independent's Tessa Weinberg:  AG Eric Schmitt won't investigate our complaint against Gov. Parson, setting a dangerous precedent
          P-D letter:  Cape Girardeau septuagenarian Democrat, who lost 2014 state rep race by 48 points, says GOP has become party of "higher taxes and bigger government"

        Friday, June 11, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Vicky Hartzler announces U.S. Senate candidacy in Lee's Summit
          The Missouri Times:  Vicky Hartzler:  A timeline of her career
          KMBC:  Vicky Hartzler kicks off bid for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat
          Missouri Independent:  Vicky Hartzler makes it official, joining 2022 Missouri GOP U.S. Senate primary
          KC Star:  Vicky Hartzler launches Senate bid, vowing to keep seat in conservative hands
          KC Star:  Candidates maneuver for Hartzler's open U.S. House seat;  Comments from top GOP consultant James Harris, former MOGOP Executive Director Jean Evans, others
          Missouri Independent:  Roy Blunt introduces Biden's General Services Administration nominee Robin Carnahan at Senate committee hearing, praises former competitor
          Joplin Globe:  Former Rep. Kevin Wilson (R-Neosho) died Tuesday at 62
          The Missouri Times:  Second Amendment Preservation Act to be signed into law by Gov. Parson this weekend
          Missourinet:  Second Amendment Preservation Act to become law with governor's signature
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson to sign Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson says budget will be cut if Medicaid tax isn't passed, noncommital on other special sessions
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson signs livestock inspection law
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson on limited state role to correct cattle market inequities
          P-D:  Business owners relieved as unemployment handouts end this weekend;  Employers "slowly but surely" seeing adults roll off the couch and apply for jobs
          KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson in Milan, signs the East Locus Creek Reservoir resolution
          The Missouri Times:  DED says Missouri ranked No. 32 in broadband access;  millions invested in improvements
          The Salem News:  Missouri Supreme Court ruling frustrates prosecutor, law enforcement
          AP:  Woman clarifies inaccurate media reports about sexual relationship with Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green), says she was 20 - not a "teen" - when they began intercoursing
          P-D editorial:  Blunt's response to Jan. 6 Capitol riots shows he is a coward
          P-D editorial:  After refusing Medicaid expansion, Missouri Republicans now endanger the whole program
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Cassville woman says Vicky Hartzler is a "Kansas City moderate"
          Columbia Missourian's George Kennedy:  Sarcastic take on GOP legislative accomplishments, and mocking Caleb Rowden's service to the Lord through musical worship
          P-D op-ed:  SLU law school student:  Transparency needed on parole board decisions in Missouri

        Thursday, June 10, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith discusses Trump meeting on Fox Business
          KSHB:  Vicky Hartzler to make U.S. Senate campaign announcement today at 10 a.m.
          KC Star/Fox 4 "4 Star Politics" video:  Dave Helling talks with Democrats Rosetta Okohson and Bryan Lowry about U.S. Senate race
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Josh Hawley explains call for Fauci's resignation
          CDT:  No charges for drivers trapped in Black Lives Matter mob last year;  Amorphous humanoid admitted to jumping in front of car, received broken ankle
          Columbia Missourian:  Prosecutor opts to file no charges in human-roadblock cases;  Photo of Behonsay [sic?] Williams attacking car before taking a dive
          P-D:  COVID-19 hospitalizations decline locally;  Missouri ahead of national average in residents declining vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  Carol Comer, director of Natural Resources, dies
          JCNT:  Missouri Department of Natural Resources director dies
          SNL:  Former GOP state lawmaker Jay Wasson gives naming-level gift to Missouri State's "efactory"
          Missouri Independent:  Torch Electronics, Warrenton Oil contribute to GOP PACs
          The Missouri Times:  Robin Ransom, Gov. Parson's strict constructionist pick for Missouri Supreme Court, sworn in
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson says he wants a state health director with both a medical and administrative background
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson credits western Missouri town's work ethic for landing $6 million transportation facility and 60 new jobs
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri abortion law stymied by federal appeals court
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri appeals court upholds injunction blocking Missouri eight-week abortion ban
          KWMU:  Federal appeals court blocks Missouri from enforcing abortion law
          Columbia Missourian:  Activists respond to court ruling on abortion law
          KWMU:  Medicaid expansion fans and foes make familiar arguments in Missouri's high-stakes case
          Missourinet:  13 special session requests are now on Gov. Parson's desk
          The Missouri Times:  Agricultural facility inspection bill to be signed into law
          P-D:  State worker union calls return to work "unfair" and "dangerous"
          KRES/KWIX:  MoDOT addressing several bridges through the FARM program
          The Missouri Times:  PSC approves change to electric service territory agreement
          Brownfield Ag News:  Hemp farmers applaud Missouri hemp rule amendment
          JCNT editorial:  PDMP will be a valuable tool in the opioid fight
          KC Star editorial:  Who supports Gov. Parson's cruel stance that releasing innocent man is not a priority?
          P-D op-ed:  Wash U. Med School biostatistics professor:  State lawmakers should fund Medicaid expansion
          Columbia Missourian's William Skipworth:  Missouri fails to adequately protect those with developmental disabilities from abuse, neglect
          P-D sports reporter Dave Matter:  Missouri lawmakers cut through the NIL bull for a bill to benefit college athletes
          Missouri Independent's Rebecca Rivas and Allison Kite:  'Defund the police' was designed to provoke a response - and in Missouri, it worked
          P-D letter:  Godfrey, Ill. man calls Josh Hawley a Trump "lackey"
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian praises House Speaker Rob Vescovo (R-Arnold) for foster care legislation
          KC Star letters:  Woman who chooses to live in Kansas questions Gov. Parson's decision-making;  D.C. group praises Blunt and Hawley on USPS rate issue;  Kansas City man says Josh Hawley is not "intelligent"

        Wednesday, June 9, 2021
SE Missourian:  Blunt, other senators release Jan. 6 report, make recommendations
          KC Star:  Hawley delays confirmation of Biden appointee;  Kiran Ahuja promoted work of university prof who called Trump's election "racist progress"
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Blunt leads bipartisan effort to aid rural bridges
          Heartlander News:  Missouri's congressional delegation rallies to secure $900M F/A-18 order
          SNL:  CoxHealth official:  Get the COVID vaccine, or you will catch the China virus
          The Missouri Times:  Casey Wasser named Missouri Soybean Association COO
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  House Majority Leader Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about the ups and downs of legislative session
          The Missouri Times:  Special session requests abound:  A look at what lawmakers want to tackle
          Missourinet:  Missouri Farm Bureau:  PDMP is valuable tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri is sitting on a huge budget surplus. But without FRA extension, cuts loom
          P-D:  Talks continue on renewing major Medicaid tax
          Missouri Independent:  AG Eric Schmitt says Missouri lawmakers can refuse to fund Medicaid expansion
          P-D:  Great Circle, accused of overbilling Medicaid by nearly $2 million, settles case for less than $10,000
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson signs off on state commitment to fund water project
          Missouri Independent:  Legislative gridlock on gambling puts 'gray-market' machines before Missouri courts
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson appoints Spencer Bartlett administrative law judge;  Nixon appointee Sreenu Dandamudi's term expired in 2016
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson indicates that media campaign for triple-murderer Kevin Strickland won't "necessarily make it a priority to jump in front of the line"
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Missouri takes home 3 StateScoop technology awards
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Pro tem, Speaker holding softball rematch at Mizzou
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Missouri's PDMP is better late than never
          KC Star editorial:  BLM protesters threatening police with 'other white meat' coffin at KCPD headquarters was counterproductive
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City woman wants Medicaid expansion funded, says state lawmakers are "subverting democracy"

        Tuesday, June 8, 2021
The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics episode recap:  Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) on FRA and Senate leadership, panel shares thoughts on U.S. Senate primary battles, more
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette) announces state Senate candidacy
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Local Anti-Defamation League leader leaving post after 26 years
          Missouri Independent:  Ryan Conway moves from governor's office to Department of Natural Resources
          Missourinet:  Missouri's First Lady Teresa Parson gives more event details about the state's 200th birthday
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson signs statewide PDMP into law
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson signs drug monitoring bill
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson signs PDMP bill
          AP:  Missouri adopts prescription medication database
          P-D:  Gov. Parson signs PDMP into law
          Missourinet:  Millions being invested into two rural Missouri hospitals;  Noble Health CEO Elijah Haahr says foundation will launch Center for Rural Health Innovation
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson says withholdings could come if deal on Medicaid tax renewal is not reached
          SNL:  Gov. Parson visits site of Elevate Branson's planned tiny home community for those in poverty
          JCNT:  Big increase in state's revenue an aberration due to an additional income tax due date this year
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri among states set to allow college athletes to profit off their name, likeness
          SE Missourian:  Rehder answers reporters' questions about her living arrangements immediately post-divorce;  Senator is keeping permanent address and home in district
          The Missouri Times:  Kevin Strickland should be pardoned, bipartisan coalition of lawmakers tell Gov. Parson
          Missourinet:  Missouri bill passed would create school bus safety task force
          KC Star editorial:  'Special' sessions standard in Missouri now
          P-D editorial page editor Tod Robberson:  I'm moving to Connecticut, but will keep a "tiny" apartment in St. Louis to claim residency
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jonathan Shorman:  Trump continues to advance lies and falsehoods - and Josh Hawley partly to blame with Jan. 6 vote
          P-D's Annika Merrilees:  As China virus cases drop, St. Louis task force prepares to end weekly briefings;  Media darling and chief scold Alex Garza "became a near-constant in local media and on Facebook"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City man responds to "former Republican" Lynn Schmidt's latest anti-GOP piece, defends Cori Bush
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City man celebrates Missouri GOP failings, cites MSNBC's Rachel Maddow as source

        Monday, June 7, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) on pro-life principles and FRA, Missouri Senate leadership, more;  Panel of Rep. Shamed Dogan (R-Ballwin), Grassroots Girl LLC's Lane Koch, Democratic operative Braxton Payne, AFL-CIO's Pat White talk U.S. Senate primaries, gas tax, initiative petition standards, "paycheck protection," more
          Heartlander News:  Jay Ashcroft's Faith and Freedom Rally to feature former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
          St. Joseph News-Press:  County remains clear flood-wise so far this year
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson to sign PDMP today
          Heartlander News:  Committee chairs call for Missouri special session on unresolved agriculture issues
          St. Joseph News-Press:  FRA still in the balance in Missouri Legislature
          P-D:  Missouri fund sets aside $1 million a year for witness protection;  only one request, from KC police, has been received
          Missouri Independent:  Sierra Club claims Missouri utilities could use loophole to charge customers for fossil fuel lobbying
          KC Star editorial:  Josh Hawley wants Anthony Fauci out, but he knows who really fumbled the pandemic
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, others to blame for "unpronounceable Chinese company" employing Missourians

        Sunday, June 6, 2021
KC Star:  Cori Bush heals the faith of the left, ascends as the new face of Democratic Party;  Top Missouri Dem consultant Jane Dueker says congresswoman's anti-police crusade "becomes a gift for Republicans"
          JCNT:  Two Jefferson City residents among 15 appointed to posts by governor
          KMIZ:  Gun-control advocates, defenders of Second Amendment weigh in on approaches to criminal behavior
          P-D editorial:  Missouri's cowardly U.S. senators opt to hide from the truth rather than learn from it
          KC Star editorial:  KC's Quinton Lucas needs Jeff City allies to cut through 'defund the police' hysteria
          JCNT editorial:  More data forthcoming on vehicle stops
          KC Star op-ed:  Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City):  On police budget and more, Kansas City is not the Northland versus south of the river
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Darvin Bentlage:  Missouri state lawmakers wrong on Medicaid expansion, COVID regulations, Cleaner Missouri, ag issues, more
          P-D's Antonio French:  Missouri legislators wrong to oppose Critical Race Theory
          P-D letter:  Wash U. med school student wants state lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City septuagenarian says convicted triple-murderer is in jail because he is black

        Saturday, June 5, 2021
SE Missourian:  Jason Smith says he has 'plenty of time' to decide on U.S. Senate run
          Missouri Independent:  Crowded field looking at Missouri's 4th District as Vicky Hartzler pivots to Senate bid
          KWMU:  Nicole Galloway, Missouri's lone Democratic statewide officeholder, won't seek re-election in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Nicole Galloway will not seek re-election - or any other political office - in 2022
          JCNT:  Galloway announces she will not seek re-election
          Missourinet:  Nicole Galloway announces she will not run for office in 2022
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri auditor Nicole Galloway announces she won't run for re-election in 2022
          P-D:  Missouri auditor, the lone Democratic statewide officeholder, not running in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Lucas Kunce speaks to Boone County Democratic Club
          KC Star:  Kansas City man charged with alleged participation in U.S. Capitol riot
          Washington Missourian:  Franklin County report shows new China virus cases are down to 2.7 per day
          NPR:  Missouri data, though imperfect, shows blacks outpacing whites in declining China virus vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  General revenue more than doubled in May compared to 2020, latest report says
          KC Star:  Another lawsuit filed over Medicaid expansion;  Attorneys use autistic man, depressed woman as plaintiffs
          P-D:  Attorneys find two people to serve as plaintiffs in Medicaid lawsuit
          The Missouri Times:  Police mental health, community economic programs await governor's signature
          P-D:  Missouri foster parents get help from Legislature, but why are more children coming into state care?
          Missourinet:  Rep. Andrew McDaniel (R-Deering):  Kevin Strickland should be released from prison immediately
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers ask Gov. Parson to pardon Kevin Strickland
          SE Missourian:  Holly Rehder announces divorce
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  On Nicole Galloway's school-funding report and Missouri's foundation formula
          KSMU's Jennifer Moore:  Remembering Missy Shelton Belote
          P-D letter:  Gulf Shores, Ala. man says Robin Ransom's appointment to Missouri Supreme Court is further proof that race, not qualifications, are primary criteria

        Friday, June 4, 2021
SNL:  Former KSMU Capitol reporter Missy Shelton Belote passes away from ovarian cancer at 44, remembered for love of family, storytelling
          SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith offers caution on Biden's 'two-state' Israel solution
          P-D:  Boeing, federal lawmakers again fight to keep new Super Hornets in St. Louis
          AP:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler announcement next Thursday on potential U.S. Senate bid
          KC Star:  Hartzler teases 'campaign announcement' ahead of expected U.S. Senate run
          AP:  Missouri River winter water release expected to be minimum
          SE Missourian:  Cape Girardeau County outpacing state average in percentage of residents declining COVID vaccine
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Buchanan County among tops in state for residents saying 'No' to China virus vaccine
          KCUR:  Missouri Hospital Association survey shows rate of teens getting injected with COVID vaccine already slowing down
          P-D:  Greene County sees uptick in China virus cases;  CoxHealth CEO blames people attending graduations, not wearing masks, other party fouls
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt drops lawsuit over St. Louis County COVID orders
          P-D:  Schmitt withdraws lawsuit against St. Louis County
          Missouri Independent:  Briefs:  Gov. Parson's PAC nabs $75k check;  Gov. Parson appoints Keith Holloway to University of Missouri Board of Curators
          Heartlander News:  With "Buy Missouri" initiative, Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe fights for Missouri businesses
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Jason Chipman (R-Steelville) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about gas tax and public vote, FRA, calls for special sessions, more
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri legislators request special ag session
          Missouri Independent:  Senate Dem leader John Rizzo (D-Kansas City) says delay in special session will allow tempers to cool
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri pharmacists could administer HIV medication if licensure bill approved by governor
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Tom Krahenbuhl named Department of Defense's Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) state chair
          Washington Missourian:  Amtrak to restore twice a day train service next month
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson does not pardon triple-murderer Kevin Strickland
          P-D:  Who wants to kill a black bear?  More than 6,000 Missourians, that's who.
          KWMU:  Fewer Missouri drivers pulled over in 2020;  ACLU, liberal UMSL professor still unhappy
          KC Star editorial:  Roy Blunt snubs mother of officer who died after protecting him
          SE Missourian editorial:  Legislative session was productive
          P-D editorial:  Missouri GOP lawmakers ignore farmers at their peril
          JCNT editorial:  Missouri DHSS demonstrates united effort against hunger
          KC Star op-ed:  Washington, D.C. tech industry think tank:  No, Josh Hawley, we aren't living in an 'age of monopoly' killing small businesses
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City woman who recently moved to Missouri says she is "mad" at Blunt and Hawley, wants "criminal charges and incarceration" for both
          P-D letter:  St. Peters octogenarian fantasizes about methods of punishing Missouri lawmakers who voted against Medicaid expansion funding

        Thursday, June 3, 2021
P-D:  A year after his shooting death in Black Lives Matter riot, retired Capt. David Dorn remembered as man to emulate
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson appoints Jamilah Nasheed to Missouri Parole Board
          P-D:  Former state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed (D-St. Louis City) earns seat on state parole board
          SE Missourian:  John Mehner leaving Cape Chamber of Commerce after nearly three decades
          JCNT:  EPA choose Jefferson City for food, health program
          SNL:  Greene County above state average in adults declining COVID vaccine
          JCNT:  Show-Me Institute appeals Cole County judge's ruling on Sunshine lawsuit
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson praises new peanut plant in southeast Missouri
          JCNT:  Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approves $3.2B transportation budget for Missouri
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) reflects on legislative successes and what's left to achieve
          Missouri Independent:  Some details of school choice legislation still to be determined;  Comments from Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters), Missouri School Boards' Association's Melissa Randol, others
          Missourinet:  Sen. Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) on path forward for FRA:  "We're not there yet, but we will get there"
          The Missouri Times:  Lawmakers ask Gov. Parson for special session on agriculture, eminent domain
          SE Missourian:  Rep. Rick Francis (R-Perryville) among lawmakers calling for special session
          P-D:  Missouri ag groups want lawmakers to extend key tax credits
          KWMU:  Missouri Republican lawmakers want to stop any defunding of police
          P-D:  St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones opposes state lawmakers' call for special session on crime
          Missourinet:  Missouri could join 49 other states by improving access to mental health services
          P-D:  St. Louis City could give $350-$500 handouts to residents facing state cutoff of pandemic freebies
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Amtrak service returning to 2 round-trip trains daily
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri PSC approves Missouri-American Water Company acquisition request
          SNL:  Commercial photography, filming will soon be allowed on MDC property with permit
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Failure to reach a deal on FRA would undermine strong legislative session
          P-D letter:  Farmington woman says Roy Blunt was "complicit" in Jan. 6 Capitol riot
          P-D letter:  University City septuagenarian responds to Dan Mehan op-ed, compares modern businesspeople to 1776 British soldiers seeking to kill Americans
          P-D letter:  St. Charles octogenarian wants Medicaid expansion funding, spins yarn about a fire she witnessed in 1957

        Wednesday, June 2, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Marilyn McLeod, new president of League of Women Voters of Missouri
          JCNT:  DHSS offers online maps to find "free" lunches in Missouri
          St. Joseph News-Press:  COVID vaccine demand continues to drop across Missouri
          P-D:  Linn County Health Department director blames indoor high school graduation, other social gatherings for uptick in county's COVID cases
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Supreme Court voids 'paycheck protection' bill
          Missouri Independent:  Unions celebrate Missouri Supreme Court ruling on 'paycheck protection' bill
          AP:  Missouri Supreme Court strikes down public labor union restrictions
          JCNT:  Missouri Supreme Court sends corrections officers' lawsuit back to circuit court
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court gives split decision in corrections overtime case
          Missourinet:  Peanut processing plant and new hospital highlight $75 million in planned investment in rural Missouri town:  Comments from Gov. Parson, Sen. Jason Bean (R-Holcomb), Rep. Herman Morse (R-Dexter)
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson says there's no legislative agreement right now on FRA
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) says a special session will be called, talks FRA and next year's state budget outlook
          P-D:  Republican lawmakers are again calling for a special session on crime in Missouri
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson evaluating options on unemployment overpayments
          KRES/KWIX:  MACC President Dr. Jeff Lashley appreciates legislative support for funding increase, thanks Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina), GOP Reps. Chuck Basye and Ed Lewis
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  DNR offers energy improvement loan program
          KWMU:  Missouri expands efforts to control chronic wasting in deer
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Environmentalists criticize animal agriculture operations
          Columbia Missourian:  MoDOT to try soybean-based sealant on U.S. 63
          Missouri Independent:  Pending law on wrongful convictions could depend on Missouri attorney general
          KC Star:  Missouri Supreme Court declines to hear triple-murderer's case
          The Missouri Times:  Traffic stops decreased significantly in 2020, according to AG's Vehicle Stops Report;  Search rate for black drivers decreases, search rate for white drivers increases
          AP:  Fewer 2020 traffic stops in Missouri
          CDT:  Missouri Department of Conservation documenting tick species across the state;  Blood-sucking parasites create trouble
          KC Star:  Some black leaders threaten protests over Missouri Highway Patrol investigation;  Malcolm Johnson shot police officer before being put down by KC cops
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City nonagenarian says Blunt and Hawley "do not have a backbone"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis man says Blunt and Hawley are Mitch McConnell's "toadies"
          P-D letter:  Sappington woman wants state lawmakers punished for Medicaid expansion funding vote, says legislators' families should lose health insurance

        Tuesday, June 1, 2021
June 2020 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2019 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2018 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2017 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2016 Missouri political news headlines
        June 2015 Missouri political news headlines
        The Daily Beast:  Missouri's Jack Oliver among political celebrities helping Rolf Kaestel - who robbed a taco joint with a toy pistol in 1981 and got life in prison
        P-D:  Profile:  Gov. Parson's pick for the first black woman on the Missouri Supreme Court
        Missourinet:  Galloway promotes school-funding report
        KWMU:  Missouri Department of Conservation gets some four-legged help
        Joplin Globe editorial:  Stop trying to break the Missouri Department of Conservation
        KC Star editorial:  A year after George Floyd riots began, BLM agitators face jail time
        SNL op-ed:  Wisconsin-based "Freedom From Religion Foundation" opposes Missouri state lawmakers' effort to allow schools to teach the Bible
        P-D letter:  Illinois woman defends U.S. Rep. Cori Bush's stance on Israel boycott

        Monday, May 31, 2021   Memorial Day
Missourinet:  Rep. Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau) to keynote Memorial Day Columbarium wall dedication in Bloomfield
          Columbia Missourian:  Analysis:  Urban-rural political divide in Missouri is deep and very tough to bridge
          AP:  Sheriff:  Claims against Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green) not credible
          Missourinet:  Missouri lawmakers say lottery bill is a safety issue and provides peace of mind
          JCNT:  State updates COVID-19 guidance for Missouri schools
          KCUR:  Galloway says Missouri ranks next-to-last nationally in funding K-12 schools
          P-D letter:  Lake Saint Louis man who lost 2016 state rep race to Justin Hill by 32 points unhappy with GOP stance on LGBTQIA*, Medicaid expansion funding, etc.

        Sunday, May 30, 2021
Brownfield Ag News:  Infrastructure counter offer a micro-step closer but still far off;  Comments from Roy Blunt
          JCNT:  Missouri Veterans Commission's one-stop benefits portal created for veterans, military
          JCNT:  Rep. Dave Griffith (R-Jefferson City) reflects on legislation benefiting veterans and their families
          Columbia Missourian's Chase Meili, Rachel Schnelle, Clivia Liang and Jingying Xu:  No clear reason for urban-rural political divide in Missouri;  Rural Missourians "tend to be more religious, pro-abortion [sic]"
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) previews next session's priorities, says irresponsible state spending is "horrifying"
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Bunceton) disappointed several bills fell short of approval
          Missouri Independent:  As Missouri keeps building wind farms, some communities look to regulate
          P-D:  Missouri ordering fewer doses of COVID vaccine
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman:  After brutal year, Missouri public health figures consider leaving positions;  Conservative citizens and GOP lawmakers are to blame
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Missouri Sierra Club's Marisa Frazier:  Missourians should contact state lawmakers to oppose CAFOs, and should also grow their own crops and raise their own animals
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin man thinks College of the Ozarks should stand up to Biden Administration's order eliminating single-sex housing
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian says Josh Hawley is too extreme
          KC Star letters:  Kansas City man criticizes Eric Schmitt for opposing Critical Race Theory curriculum, says Missouri bicentennial should focus on state's racist history;  Kansas City septuagenarian opposes Tony Luetkemeyer's police-emancipation legislation
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield septuagenarian calls state lawmakers "exceptionally cruel" for not funding Medicaid expansion
          P-D letter:  St. Louis Democratic Socialists of America Chair Ben Conoyer:  Failure of conservatives' education legislation is a win for public schools

        Saturday, May 29, 2021
KRES/KWIX:  U.S. Rep. Sam Graves says Biden wants bipartisan infrastructure bill, but Pelosi is a roadblock
          P-D:  Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Lucas Kunce claims D.C. tax credit, didn't vote in Missouri in 2018 or 2020
          Missourinet:  Free, at-home test kits for COVID-19 now available to Missourians
          KWMU:  FEMA's downtown China virus vaccination site to close after Memorial Day
          Missouri Independent:  Livingston County health administrator disapproves of seeing people enjoying life, including "baseball games and basketball games in cities," without masks:  "I just cringe"
          JCNT:  Former Speaker of the House Elijah Haahr:  Health care must be relocalized
          The Missouri Times:  Gas tax referendum rejected for drafting error but group has refiled
          JCNT:  Petition for gas tax referendum resubmitted
          Missouri Independent:  Error forces restart on petition for vote on Missouri gas tax increase
          The Missouri Times:  Wieland calls for new Senate Republican leadership as FRA fallout continues
          Missouri Independent:  Wieland calls for a change in Senate leadership over handling of FRA bill
          The Missouri Times:  State files lawsuit against Quinton Lucas, Kansas City on behalf of police board
          KC Star:  Kansas City police board files lawsuit against city leaders over budget measure
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson:  No decision yet about special session request for KCPD funding issue
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) says education proposal will protect against Critical Race Theory's "color-of-your-skin shaming"
          KSDK:  Career criminal who sucker-punched 12-year-old white boy sentenced to 7 years;  Police department says public "understandably expressed a desire to see (criminal) charged with a hate crime"
          SE Missourian:  Criminal sentenced 7 years in prison for punching young white boy in the face
          KC Star:  Unemployment overpayments issue unresolved
          JCNT:  Galloway:  Missouri ranks 49th in nation for school funding
          Joplin Globe:  Liberty proposing rate increase for Missouri customers
          SNL:  Revival 98 dispensary waiting on state "commencement" inspection process;  Former NFL player Grant Wistrom hopes to welcome potheads buying "medicine" by July
          P-D editorial brief:  Blunt gives unacceptable answer on Jan. 6 commission
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Gov. Parson's appointment of first black woman to Missouri Supreme Court worth celebrating
          KC Star's Derek Donovan:  Roy Blunt had a choice on the Jan. 6 commission, and picked Trump
          P-D letter:  Town and Country woman wants state lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion

        Friday, May 28, 2021
St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley's bipartisan bill would change the way military prosecutes sexual assault cases
          KC Star:  DHSS data shows 81% of Missourians age 15-24 remain COVID vaccine-free;  First Lady Jill Biden visits Kansas City to try to change that
          KC Star:  Biden considering Claire McCaskill for ambassadorship in Europe, report says
          KWMU:  Bridge and interstate improvements highlight St. Louis-area transportation priorities
          SE Missourian:  Rush Limbaugh's show will be replaced with conservative "Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show"
          Missourinet:  If elected Speaker, Rep. Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) would focus on caucus-driven legislation
          Heartlander News:  In rare move, Missouri Ethics Commission referred case against Rep. Ian Mackey (D-St. Louis County) to local prosecutor;  Comments from Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas
          P-D:  Report explores relationship between Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green) and woman he met while serving as police officer
          KC Star:  Report claims woman may have been intoxicated first time she had sex with cop;  Rep. Chad Perkins says report's author is jilted political rival
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) leads new committee to tackle broadband issues during interim
          The Missouri Times:  GOP lawmakers request pro-life policies in special session
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson faces diverse special session demands
          SE Missourian:  Wayfair bill waiting for governor's signature
          The Missouri Times:  'Tiny robot' legislation rolls to governor's desk
          The Missouri Times:  Report from Auditor Nicole Galloway criticizes state's role in funding education, says burden is shifted to local governments
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Memo to DHSS:  Get on board with Sunshine Law
          JCNT editorial:  You beat COVID. Don't fall victim to ticks.
          KC Star editorial:  KC Mayor Quinton Lucas says opponents of police reform are 'using our tragedies as fear porn'
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Former Branson Mayor Karen Best:  Blunt, Hawley should support Trump's plan for paid family leave
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Bharani Kumar:  MoCannTrade is Missouri's "medical marijuana cartel"
          P-D letter:  Stream Team United's Mary Culler:  Missouri rivers need more room to flow during floods
          KC Star letter:  Kansas man says he drives more than an hour each way to work in Missouri because of state's strong wages
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield septuagenarian wants Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) to foot the bill for special session

        Thursday, May 27, 2021
KC Star:  U.S. Senate unanimously passes legislation from Josh Hawley to declassify intelligence on Wuhan lab's leak and coverup
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri defense contracts amounted to $14 billion in FY19
          KC Star:  HUD secretary visits KC to promote Biden's infrastructure spending, meet with liberal "KC Tenants" group
          KCUR:  HUD secretary meets with housing activists
          The Missouri Times:  Scott Fitzpatrick, other GOP state treasurers warn banks over Biden Administration's climate push
          Missouri Independent:  Fitzpatrick, others push back against Biden's "abuse of power"
          The Missouri Times:  MEC closes Ian Mackey fundraising complaint
          Missouri Independent:  Judge sets trial date for lawsuit over Missouri Medicaid expansion
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Legislation increases sheriffs' pay, bans "chokeholds"
          Heartlander News:  Northland Kansas City legislators request special session in response to "defunding of the Kansas City Police Department"
          The Missouri Times:  Northland Kansas City GOP lawmakers request special session regarding police budget
          KC Star:  GOP lawmakers want special session on Critical Race Theory;  KC Public Schools set to begin 1619 Project lessons for students this summer
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Sarah Unsicker (D-Shrewsbury) wants Gov. Parson to call FRA-focused special session
          KCUR's Up to Date with Steve Kraske:  Fact-checking Gov. Parson:  Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago advisor says abundant handouts not to blame for people choosing not to work
          JCNT:  Group wagering on casino coming to Lake of the Ozarks;  Comments from Rep. Suzie Pollock (R-Lebanon)
          The Missouri Times:  PSC extends Spire's coronavirus assistance program
          P-D op-ed:  Missouri Chamber of Commerce's Dan Mehan:  Bring fairness and justice back to our judicial system
          Columbia Missourian's Steve Spellman:  Legislative session review:  gas tax, Wayfair, police, Second Amendment Preservation Act, ESAs, Roeber
          KC Star's Katie Bernard and Jeanne Kuang:  Correcting GOP misinformation on Critical Race Theory in Missouri schools
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  PROMO's Stephen Eisele and others:  Missouri students must be taught "LGBTQ inclusive" sex ed
          KC Star's Hurubie Meko:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Evictions cause Missouri gun violence
          KC Star op-ed:  Missouri "COVID widow" wants more money from government
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves sexagenarian says GOP U.S. Senate candidates are causing her to feel "ill" and "sad"
          KC Star letters:  Lee's Summit sexagenarian says Sen. Roy Blunt has no backbone;  Kansas City octogenarian criticizes Gov. Parson for "conservative economic views"
          P-D letter:  South St. Louis County sexagenarian says raising Missouri's sin taxes and creating junk-food taxes would pay for Medicaid expansion

        Wednesday, May 26, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Hawley teams up with Gillibrand to improve military response to sexual assault
          KC Star:  Hawley partners with New York Democrat on bill to improve military sexual assault response
          The Missouri Times:  Cleaver seeks federal funds for electric buses in Kansas City
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  AG Eric Schmitt opposes David Chipman's appointment to ATF
          Missouri Independent:  GOP's U.S. Senate primary field will expand ahead of statewide Lincoln Days celebration in Kansas City
          AP:  Charges against Patricia McCloskey amended
          KWMU:  MSNBC commentator Claire McCaskill weighs in on Josh Hawley, 2022 U.S. Senate race, Roy Blunt, Missouri Medicaid expansion, more
          SE Missourian:  Cape Girardeau outpaces state, national average in residents saying 'no' to COVID vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  Elijah Haahr named executive director of new Noble Health Foundation
          Columbia Missourian:  Part one of two-part series:  Missouri's child support system and cracking down on deadbeat dads
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) looks back on budget work
          P-D:  Missouri Medicaid chief Kirk Mathews warns of 'crippling' cuts
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri's water, sewer infrastructure rate adjustment process could be changing
          KC Star:  NAACP, "National Black United Front-KC," et al. support Mayor Quinton Lucas' police-funding power play;  GOP state lawmakers may take action
          KWMU:  Tick-spread disease on the rise in Missouri
          SE Missourian:  A year after George Floyd resisted arrest, SEMO awards first "Advocacy, Equity and Justice" scholarship
          P-D editorial:  Cori Bush needs to explain her stand on the anti-Israel boycott movement
          Washington Missourian editorial:  If gas tax increase appears on Missouri ballot, we'll support it
          P-D editorial:  State should refrain from interference in local police budgeting, or accept responsibility
          KC Star op-ed:  Russ Carnahan:  Roy Blunt should support Dems' Jan. 6 commission
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Why COVID will be a lasting concern inside Missouri prisons
          KC Star letter:  Kirksville woman wants Blunt to support "humanitarian health aid" for other countries
          P-D letter:  Carbondale, Ill. septuagenarian criticizes GOP lawmakers and Gov. Parson for listening to rural Missourians

        Tuesday, May 25, 2021
KTVI (St. Louis):  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith meets with President Trump amid speculation of Senate bid
          KC Star:  Jason Smith meets with Donald Trump in New York
          P-D:  As he weighs U.S. Senate run, Smith meets with Trump in New York
          KC Star:  Jill Biden's community college tour to make stop in Kansas City
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics show recap
          The Missouri Times:  U.S. Supreme Court denies review in Missouri death penalty case
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson makes history by appointing first black woman to Missouri Supreme Court
          Missouri Independent:  Trailblazing Gov. Parson names first black woman to sit on Missouri Supreme Court
          P-D:  Gov. Parson breaks the mold for Missouri Supreme Court appointments, names first black woman to state's high court
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson chooses Robin Ransom for Missouri Supreme Court
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson appoints first black woman to Missouri Supreme Court
          Columbia Missourian:  Gov. Parson appoints Judge Robin Ransom to Missouri Supreme Court
          KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson visits Moberly for ribbon cutting at Swift Prepared Foods;  Nearly 200 new jobs created
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Legislation protects businesses against frivolous COVID lawsuits
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) says she is working with Gov. Parson on legislation for nonviolent drug offenders
          KC Star:  GOP state lawmakers from KC area respond to Mayor Quinton Lucas' police-force power play
          KWMU:  First medical marijuana dispensary in Rolla area opens
          SNL:  Springfield school district leaders take part in critical race theory training at "Facing Racism Institute" at Missouri State University;  MSU "chief diversity officer" says CRT is nothing to worry about
          KWMU:  Turnover rate for Missouri school superintendents on par with last year, up significantly from 2019
          The Missouri Times:  Health Facilities Review Committee approves new facilities in St. Charles County
          KMIZ:  State reports high demand for Johnson & Johnson vaccine, while state's allocation goes down
          The Missouri Times:  About 14,000 children in Missouri have started coronavirus vaccination process since Pfizer approval
          St. Joseph News-Press:  MoDOT:  Public comment sought on project that will temporarily detour the Katy Trail near Rocheport
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Missouri needs more transparency into medical marijuana program
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry:  After opposing anti-hate crime bill, Josh Hawley blames Democrats' rhetoric for attacks on Jews
          SE Missourian's Lucas Presson:  A podcast, a missed opportunity by the Missouri Legislature, and a tribute to Rush Limbaugh
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Charter Public School Association's Douglas Thaman:  When all public schools thrive, our communities will, too
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Missouri needs to implement gas tax that applies to everyone
          P-D letter:  Overland septuagenarian criticizes "modern GOP," calls on 84-year-old Jack Danforth to return and "prop up" Republican party
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves septuagenarian unhappy with Ann Wagner's vote on Dems' Jan. 6 commission, vows to cast one (1) vote against her in Nov. 2022
          JCNT letter:  NFIB's Brad Jones thanks lawmakers for passing COVID liability protections
          P-D letter:  Missouri Coalition for the Environment criticizes Missouri Water Commission's vote on groundwater

        Monday, May 24, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Sen. Brian Williams (D-University City) talks to Scott Faughn about police legislation, FRA, U.S. Senate race;  Panel of David Barklage, St. Louis County Police Association's Joe Patterson, Dem Reps. Jo Doll and Rasheen Aldridge talk FRA, police officer emancipation, education bills, GOP U.S. Senate primary
          SNL:  12,000 Jordan Valley Community Health Center patients affected by big nationwide data breach
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri medical marijuana companies win tax relief from state lawmakers
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers in Missouri, other states push back against 'The 1619 Project' and critical race theory
          Brownfield Ag News:  State, local tax credits contribute to Delta Peanut facility in Kennett;  Comments from Ag Director Chris Chinn
          KC Star editorial:  Eric Schmitt wants to cancel critical race theory, aka 'history'
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Missouri's working families need a consultant on the governor's payroll
          KC Star's Toriano Porter:  Contact the Missouri Public Service Commission and tell them to deny Spire's request for rate increase
          P-D letter:  Crestwood man expresses outrage over Ann Wagner's vote on Dems' Jan. 6 commission, vows to cast one (1) vote against her in Nov. 2022
          P-D letter:  Glendale sexagenarian mocks GOP Sens. Caleb Rowden and Rick Brattin for support of Second Amendment

        Sunday, May 23, 2021
Joplin Globe:  Joplin called model of loyalty, unity by tornado anniversary speakers
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) on her efforts to allow parole for drug offenders in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  Kansas City police budget reallocation leads Republicans to call for special session
          JCNT:  State report looks at ways to reduce sleep-related infant deaths in Missouri
          JCNT editorial:  If there's enough interest in Americans for Prosperity's petition, we will support a statewide vote on gas tax
          P-D's Bill McClellan:  Josh Hawley is Missouri's "secret weapon" to prevent businesses from moving here
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Missouri's U.S. Senate lineup illustrates the Republican Party's dysfunction
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Text of Gov. Jay Nixon's speech at 10-year anniversary of Joplin tornado
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri faces twin crises in Medicaid - and GOP state lawmakers are at fault;  Comments from Washington University health economist Jeffrey Jones. others
          KC Star's Humera Lodhi and Hurubie Meko:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Wave of evictions provides city leaders built-in excuse for record-setting violence this year;  Racist institutions like "rent" and "paying bills" to blame
          KC Star letter:  St. Joseph man calls Josh Hawley "unpatriotic," says Sam Graves engages in "military costume-play"
          P-D letter:  Louisiana sexagenarian mocks Sam Graves for supporting "sacred religious beliefs"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City septuagenarian calls Rush Limbaugh "hateful and cruel"

        Saturday, May 22, 2021
Brownfield Ag News:  U.S. Rep. Sam Graves introduces alternative infrastructure bill
          Missouri Independent:  Cleaver wants $6 million for electric buses
          St. Joseph News-Press:  With potential public vote on gas tax increase, transportation funding reaches fork in the road
          Missouri Independent:  Missourians, health care providers pause plans as Medicaid expansion heads to court
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) discusses failed bills and future broadband plans
          The Missouri Times:  Appellate Judicial Commission recommends nominees for open Supreme Court seat
          KC Star:  Missouri pastor regrets denouncing Circle of Hope abuse claims
          P-D editorial brief:  Praise for GOP lawmakers for failing to create Rush Limbaugh Day
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections:  Hand-marked paper ballot advocates request the governor's help
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Opportunity Solutions Project's Joe Horvath:  Gov. Parson should call special session for unemployment program integrity
          P-D letter:  Clayton man says Cori Bush wrong to reflexively side with Palestinian terrorists, says congresswoman has not met with local Jewish leaders
          P-D letter:  Ballwin octogenarian cheers Washington Post and Post-Dispatch for anti-Hawley coverage, says Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester) is "embarrassing"

        Friday, May 21, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith votes against Jan. 6 inquisition, says Dems "attempt to blame one side" for political violence
          KC Star:  Cori Bush one of three House Democrats to oppose $2 billion Capitol security bill
          Columbia Missourian:  AG Eric Schmitt joins 20 other states to oppose Critical Race Theory
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri must go through "diplomatic channels" to serve China lawsuits;  Schmitt's office used translation service to prep documents for ChiComs
          The Missouri Times:  Peter Kinder joins health care network in leadership position
          The Missouri Times:  National Biodiesel Board hires Gov. Parson's former legislative director Jeffrey Earl
          Missouri Independent:  Jeff Earl takes on new role, joins National Biodiesel Board
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson highlighting beef during Missouri Beef Month
          The Missouri Times:  Medicaid expansion suit filed in Cole County
          Missouri Independent:  Lawsuit seeks to force Missouri to enact voter-approved Medicaid expansion
          KC Star:  Medicaid expansion advocates sue Missouri, choose three women with sad stories as symbolic plaintiffs
          The Missouri Times:  Federal reimbursement allowances (FRA) renewal derails session - but what is it?
          The Missouri Times:  Lawmakers gained traction on domestic violence "loophole" - and are already preparing for next year
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  St. Louis City Interim Public Safety Director Dan Isom wants Gov. Parson to veto Second Amendment Preservation Act
          SE Missourian:  County above state average in percentage of adults declining COVID vaccine
          P-D editorial:  Mark McCloskey joins underwhelming field of candidates
          P-D editorial:  More warnings from business that things aren't right in St. Louis and Missouri
          P-D's Antonio French:  Gov. Parson, other GOP governors choose cruelty over compassion
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  Legislature tallied some hits, but left key Farm Bureau priorities on base in spring session
          P-D letter:  Oakville sexagenarian says Roy Blunt will leave office "with his tail between his legs"
          P-D letter:  St. Charles octogenarian wonders which programs Missouri will cut to pay for Medicaid expansion
          KC Star letter:  Smithville septuagenarian wants Sen. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia), other Republicans charged with perjury for not funding Medicaid expansion
          P-D letter:  University City septuagenarian says her liberal teacher neighbor might quit profession, blames GOP state lawmakers

        Thursday, May 20, 2021
KC Star:  Biden proposal would usurp Missouri law, provide SNAP handouts to three-time dope felons;  U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver says anti-drug laws are racist
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley won't support Dems' Jan. 6 inquisition without changes
          KC Star:  Missouri Republicans vote against Dems' proposed Jan. 6 commission;  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler wants any investigation to include a look at Black Lives Matter riots
          KC Star:  Union rally highlights fast-food workers' tales of woe;  52-year-old man blames McDonald's for his poor financial choices;  50-year-old man wants Burger King to give him "hazard pay";  rationalizations from other adults shifting responsibility for their budgeting blunders
           KC Star:  Event promo:  RSVP for our gun-control series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America;  Panel, hosted by gun-control series reporter Kaitlin Washburn, to discuss "excessive rent burden" and other atrocities afflicting people who choose to live in places they cannot afford
          JCNT:  Missouri's jobless rate dips in April
          SE Missourian:  Former Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder named SoutheastHEALTH's first-ever VP of government affairs
          The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Department of Mental Health Director Mark Stringer
          The Missouri Times:  Beach Boys, Hank Williams Jr., Missouri natives make up State Fair concert roster
          Heartlander News:  Petition drive seeks to stop Missouri from raising gas tax in October
          Columbia Missourian:  Show Me the Vote public forum unites Democrat and Republican social clubs
          KWMU:  Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft wants special session for election changes
          Missouri Independent:  Ashcroft urges Missouri Senate to shut off debate to pass Medicaid funding tax bill
          KC Star/Fox 4 "Four Star Politics":  Video:  Dave Helling and Missouri Independent's Jason Hancock give opinions on Missouri legislative session
          P-D:  Centene CEO Michael Neidorff (D) again threatens to leave Missouri, this time over Medicaid expansion
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) pleased with PDMP passage
          The Missouri Times:  PSC denies Empire deferral request
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Missouri's action on PDMP long overdue
          P-D editorial:  Second Amendment Preservation Act shows depth of GOP dysfunction
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Missouri should create database on nursing homes
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri to innocent people released from prison:  Our bad, thanks for coming
          SE Missourian op-ed:  Missouri AG Eric Schmitt:  Fighting against Biden's war on affordable energy
          P-D op-ed:  Elizabeth Chiarello:  Now for the bad news on Missouri PDMP
          Columbia Missourian's David Rosman:  Gov. Parson, GOP lawmakers who oppose Medicaid expansion funding are anti-Christian, violate "biblical mandates"
          P-D letter:  Kirkwood resident expresses anger over number of "old, white men" elected to Missouri Legislature
          P-D letter:  Kirkwood sexagenarian expresses anger at GOP state legislators over Medicaid expansion funding, feels "embarrassed"
          P-D letter:  Woodson Terrace octogenarian calls Sen. Rick Brattin (R-Harrisonville) and GOP lawmakers "tyrants"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County septuagenarian says voting for Missouri GOP candidates will create "another pandemic of death and hate"

        Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Farm Bureau sends Biden letter opposing tax plan;  Group supports U.S. Rep. Jason Smith's Death Tax Repeal Act
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt replaced as head of Republican attorneys general group after serving on interim basis
          SE Missourian:  Missouri serves China in COVID suit following local court action
          KC Star:  Eric Schmitt serves Chinese Communist Party in COVID lawsuit;  Missouri AG seeks to hold Chicoms accountable for role in spreading Wuhan virus
          KWMU:  Mark McCloskey shakes up already unpredictable U.S. Senate race
          The Missouri Times:  Mark McCloskey jumps into U.S. Senate race
          P-D:  St. Louis attorney, famous for defending home from tresspassing protester mob, announces bid for U.S. Senate
          AP:  St. Louis man who stood up to roving protester mob announces run for U.S. Senate
          KC Star:  Mark McCloskey launches bid for U.S. Senate
          P-D:  St. Louis attorney Al Watkins uses derogatory references to the disabled in describing Trump supporters
          The Daily Beast:  Al Watkins compares former President Trump to Hitler, calls Capitol rioters "f@cking retarded ... short-bus people"
          Columbia Missourian:  Boone County Pachyderms, Muleskinners to hold "Show Me the Vote" forum tonight;  SOS Jay Ashcroft to speak
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove) launches bid for House majority floor leader
          KCUR:  Up to Date with Steve Kraske:  Missouri Independent's Jason Hancock and Rudi Keller share their opinions on the 2021 legislative session
          P-D:  The Chat Room:  Liberal columnists Tony Messenger, Aisha Sultan offer list of complaints about GOP lawmakers and 2021 legislative session, praise gas tax hike
          Heartlander News:  2021 legislative session ends with good news for Missouri gun owners
          AP:  Missouri lawmakers pass longtime priorities
          SE Missourian:  Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) pleased to get PDMP past the finish line
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) talks gas tax and emphasis on rural broadband
          KRES/KWIX:  Missouri School Boards' Association's Brent Ghan calls legislative session a mixed bag for education
          CDT:  Lawmakers pass bill from Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) allowing parents to record special education meetings
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Cattlemen's Association disappointed that eminent domain bill was "stonewalled"
          Columbia Missourian:  Efforts to deregulate agriculture industry have mixed success in Legislature
          CDT:  Bill waiting to reach Gov. Parson's desk could help Boone County renters
          Missouri Independent:  DHSS evaluating next steps after appeals court ruling on marijuana applications
          P-D:  DHSS to appeal court ruling in marijuana application case
          KC Star:  Pastor asks for money to help Circle of Hope owners fight 'false, demonic accusations'
          Joplin Globe:  Former Gov. Jay Nixon recounts lessons learned from 2011 tornado
          The Missouri Times:  Bicentennial Bridge to connect capital city with Missouri River
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Clean Water Commission votes 5-1 to provide clarity on "groundwater" definition;  Missouri Pork Association cheers decision
          The Missouri Times:  Negro Leagues Baseball Museum special license plate new option for Missourians
          P-D:  Missouri gets new license plate featuring Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri AG Eric Schmitt's stunt lawsuit against China is harming Asians
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Legislative session review:  The good, the bad and the ugly
          KC Star editorial:  Missourians should vote on a gas tax hike. Then lawmakers should do what voters say
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Former Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider (D):  Missouri Republicans, particularly Gov. Parson and Sen. Schatz, deserve credit for gas tax increase
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Phill Brooks:  A most unusual legislative session
          Columbia Missourian's C.W. Watson:  Gov. Parson shows lack of integrity by failing to fund Medicaid
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  R Street Institute's Shoshana Weissmann:  Missouri is becoming a national leader on occupational licensing improvements

        Tuesday, May 18, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins opposes federal 'death tax'
          The Missouri Times' Scott Faughn:  The tale of how the 1st session of the 101st General Assembly ended in the Senate:  Details of GOP-vs.-GOP infighting, Senate-House deals, broken compromises, the fallout, and what's next
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Lawmakers, Axiom's Aaron Baker look back on session, from education to PDMP
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) announces bid for House speaker
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri gas tax increase could be left up to voters if new referendum is successful
          Missouri Independent:  Conservative group wants to send gas tax hike to Missouri voters;  Thoughts from Americans for Prosperity's Jeremy Cady
          P-D:  State to resume contract talks with three labor unions
          P-D:  Longtime economic development expert Robert Miserez left his mark on Missouri
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Ameren sustainability lead discusses renewable energy, Cori Bush's criticism of nuclear energy, more
          The Missouri Times:  State's first electric school bus making the rounds in rural Missouri
          KWMU:  New program to help the poor pay for Internet;  Comments from Missouri DED's Tim Arbeiter
          SE Missourian:  Celebrate Missouri's 200th birthday with bicentennial events, projects
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Housing Development Commission has already given away $3.6 million in rental assistance;  Liberal groups still not happy
          Missouri Independent:  China virus outbreak at Smithfield plant in northern Missouri likely larger than originally known
          KC Star:  Mask devotees cling to their face coverings, question CDC's guidance
          P-D editorial:  Josh Hawley was instrumental in Jan. 6 Capitol "mischief";  2020 Black Lives Matter riots were "mostly peaceful"
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Missouri lawmakers correct to question cost of Medicaid expansion
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Gov. Parson and GOP-led Legislature deserve credit for shepherding gas tax increase
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Legislative recap:  Home runs, and some whiffs
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Missouri sees positive effects of vaccinations, marking the beginning of the end of pandemic
          P-D's Aisha Sultan:  Campaign promo:  Moms Demand Action traveling gun-control exhibit
          KC Star's Toriano Porter:  New Missouri law would free innocent people. Missouri's prosecutors are on the clock
          P-D letter:  St. Charles octogenarian cheers Washington Post and Post-Dispatch for anti-Hawley coverage
          P-D letter:  Wentzville septuagenarian calls Josh Hawley "nuttier than Donald Trump"
          P-D letter:  St. Charles septuagenarian wants Rep. Paula Brown (D-Hazelwood) and Sen. Bill Eigel (R-Weldon Spring) to lower personal property taxes
          P-D letter:  Manchester sexagenarian says GOP state lawmakers want Missourians to be "poor, sick and voiceless"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City sexagenaian mocks pro-life state lawmakers, attempts punchline labeling God female

        Monday, May 17, 2021
KRES/KWIX:  U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer opposes vaccine passports:  "It's about them controlling our lives, controlling what we do and where we go"
          SE Missourian:  Would-be restaurant workers chose to collect unemployment rather than work - but Gov. Parson's directive provides hope
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Panel of Sens. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City) and Holly Rehder (R-Scott City), Rep. Becky Ruth (R-Festus), Axiom's Aaron Baker on transportation funding, ESAs, Dan Brown, Medicaid expansion funding, Second Amendment Preservation Act, FRA, more
          KWMU's Jason Rosenbaum "On the Trail" column:  8 takeaways from a fruitful, but frustrating, Missouri legislative session
          Missouri Independent:  GOP divisions in the Missouri Senate bedevil legislative session
          CDT:  Rep. Sara Walsh (R-Ashland) announces $1.5 million in state funding for Ashland Workforce Development Center
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State workers head back to the office for in-person work today
          KWMU:  Missouri looks to southeast Asia to increase ag exports
          SE Missourian:  Missouri's bicentennial and President Truman's connection to southeast Missouri
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri voucher bill will hurt public education. Will that help low-income kids?
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  AG Eric Schmitt must have missed 'process server' day in law school
          JCNT letter:  California man predicts state lawmakers will approve "full auto" firearms, cites "the radio" and "news outlets" as sources of gun info

        Sunday, May 16, 2021
JCNT:  Missouri lawmakers expect lawsuits over Medicaid decision
          Washington Missourian:  Fuel tax increase vote splits Franklin County lawmakers
          Missourinet:  Feral hog and prescribed burning legislation now on governor's desk
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers demand change in child welfare agency
          Columbia Missourian:  Legislative session photo gallery:  Captions decry GOP lawmakers' "anti-trans legislation," other liberal commentary
          KC Star:  Convicted murderer could be set free from Missouri prison
          P-D editorial:  The Missouri Legislature adjourns. Good riddance.
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Charter school advocate Cathy Jo Loy:  GOP must stay united for 2022 U.S. Senate race
          P-D op-ed:  St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell:  Missouri Legislature gives new hope to the wrongly convicted in Missouri
          KC Star racism/injustice reporter Cortlynn Stark and social justice reporter Katie Moore:  Local "Stop Asian Hate" activists dismantle racism
          P-D letter:  Ladue septuagenarian disapproves of Josh Hawley's "ambitious" nature
          P-D letter:  Creve Coeur sexagenarian wants Missouri congressional delegation to burn more federal money on fixing "long-standing injustices for our communities"
          KC Star letters:  Democrat who lost 2014 6th Congressional District election to Sam Graves in 37-point nailbiter says "I told you so" about Medicaid expansion;  Woman blames Gov. Parson for her inability to pay bills and "stressing out very much"
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian predicts Eric Schmitt's grandchildren will disagree with grandpa's early 2020s policy positions

        Saturday, May 15, 2021
Joplin Globe:  Southwest Missouri Democrats and Missouri Health Care for All turn out "about 10 people" for Medicaid protest
          KC Star:  Missouri Jobs With Justice victimhood series, Day 2:  Group turns out fewer than 80 people for Medicaid protest;  41-year-old man says he has not visited a doctor since he was 18, offers expertise on improving health care system
          KC Star:  Missouri Jobs With Justice victimhood series, Day 2:  Kansas City woman calls Gov. Parson a "tyrant", says Social Security disability benefits pay her a measly $1,900/month to relax at home
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the Senate:  Live blog for Friday
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the House:  Live blog for Friday
          Missourinet:  What you need to know about the top Missouri bills passed, not passed this legislative session
          KC Star:  Legislative wrap-up:  what passed, what didn't
          KWMU:  Legislative flameout overshadows end to productive Missouri legislative session
          Columbia Missourian:  Session ends with major accomplishments, partisan bitterness
          The Missouri Times:  Session derails in upper chamber on final day over claims of dishonesty
          Missouri Independent:  Legislative roundup:  What passed, what didn't
          P-D:  Legislative roundup:  What passed, what didn't
          KC Star:  Senate abruptly adjourns on final day
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate Democrats bring session to a halt early, citing broken promises
          P-D:  Missouri Legislature wraps up session with flurry of controversial bills
          The Missouri Times:  Wayfair tax proposal heads to governor's desk
          JCNT:  Capitol Complex tax credits await governor's signature
          The Missouri Times:  Legislature approves Second Amendment Preservation Act
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers pass Second Amendment Preservation Act
          Missouri Independent:  Bill protecting Missouri businesses from most COVID-related lawsuits heads to governor
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers pass broad COVID lawsuit shields for businesses, medical providers
          The Missouri Times:  Legislature approves effort to compensate college athletes for use of their likeness
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) says rural school districts scored a big transportation win, says ESAs won't hurt area schools
          Missouri Independent's Rebecca Rivas:  Missouri Republicans pass bill to counter calls to 'defund the police';  Comments from Sen. Bill Eigel of "Weldon Springs [sic]"
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers vote to end EPA-mandated emissions testing near St. Louis
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air preview:  Ameren sustainability lead to discuss 'clean energy'
          SNL:  State, federal agencies investigate fire at Marshfield propane tank plant
          JCNT editorial:  State pay hike small, but appreciated
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Pass, sign bill to limit chokeholds
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Ashley Aune (D-Kansas City):  Perspectives from the superminority
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri Republicans tested limits of supermajority status pushing conservative agenda
          P-D letter:  Rock Hill sexagenarian fantasizes about creating "Hall of Despicable and Infamous Missourians," wants Rush Limbaugh aside MLK assassin James Earl Ray

        Friday, May 14, 2021
KWMU:  Missouri COVID vaccination rates slow;  Missouri Hospital Association survey finds more than one-fourth of Missourians just say 'no' to vaccine
          The Missouri Times:  Mike Henderson joins House Speaker Pro Tem race
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson axes Medicaid expansion, setting up lawsuit over future of health care program
          P-D:  Gov. Parson scuttles Medicaid expansion after lawmakers provide no money
          KC Star:  Missouri Medicaid expansion won't go forward without funding, Gov. Parson says
          KC Star:  Missouri Jobs With Justice victimhood series, Day 1;  Able-bodied man chooses to not participate in company health plan, racks up more than $10K in medical bills;  Woman claims Type 2 diabetes prevents her from getting a job;  Newspaper prints victimhood campaign photos provided by Missouri Jobs With Justice
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the Senate:  Live blog for Thursday
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the House:  Live blog for Thursday
          The Missouri Times:  Major bipartisan criminal justice, police legislative package clears General Assembly
          Missourinet:  Major police legislation heading to Gov. Parson's desk
          KWMU:  Wide-ranging Missouri police and public safety bill heads to Gov. Parson
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers repeal KC police residency, empower prosecutors in innocence cases
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Legislature close to passing bill holding protesters accountable for breaking the law, endangering public safety
          The Missouri Times:  General Assembly approves unlicensed reform school oversight measures
          KC Star:  Students cheer as Missouri passes reform school bill
          Columbia Missourian:  House passes bill on punitive restraint, seclusion of children in schools
          P-D:  Missouri lawmakers take steps to regulate religious boarding schools
          KWMU:  Missouri could have run-offs for 2022 Senate race and other major elections;  Photo ID and no-excuse absentee effort falters
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang:  GOP lawmakers pitch runoff plan for primary;  Comments from GOP Sen. Bill Eigel of "Weldon Springs [sic]"
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate approves Second Amendment Preservation Act
          P-D:  Missouri Senate approves gun rights bill
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers on the brink of passing bill to protect against federal gun control measures
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers on the brink of passing bill to collect taxes on online sales
          Missouri Independent:  Push for disclosure of Missouri medical marijuana records runs into veto threat
          P-D:  Bill that looks to aid Missouri's transition away from coal power clears Legislature on eve of final session
          Missouri Independent:  Bill to speed Evergy and Ameren's move to 'clean' energy wins Missouri legislative approval
          The Missouri Times:  Legislature moves to protect lottery winners' identities
          Missourinet:  Legislation designating Arch as Missouri's official monument is one vote away from final passage
          P-D editorial:  AG Eric Schmitt's lawsuit against St. Louis County is yet another lame publicity stunt
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Lawmakers should fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson violates his oath. He and fellow Republicans defy voters on Medicaid
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri wants to run Kansas City's police department. Then let Missouri pay for it
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Finally, a PDMP for Missouri is within reach
          P-D editorial:  Schools should ignore parents' feedback and continue pushing Critical Race Theory
          P-D op-ed:  The Opportunity Trust CEO Eric Scroggins:  Legislature correctly funded measure to address failing schools
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Planned Parenthood advocate:  Lawmakers should fund Medicaid expansion;  "Racist and discriminatory systems" conspire against black people and women
          KWMU op-ed:  ProPublica's Jeremy Kohler and Haru Coryne:  Missouri lawmakers approve changes to racist clean-energy program
          P-D letter:  American Society of Civil Engineers local president supports raising gas tax
          P-D letter:  University City sexagenarian promises to leave Missouri each year on Rush Limbaugh Day

        Thursday, May 13, 2021
KC Star:  U.S. Senate hopeful Quinton Lucas (D) visits D.C., says Missouri state lawmakers don't listen to him
          The Missouri Times:  Former Sen. Dan Brown, patriarch of legendary Missouri family, passes at 70
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Bennie Cook (R-Houston)
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the Senate:  Live blog for Wednesday
          The Missouri Times:  Final week in the House:  Live blog for Wednesday
          P-D:  Missouri's unemployment cuts put jobless on the clock;  Able-bodied men and women tell tales of woe
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Wayfair bill passed back to Senate
          AP:  Missouri lawmakers vote to collect online sales taxes
          KWMU:  Missouri Senate passes wide-ranging law enforcement and criminal justice bill
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers strike a deal on crime bill after governor's veto threat
          Columbia Missourian:  Senators agree to modify crime bill to avoid Gov. Parson's veto
          Missourinet:  Legislation aimed at helping Missouri police officers cope with stress and trauma from critical incidents heads to conference committee
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers add police 'bill of rights' to multiple bills
          KC Star:  Legislature may pass bill that could help Jackson County prosecutor free inmate
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) says ESA legislation is win for everyone
          Missouri Independent:  After passing tax credit program to fund school choice, lawmakers cut it in half
          Columbia Missourian:  Legislation eliminating tuition caps moves closer to final passage
          AP:  Missouri lawmakers ask for special session on election laws
          KCUR:  Missouri Republicans call for special session on election measures, ballot protections
          Columbia Missourian:  House committee calls for special session to pass voting legislation
          P-D:  Last-minute push for ballot security measures underway in Missouri Senate
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers pass bill limiting local health orders, banning vaccine passports
          Columbia Missourian:  Legislature gives final approval to restrictions on local health officials' powers
          P-D:  Bid to crack down on pandemic-inspired public health orders sent to Gov. Parson
          Missouri Independent:  Anti-Grain Belt legislation could come before Missouri Senate as legislative session wraps
          The Missouri Times:  PACE legislation crosses finish line
          JCNT:  Port Authority bill amended, sent to Senate
          Columbia Missourian:  'Rush Limbaugh Day' stripped from designations bill
          JCNT editorial:  Governor makes right call to end pandemic unemployment benefits
          P-D editorial:  'Incentivized' by unemployment aid? Gov. Parson's harsh portrayal needs tweaking
          P-D op-ed:  Jonah Goldberg:  Josh Hawley playing the part of martyr to cancel culture
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis):  Grain Belt Express, private property rights and our family farms
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  GOP activist Maryann Manion:  Republicans should quit virtue-signaling and pass COVID liability protections
          KC Star's Michael Ryan:  College of the Ozarks lawsuit seeks to protect religious colleges from feds
          SE Missourian letter:  Cape Girardeau septuagenarian says honoring Rush Limbaugh is controversial
          P-D letter:  Breckenridge Hills sexagenarian criticizes GOP lawmakers over Medicaid funding, says he cares about the poor more than they do

        Wednesday, May 12, 2021
KC Star:  U.S. Reps. Jason Smith, Vicky Hartzler will vote to oust Liz Cheney:  Smith:  "Members of House leadership should not be the distraction"
          The Missouri Times:  Profile:  Dem U.S. Senate primary candidate Scott Sifton
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Illegal alien from Honduras celebrates living life on the loose
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt sues St. Louis County over 'unreasonable' health orders
          Missourinet:  AG Eric Schmitt sues St. Louis County over COVID health regulations
          P-D:  AG Eric Schmitt sues St. Louis County over COVID-19 restrictions
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Bruce Sassmann (R-Bland)
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Jim Murphy (R-St. Louis County) announces bid for House Speaker Pro Tem
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri ending all federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits in June
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson discusses how handouts have incentivized people to stay out of the workforce
          Missourinet:  Video:  Gov. Parson's press conference on curbing feds' entitlement bonanza
          KWMU:  Missouri joining other red states in ending participation in COVID-19 unemployment program
          P-D:  Gov. Parson announces halt to pandemic jobless benefits after June 12
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson moves to end federal unemployment handouts
          KC Star:  'Time to go back to work':  Gov. Parson ends extra federal unemployment handouts
          The Missouri Times:  Final Week in the Senate:  Live blog for Tuesday
          The Missouri Times:  Final Week in the House:  Live blog for Tuesday
          KWMU:  Missouri drivers likely to see first gas tax hike in decades
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Legislature gives final approval to fuel tax increase
          Missourinet:  Missouri Legislature votes to pump up the state's gas tax
          Missouri Independent:  Gas tax increase on its way to governor after clearing Missouri House
          P-D:  Missouri House approves boost in state gas tax
          Columbia Missourian:  Fuel tax increase approved by Legislature;  Comments from Hallsville Republican "Cheri Toalson Resich [sic]"
          KWMU:  Missouri Legislature sends opioid monitoring program to governor
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House approves PDMP, sends bill to the governor
          P-D:  PDMP headed to Gov. Parson's desk
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri's prescription drug monitoring program heads to the governor;  Comments from "Rep. Justin Hill (R-St. Charles [sic])
          SE Missourinet:  Latest WalletHub promotional survey ranks Missouri 'high' in drugs, but PDMP could help
          Missouri Independent:  Abortion battle continues on Missouri Medicaid provider taxes
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  DESE invests $50M in teacher recruitment, retention
          Missourinet:  To help reduce a K-12 teacher shortage, Missouri to offer recruitment and retention grants
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate approves reform school protection legislation
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate approves oversight of unlicensed faith-based reform schools
          KC Star:  Missouri Senate passes bill giving state some oversight of Christian reform schools
          P-D:  Phaseout of St. Charles County personal property taxes advances in Senate
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson says provision in crime bill "total power overreach of government"
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Webster University "Chief Diversity Officer", associate education professor promote Critical Race Theory, insist curriculum "does not demonize the white people"
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Activist wants "racial equity" in Missouri's medical marijuana program
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson's unemployment decision will force thousands back into poverty
          P-D editorial:  On Medicaid, Gov. Parson bows to the voters - while legislators kneecap them
          KC Star op-ed:  Sacramento, Ca. man wants Blunt and Hawley to flip-flop on gun control
          KC Star's Michael Ryan:  Forcing dead babies on women won't help the pro-life cause or burnish its image
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City man opposes GOP voting safeguards

        Tuesday, May 11, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith tours southern border, says policies 'crazy'
          The Missouri Times:  Lacy Clay, longtime chief of staff join D.C.-based international law firm
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt joins with 43 other attorneys general to urge Facebook to halt development of "Instagram for kids"
          Missouri Independent:  AG Eric Schmitt joins effort to convince Facebook to abandon plans for children's Instagram
          P-D:  Uniting Missouri PAC standing by David Barklage
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Sen. Lauren Arthur (D-Kansas City) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about congressional redistricting, Medicaid expansion, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), voter ID, more
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Ben Baker (R-Neosho) announces bid for House Speaker Pro Tem
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Mike Haffner (R-Pleasant Hill) jumps into floor leader race
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson to propose plan next legislative session for spending Biden's COVID cash
          AP:  Missouri avoiding hasty approach to spending $2.7B in pandemic aid
          P-D:  Gov. Parson's adminstration laying the groundwork for Medicaid expansion scenarios
          KC Star:  DSS begins preparing for potential increase in number of Medicaid recipients
          The Missouri Times:  Final Week in the Senate:  Live blog for Monday
          The Missouri Times:  Final Week in the House:  Live blog for Monday
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Schatz gas tax bill clears fiscal review committee
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Federal reimbursement allowance (FRA) extension passes House as amendment
          Columbia Missourian:  Crime bill sent to Senate for final approval
          Columbia Missourian:  Gun rights bill headed to Senate for final approval
          CDT:  Basye's bill to protect female high school athletes added to A+ Scholarship bill
          KMIZ:  State bill could require school districts to allow recordings of IEP meetings
          AP:  Missouri House votes to legalize needle exchanges
          P-D:  HSUS issues another report about Missouri's "puppy mills"
          P-D editorial:  St. Louis City doesn't need pandemic spending oversight from a hostile Legislature
          SNL op-ed:  Show-Me Institute's David Stokes:  Here's a crazy idea:  Tax yourself;  "Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that tourist in the CID"
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  ProPublica's Jeremy Kohler and Haru Coryne:  PACE program disproportionally harms black homeowners, should be subject to state oversight
          P-D letter:  St. Louis woman says young people, old people, and black people can't manage to obtain a photo ID

        Monday, May 10, 2021
SNL:  Photo gallery:  "Voter rights" rally draws dozens;  Liberals wear masks outdoors
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Reps. Ashley Bland Manlove (D-Kansas City) and Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg) discuss Medicaid expansion, public defender and community college funding, rural broadband, charter schools;  Sens. Greg Razer (D-Kansas City) and Jason Bean (R-Holcomb) on gas tax, community college funding, more
          KWMU's Jason Rosenbaum:  On the Trail:  Missouri Legislature begins final week with plenty of unfinished business
          Missourinet:  Final week in Missouri's legislative session:  Wayfair, gas tax, PDMP and Grain Belt still unresolved
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Missouri Legislature works to finalize bills ahead of Friday deadline
          Missourinet:  Lawmakers to debate gas tax;  Thoughts from Missouri Trucking Association's Tom Crawford, Missourians for Transportation Investment's Jeff Glenn
          Missourinet:  Missouri's operating budget approved by lawmakers includes historic increase for foster children and families
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) talks REAL ID compliance extension
          Missouri Independent:  Critics of Missouri's medical marijuana program say some operators game the system by controlling more than fair share of locations
          P-D:  Missouri pharmacists 'fill in gaps' in vaccine distribution
          KC Star editorial:  Sen. Josh Hawley is right about big tech, but gets a lot wrong in 'Big Tech'
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Connecting Missouri River to its flood plain is key in urban and rural areas
          KC Star's Toriano Porter:  Parents challenging white-guilt curriculum at Rockwood School District "need to chill":  Columnist recounts hardships of being handed a quality education through deseg program, mentions status as a "three-sport athlete" more than 30 years ago, expresses resentment over coaches never visiting his home in St. Louis City, etc.
          P-D letter:  Pacific septuagenarian mentions status as civics teacher decades ago, says state legislators must approve Medicaid expansion funding
          P-D letter:  St. Charles septuagenarian attempts analogy involving Medicaid expansion funding and campaign contributions from outside Missouri

        Sunday, May 9, 2021   Mother's Day
P-D:  Liberal groups turn out 75 for urban "voter rights" rally
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Michael Butler the top recipient of energy industry's "entertainment" dollars;  Potential Dem U.S. Senate hopeful Quinton Lucas (D) second
          Missourinet:  Dems, Republicans weigh in on Medicaid expansion funding
          Washington Missourian:  Franklin County commissioners approve "Second Amendment Order";  Advocates hope move will encourage Missouri Senate to pass Second Amendment Preservation Act
          JCNT:  Numerous Missouri programs offer respite for veterans considering suicide
          KC Star editorial:  'Birthing people'? Cori Bush steps on her own message
          P-D editorial:  In honoring Rush Limbaugh while dishonoring Walter Cronkite, Missouri GOP shows its colors
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Lifelong restraining orders a good step to protect victims
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Joplin woman calls Jeremy Cady's op-ed on Medicaid expansion funding "propaganda"
          Columbia Missourian's Molly Hart, Taylor Freeman and Judy Lucas:  Brave trans kids stand up to anti-trans Missouri lawmakers;  Bills "unlikely to reach Gov. Mike Parsons's [sic] desk in 2021"
          P-D letter:  Ladue man calls KMOX leaders "cowardly" for broadcasting Rush Limbaugh
          P-D letter:  Illinois sexagenarian says Republican state legislators who voted against Medicaid expansion are "not honorable Christian men and women"

        Saturday, May 8, 2021
Fox News:  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush scorched for referring to mothers as "birthing people"
          SNL:  Liberals plan massive "voter rights" demonstrations in Springfield, KC, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Cape Girardeau today
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson withdraws nominee to replace David Steelman on the University of Missouri curators
          The Missouri Times:  General Assembly gives final approval to FY22 budget
          KWMU:  Missouri Legislature passes $35 billion budget
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers send budget with unemployment forgiveness, more public defenders to Gov. Parson
          P-D:  Missouri lawmakers approve new state budget
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State budget approved by the House and being sent to the governor for approval
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers say next step is up to Gov. Parson for Missouri Medicaid expansion
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri budget finalized;  Comments from St. Louis Dem "Peter Meredith [sic]"
          Missourinet:  Missouri Legislature passes tax credits to fund private school scholarships;  Comments from Missouri School Boards' Association's Melissa Randol, others
          SE Missourian:  Rep. Wayne Wallingford (R-Cape Girardeau) touts bill to ease veteran state licensures
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) amends COVID-19 passport bill
          The Missouri Times:  Springfield land bank bill makes progress in both chambers
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) frustrated with performance audit bill's standstill
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) updates prescribed burn bill
          The Missouri Times:  Ameren Missouri expanding solar energy output
          P-D editorial brief:  Liberal group criticizes congressional Republicans, spares Blunt and Wagner with "mediocre" ratings for certifying election results
          Columbia Missourian's David Webber:  Missouri should not teach the Bible in public schools
          Columbia Missourian letter:  Columbia sexagenarian pens open letter to Josh Hawley, accuses senator of sponsoring tax credit in order to trick voters into forgetting about Capitol insurrection
          Columbia Missourian letter:  St. Louis septuagenarian complains about state's higher ed funding
          P-D letter:  St. Louis septuagenarian criticizes AG Eric Schmitt for review of pandemic restrictions

        Friday, May 7, 2021   Truman Day
Morning Consult:  Exclusive:  Ann Wagner, Jason Smith add campaign muscle as they consider U.S. Senate bids
          KC Star:  Cori Bush refers to mothers as "birthing people"
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson, Mike Kehoe, Jay Ashcroft speak at National Day of Prayer ceremony at Capitol
          JCNT:  Current, former state leaders participate in annual Day of Prayer
          Missourinet:  Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) reflects on President Truman's legacy and historical connection to Excelsior Springs
          P-D:  Missouri House approves Rush Limbaugh Day
          P-D:  David Barklage indicted on tax charge
          Missouri Independent:  Longtime GOP consultant David Barklage indicted on felony tax charge
          KC Star:  Political consultant David Barklage indicted on tax fraud charge
          KC Star:  Missouri phasing out National Guard mass vaccination events as demand drops
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) on potential special sessions
          The Missouri Times:  ESA bill heads to governor's desk
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate sends education savings account program to governor's desk
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers send school choice bill to governor's desk
          Columbia Missourian:  School choice bill passes Legislature
          Missouri Independent:  Pro-life amendment affects bill crucial to Missouri Medicaid finances
          Missourinet:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg):  There's no path forward for any Missouri gaming bill this session
          KRES/KWIX:  Hoskins on sportsbook legislation, video lottery terminals, more
          Brownfield Ag News:  Bill limiting inspection authority of ag facilities passes
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers demand answers from Missouri DSS for undercount of abuse reports
          The Missouri Times:  Senate pauses insurance, tax credit bills for further review
          The Missouri Times:  Occupational therapy, pharmacist licensing reforms considered in Senate
          Missouri Independent:  Bill proposing changes to DNR's processes clears House committee, still faces uncertain future
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri House approves letting college athletes benefit from their names, images
          P-D:  Time-sensitive HIV medication could be easier to access under proposal heading to Missouri governor
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Advocacy group asks Legislature to soften HIV transmission laws
          SE Missourian:  Judge Limbaugh reflects on Birds Point levee ruling 10 years later
          JCNT editorial:  Don't wait for feds to fund transportation
          KC Star editorial:  OMG and get the smelling salts:  Missouri agrees to hire more lawyers for the poor
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Levee project gives Missouri River more room to roam
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry:  Tech experts poke holes in Hawley's new book
          P-D's Antonio French:  Gov. Parson, AG Schmitt lead GOP efforts versus urban Dems in a game of chicken
          KC Star's Dave Helling:  What is Eric Schmitt trying to hide? A tale of two open records requests
          Columbia Missourian's Caitlin King:  House members burn hours creating new days to honor Missourians as the session deadline looms
          P-D letter:  Wentzville septuagenarian angered by Koenig's suggestion that able-bodied Missourians should work for a living

        Thursday, May 6, 2021
KWMU:  Census data:  More than 3,200 flee St. Louis City in last year, pushing population to lowest level since mid-1800s;  St. Charles County leads region in population gain
          P-D:  Census data:  For the first time in at least a century, more people died in Missouri than were born
          KWMU:  Biden's EPA head makes St. Louis stop, promotes infrastructure spending
          P-D:  New EPA head visits St. Louis City, calls for more spending
          KWMU:  Fort Leonard Wood mayors say they want to make military housing better
          P-D:  Ethics investigation alleges professional misconduct by Kim Gardner
          KC Star:  St. Louis prosecutor faces misconduct allegations related to Greitens investigation
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Jim Kalberloh (R-Lowry City)
          The Missouri Times:  "A Day in the Life" series:  Rep. Raychel Proudie (D-Ferguson)
          JCNT:  Missouri's state workers headed back to offices
          SE Missourian:  Gov. Parson issues 'return to office' directive
          KCUR:  Gov. Parson gives all-clear for state employees to return to offices May 17
          KC Star:  Three (3) state employees complain about going back to work;  Blind woman who works at DESE will have to arrange a ride to office;  Man who is vaccinated claims his vaccinated wife at home could still catch COVID;  DSS call center employee "shocked" that she may need to arrange after-school care
          The Missouri Times:  Public defenders, Amtrak, schools among budget differences debated in conference committee
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers agree on more money for hospitals, higher education
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposed state budget compromise includes more money for UM, other schools
          Columbia Missourian:  Pandemic property tax exemption, other taxing proposals added to Senate bill
          KWMU:  Missouri passes bill to hold protester mobs accountable for blocking traffic, bans "chokeholds"
          Missourinet:  Missouri bill boosts protections for police, punishment for dangerous protests
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House passes protester-accountability bill, bans police "chokeholds"
          Columbia Missourian:  High-profile crime bill banning "chokeholds" sent to the Senate for final approval
          Columbia Missourian:  Crime bill receives House approval;  Comments from Dem. Rep. Alan Gray of "Blackjack [sic]"
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri college athletes could get paid for their likeness under bipartisan plan
          The Missouri Times:  Sen. Mike Cierpiot (R-Lee's Summit) leads bipartisan collaboration on vital utility legislation
          Missouri Independent:  Less pollution, lower bills:  Missouri moves ahead on utility securitization
          KRES/KWIX:  Anti-spoofing bill moves through Legislature;  Thoughts from Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown)
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers discuss texting-while-driving ban
          P-D op-ed:  Center for Women in Transition's Barbara Baker urges lawmakers to pass bill from Rep. David Evans (R-West Plains) on community-based sentencing
          P-D letter:  St. Louis sexagenarian wants Blunt to use final two years in office to flip-flop on gun control
          KC Star letters:  Lee's Summit septuagenarian wants Blunt and Hawley to denounce Trump;  Kansas City woman says Rep. Hannah Kelly's bill on proper burial for infanticide victims shows lack of "compassion, humility and respect"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis woman unhappy with state lawmakers' decision on Medicaid expansion funding

        Wednesday, May 5, 2021
KC Star:  AG Eric Schmitt takes the reins as interim chairman of Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA)
          P-D:  RAGA and its fundraising arm funded less than $22k in travel and lodging costs for Schmitt last year
          JCNT:  Former U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) at Vitae Foundation breakfast:  Vitae is keeping up as life changes
          The Missouri Times:  Blake Rollins named Missouri Farm Bureau chief administrative officer
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Mitch Boggs (R-LaRussell)
          The Missouri Times:  General revenue collections continued to increase in April, latest report says
          Brownfield Ag News:  Ag Director Chris Chinn:  Missouri climbs the ranks for broadband access
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson's office declines to release personnel records regarding former COO Drew Erdmann
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) shares concerns on gas tax proposal
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill protecting businesses from COVID liability passes House
          Missouri Independent:  Opponents scuttle effort to add benefit limits to Missouri unemployment debt bill
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Medicaid expansion advocates say more spending would help rural hospitals, communities
          Columbia Missourian:  School choice bills still awaiting approval, opponents still fighting
          P-D:  Critical victimhood theory:  Rockwood NEA claims teachers are facing "personal attacks" as parents stand up against white-guilt curriculum
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Post-Dispatch columnist Tony Messenger criticizes GOP state lawmakers' efforts to defend against critical race theory/1619 Project curriculum
          KC Star:  Missouri DSS reported inaccurate numbers of abuse and neglect cases at reform schools
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri lawmakers approve plan to extend orders of protection for life
          SNL:  Lifetime protection order bill on its way to becoming law, thanks to local survivors of domestic violence
          KC Star:  Missouri passes bill allowing lifetime restraining orders for domestic abuse survivors
          KC Star:  Missouri House passes bill to hold protesters accountable for endangering public safety
          P-D:  Missouri House sends crime package to Senate over Democratic opposition
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill limiting agricultural inspections heading to Gov. Parson
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri lawmakers pass PACE legislation
          The Missouri Times:  Bicentennial Bridge sponsored by Union Pacific
          JCNT:  Union Pacific Railroad has contributed $200,000 to Bicentennial Bridge
          SE Missourian editorial:  Praying for our country, leaders on National Day of Prayer tomorrow
          JCNT editorial:  Missouri state government creates one-stop shop for military/veterans
          JCNT editorial:  Bill would fund much-needed public defenders
          P-D editorial:  Not content with suppressing the vote, the GOP seeks to silence protests
          Missourinet's Bob Priddy:  Sports-betting legislation must ensure schools keep getting 21% of gambling's gross tax receipts
          P-D letter:  "Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice" octogenarian criticizes Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester) for saying that healthy adults should work for a living
          Washington Missourian letter:  Marthasville sexagenarian opposes gas tax increase, prefers mileage-based use tax
          P-D letter:  Defiance man says toll roads help cities, but rural areas would suffer

        Tuesday, May 4, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Ann Wagner travels to southern border:  "It's only going to get worse"
          KC Star:  Former mayor of Texas town may put his name of Missouri GOP U.S. Senate primary ballot
          P-D:  35-year-old Ladue native says he'll put name on Democrats' U.S. Senate primary ballot
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Terry Thompson (R-Lexington)
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Sen. Paul Wieland (R-Imperial) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about Medicaid expansion funding and what's next, Todd Graves, Gov. Parson, more
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina):  How expanded Medicaid and unemployment entititlements hurt businesses and lead to more people sitting at home
          P-D:  Central West End restaurant job fair gets few takers;  Chase Park Plaza general manager says federal stimulus and Missouri's generous handouts lead to people choosing to not work
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg):  How Hoskins and other Republicans kept their word by not funding Medicaid expansion
          The Missouri Times:  State launches resource and benefits portal for veterans, service members
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri rolls out "one-stop-shop" veterans resource tool
          The Missouri Times:  Here are the House conferees for FY2022 budget negotiations
          KWMU:  COVID liability protection and other pandemic measures get another life in Missouri Legislature
          KWMU:  Group of Rockwood School District parents unite against critical race theory/1619 Project curriculum;  More than 200 turn out to hear GOP Sens. Andrew Koenig, Cindy O'Laughlin discuss legislation
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill from Sen. Karla May (D-St. Louis City) would allow teaching the Bible in public schools;  Feedback from GOP Rep. "Chuck Bayse [sic]"
          Heartlander News:  Missouri NAACP President Nimrod Chapel says Dem Sen. Brian Williams' police legislation "looks a lot like Jim Crow"
          P-D:  Missouri Senate debates plan to forgive unemployment overpayments but cut timeframe for benefits
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate debates unemployment repayment, length of time on the dole
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate approves changes to Sunshine Law
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Legislature adds pets to protection orders
          The Missouri Times:  Sen. Jill Schupp (D-Creve Coeur) on utility legislation
          Missouri Independent:  Bipartisan coaltion of lawmakers hope to fund free feminine hygiene products in Missouri prisons
          JCNT:  Missouri Department of Conservation seeking application for fall black bear hunting
          KC Star:  KC Mayor Quinton Lucas says state lawmakers should let city make its own laws about gun control
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Legislature should aid move to cleaner power
          P-D letter:  St. Louis octogenarian predicts that teaching white-guilt lessons in public schools will lead to racial division in the classroom
          SE Missourian letter:  Jackson man compares GOP state legislators to the British government circa 1776

        Monday, May 3, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins on property rights, Grain Belt Express, rural broadband, improving roads, initiative petitions;  Panel of Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina), Dem Reps. Maggie Nurrenbern and Wes Rogers, and Missouri Right to Life's Susan Klein talk Medicaid expansion, COVID, education legislation
          The Heartlander:  Exclusive:  Mark McCloskey on his timeline for 2022 U.S. Senate announcement
          The Heartlander:  Gov. Parson on Missouri's economic success, transcending COVID, and the "workers' market" for Missourians who choose to work for a living
          P-D:  As gambling expansion stalls in Missouri, Senate leader still trying to ban gas station slot machines
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri hospitals lobby for changes to new Medicaid payment system
          JCNT:  Prosecutor:  Domestic violence one of most under-reported crimes
          SNL's Steve Pokin:  Missouri should fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star's Kaitlin Washburn and Lisa Guttierez:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Young vets in Missouri die by suicide at exceptionally high rate, and guns are to blame
          P-D letter:  St. Charles septuagenarian calls GOP state lawmakers "cruel" for not funding Medicaid expansion

        Sunday, May 2, 2021
Missourinet:  Ceremonies honor Missouri officers who made the ultimate sacrifice;  Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, AG Eric Schmitt speak
          KC Star:  Missouri Hospital Association survey shows Missouri conservatives, blacks lead the way in declining COVID vaccine
          KC Star:  KC metro reports no new China virus deaths Saturday
          JCNT:  Measure would OK Missouri school districts to subdivide
          St. Joseph News-Press:  For Grain Belt Express opponents, hope hasn't dimmed
          P-D editorial:  NRA seeks to bring Missouri-style carnage to every corner of America
          KC Star editorial:  Medicaid expansion is up to you now, Gov. Parson - and you know the right answer
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  League of Women Voters sexagenarian:  Blunt should heed his own warning about wrecking American institutions
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Greitens' embrace by TrumpWorld makes perfect, misogynistic sense
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Americans for Prosperity-Missouri State Director Jeremy Cady:  Missouri can't afford Medicaid expansion
          Columbia Missourian's Julia Garlich:  Part I of two-part gun control series:  Domestic violence victims paying the price for Missouri Republicans' support of Second Amendment
          P-D letter:  Manchester septuagenarian offers litany of complaints about Josh Hawley
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian supports 1619 Project, criticizes religious "myths and parables"

        Saturday, May 1, 2021
May 2020 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2019 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2018 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2017 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2016 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2015 Missouri political news headlines
          May 2014 Missouri political news headlines
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins testifies before Congress on rural broadband
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Ag Director Chris Chinn says big ag events, including Missouri State Fair, are "on"
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton)
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) aims to protect Missouri jobs from federal overreach
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Child custody bill makes it to state Senate
          P-D:  Closing residential treatment program in Webster Groves raises bigger question about traumatized youth
          Brownfield Ag News:  Ag Director Chris Chinn says Missouri to stick with federal dicamba label
          P-D:  AG Eric Schmitt plans legal action, joins GOP lawmakers in targeting St. Louis County health orders
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update
          SE Missourian:  Regional China virus update
          JCNT editorial:  Property tax proposal would create revenue shortfall
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Westminster College assistant political science professor disagrees with Sen. Roy Blunt on court-packing
          SNL op-ed:  Springfield man says Rep. Chuck "Bayse [sic]" wrong about bill to protect female high school athletes
          P-D letter:  University City sexagenarian calls Sen. Josh Hawley "simply a racist," threatens to start recall petition
          P-D letter:  University City woman says state government leaders to blame for Missourians' hesitancy to get COVID vaccine
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves woman calls for "civil disobedience" if state lawmakers pass bill banning 1619 Project curriculum
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City sexagenarian says sophisticated business leaders considering move to Missouri would be appalled by people who love "guns and pig farms"

        Friday, April 30, 2021
SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith blasts 'unnecessary' Biden spending
          AP:  St. Louis couple who defended home from roving protester mob back in court
          The Missouri Times:  David Tyson Smith sworn into House, joins Democratic superminority
          The Missouri Times:  Senate considers election legislation
          Missouri Independent:  After voting down Senate COVID liability bill, House focus turns to pared down version
          KWMU:  Missouri Medicaid expansion proponents likely need courts to follow through on voter-approved plan
          Missourinet:  Missouri Senate sides with House, chooses not to fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star:  Overview:  Missouri Medicaid expansion funding debate
          Jason Rosenbaum:  Medicaid fight showcases broader Missouri GOP effort to raise ballot initiative bar
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Local lawmakers split on vaccine measure
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins testifies on broadband need
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Lawmakers move to rein in who can inspect agriculture facilities
          P-D:  Missouri Senate advances measure to limit farm inspections
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri House passes bipartisan feral hog bill
          The Missouri Times:  Senate progresses effort to denounce Dred Scott decision
          Columbia Missourian:  Briefs:  Senate denounces Dred Scott decision;  Burlison resolution calls for a constitutional convention
          SE Missourian:  Local state reps support Second Amendment protections;  Methodist bishop opposes bill
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Gaming Commission chooses former judge as new chief
          KWMU:  State school board expands Normandy's governing board after complaints
          P-D:  Normandy schools gain two board members after community outcry over superintendent's lack of credentials
          JCNT editorial:  State lawmakers are right - oversight needed for federal money
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Missouri lawmakers come through for children
          P-D editorial:  Missouri Republicans ignore the voters on Medicaid. The courts must step in.
          SE Missourian editorial:  Permanent daylight savings time makes sense
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Phill Brooks:  On Wayfair
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Kurtis Gregory (R-Marshall):  HB 349 increases funding for school bus transportation in rural areas;  the Senate needs to make it a priority
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian unhappy with Roy Blunt and GOP state legislators
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin sexagenarian wants state lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star letter:  Woman who chooses to live in Kansas attempts sarcasm regarding Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove) bill on aborted babies

        Thursday, April 29, 2021
St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley hopes Biden will support child care payments
          SNL:  Fiona Wu named U.S. Presidential Scholars semifinalist;  Taiwanese female - the offspring of legal immigrants - chooses to work hard, achieves success
          P-D:  Rockwood School District employee tells teachers to hide white-guilt lesson plans from parents;  Missouri Legislature considering bills to push back against 1619 Project, other blame-America curriculum
          P-D:  Missouri collecting data to track cases of COVID-19 in fully vaccinated people
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Kimberly-Ann Collins (D-St. Louis City)
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate passes its budget package sans Medicaid expansion funding
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate rejects funding for Medicaid expansion
          P-D:  Missouri Senate rejects funding for Medicaid expansion
          Columbia Missourian's Rachel Behrndt:  Senate rejects Medicaid expansion;  Comments from Lake Saint Louis Republican "Bob Odner [sic]";  Dems urge "republican [sic] colleges [sic]" to fund expansion
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri FY22 budget:  4 differences between House, Senate plans
          The Missouri Times:  A Missouri budget process primer
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate committee debates voter ID requirement approved by House
          KWMU:  Empower Missouri, ACLU, League of Women Voters, et al. congregate at Capitol to oppose GOP ballot-integrity measures
          JCNT:  Liberal rally at Capitol draws dozens
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) predicts some education bills will be approved
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers make late-session push to pass COVID-19 related legislation
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate renews push to bar vaccine passports, rein in local health orders
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) "on the fence" on PDMP
          Missouri Independent:  Defeat of gambling bill likely dooms legislative push against 'gray market' machines
          P-D:  Urban farms in 'food deserts' could get tax credits under plan moving in Missouri Legislature
          Columbia Missourians:  House supports expanding farmers market accessibility to those receiving Women, Infants and Children (WIC) handouts
          KWMU:  Urban liberals hold anti-gun press conference
          Missouri Independent:  Environmental law group complains to EPA about Missouri DNR;  Group suggests oil company to blame for minorities' asthma
          P-D editorial:  A modest gas-tax hike would rescue Missouri's dangerously neglected roads
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Dr. Randall Williams:  In appreciation of Missouri
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang:  With Senate Medicaid vote, Missouri GOP helps put Gov. Parson in a political bind
          Missourinet's Bob Priddy:  Join me and the Missouri Humanities Council for the Show Me Statesmanship webinar:  starring Charlie Shields, Rita Heard Days, Jolie Justus, Scott Rupp, others
          KC Star op-ed:  Missourians won't stand for GOP lawmakers silencing voices
          KC Star's Mara Rose Williams:  Hey, old white men, ya'll run everything. White males do not get to to cry 'racism.'
          P-D letter:  Frontenac septuagenarian labels Josh Hawley "the biggest racist in the U.S. Senate"
          P-D letter:  St. Peters septuagenarian labels Josh Hawley a racist, says he is also "just plain stupid"
          P-D letter:  Lake Saint Louis man criticizes GOP U.S. Senate candidates, mocks unsophisticated "Missoura" voters
          P-D letter:  St. Charles Democrat who lost state Senate race by 15 points complains about state Senate
          P-D letter:  St. Charles man mocks Wiemann's gun-range proposal

        Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Missouri Independent:  Eric Schmitt joins Republican AGs taking aim at 'social cost of carbon' initiatives
          SE Missourian:  State's population climbs above 6 million
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri population holds steady;  no gains or losses in Congress
          Joplin Globe:  League of Women Voters promotes "Missouri's Community Mapping project" for redistricting, will promote "People Powered Fair Maps" result
          KC Star:  Cleaver seeking federal dollars for U.S. 69, electric buses through earmarks
          KWMU:  Large-scale St. Louis VA study measures severity, scope of 'Long COVID'
          SE Missourian:  State data:  Cape County's jobless rate held steady last month
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson addresses annual motorcycle rally
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes $2B supplemental budget package
          P-D:  Missouri Senate approves COVID-19 relief funding
          P-D:  Missouri Senate moves to boost oversight of health departments after COVID-19 shutdowns
          The Missouri Times:  Video lottery terminals, sportsbook bill laid over in the Senate
          Columbia Missourian:  Fuel tax increase could be on horizon for Missourians
          P-D:  Legislation to protect Missourians' gun rights shelved after debate in Missouri Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Funding for capital improvement projects passes House
          Columbia Missourian:  Costly carpeting calls attention to lawmakers' spending in capital improvements
          P-D:  Missouri lawmakers floored by price tag of Capitol carpet replacement
          KWMU:  St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones meets with Gov. Parson, finds common ground on key issues;  Liberals gather outside Capitol to complain about Medicaid expansion funding
          The Missouri Times:  Liberal groups hold Medicaid-funding protest;  Activists wear masks while standing outdoors
          P-D:  Liberals rally outside Capitol for Medicaid expansion funding
          JCNT:  Fight over Medicaid funding retreads old paths
          Columbia Missourian:  Liberals rally for Medicaid expansion funding
          Missouri Independent:  Democrats vow court battle if lawmakers don't fund Missouri Medicaid expansion
          KC Star:  Bill from Rep. Hannah Kelly (R-Mountain Grove) would require proper burial or cremation of babies killed by abortion
          Missouri Independent:  COVID liability bill voted down in Missouri House committee
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers question isolation of children in state facilities during pandemic
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State proposal would allow 48-hour arrests without warrant
          SNL:  Medical marijuana dispensaries coming to downtown Springfield and Branson this spring
          SE Missourian editorial:  SEMO native Robert Knodell takes on key state government role
          KC Star editorial:  Funerals for fetuses:  Missouri bill would force uncomfortable feelings upon women who end babies' lives
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  Property rights battle coming down to the wire
          P-D video op-ed:  Tony Messenger, Aisha Sultan criticize GOP efforts to keep high school boys out of girls' sports, prohibit chemical castration of children, etc.
          P-D letter:  Eagle College Prep Charter Schools Board Chairwoman says charter schools are held as accountable as public ones

        Tuesday, April 27, 2021
The Missouri Times:  A look at what the new Census apportionment data means for Missouri
          P-D:  Missouri's number of U.S. House seats holds steady
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Ann Wagner on her possible U.S. Senate run, pro-life legislation;  Panel discusses GOP U.S. Senate primary, Medicaid expansion funding
          KWMU:  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush makes the case for environmental legislation
          The Missouri Times:  Jamey Murphy awarded St. Louis County Republican of the Year
          SNL:  Journalist killed in her urban Kansas City apartment was Springfield native, University of Missouri graduate
          KC Star:  Death of former statehouse reporter Aviva Okeson-Haberman being investigated as a homicide, KC police say
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Former Children's Education Alliance of Missouri intern promotes his "Current Affairs" article bashing Rex Sinquefield, expresses resentment over not being invited to Sinquefields' farm
          Columbia Missourian:  Veteran feminists recall former Speaker Tim Jones' help in honoring suffragette
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Barbara Phifer (D-Kirkwood)
          P-D:  Missouri House docks the pay of Rep. Wiley Price (D-St. Louis City);  House Ethics Committee requires lawmaker to repay $22,492 in costs
          Missouri Independent:  Governor's office following Sunshine Law regarding Randall Williams' departure documents, declines invitation to share resignation letter with media
          KRES/KWIX:  State legislators addressing flood issues on the Missouri River
          Missourinet:  Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage):  Bipartisan oversight is needed on federal rescue plan dollars
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri is getting billions in federal aid. Lawmakers want bipartisan oversight
          KC Star:  KC Mayor Quinton Lucas blasts proposed Missouri oversight of KC's COVID relief spending
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) discusses rural caucus' request for $250 million in federal resources for broadband
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri colleges gain most in House construction spending proposal
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposal to exempt many seniors from property taxes gets initial approval in state House
          P-D:  Pump prices could rise under plan to raise Missouri's gas tax
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Public safety protections in place under Good Samaritan Law
          Missouri Independent:  Supporters say environmental bill would help businesses harmed by 'aggressive' MO DNR
          Missourinet:  Missouri State University survey:  Pandemic stress is the last straw for 10% of Missouri teachers
          P-D:  Bill that limits use of 'chokeholds' by police gets initial approval in House
          St. Joseph News-Press:  'Chokehold' bill wins approval by voice vote in House
          P-D editorial:  Gov. Parson wrong on gun control - country needs a national "red-flag" law
          St. Joseph News-Press op-ed:  Rep. J. Eggleston (R-Maysville):  Medicaid expansion's drastic budget effect
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Alex Riley (R-Springfield):  Let's pass COVID liability legislation now
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Jobs With Justice's Teresa Mithen Danieley:  Say no to charter schools and school choice
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) responsible for Missouri's protester-accountability bills
          P-D op-ed:  University City High School student says he enjoyed reading 1619 Project's tales of oppression, criticizes state of Missouri for electing conservatives to state and federal office
          KC Star letters:  Two KC physicians want Legislature to fund Medicaid expansion;  Kansas City sexagenarian says she has nagged Hawley's office with letters "more than (she) can count" and is unhappy with quality of responses

        Monday, April 26, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Ann Wagner talks with Scott Faughn about trip to southern border and infestation of illegal immigrants, fighting the Pelosi agenda, pro-life legislation, GOP U.S. Senate primary;  Panel of Reps. LaKeySha Bosley (D-St. Louis City) and Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold), Carpenters' Mark Dalton, David Barklage on GOP U.S. Senate primary, Medicaid expansion funding, keeping high school boys out of girls' athletics, more
          KC Star:  GOP U.S. Senate primary updates:  Billy Long at Mar-a-Lago on Wednesday, more
          KCUR:  Reporter Aviva Okeson-Haberman killed by stray bullet;  Statehouse reporter lived in first-floor apartment in urban neighborhood
          KC Star:  Statehouse reporter Aviva Okeson-Haberman, 24, killed by stray bullet in urban Kansas City neighborhood
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update:  48 coronavirus infections, no new deaths Sunday
          KWMU:  Some area veterans call VA system for COVID-19 vaccinations a public health model
          KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson says Missouri's economy is heading in the right direction
          SNL:  Gov. Parson visits John Deere Reman, which is adding 130 employees in Springfield this year
          SNL:  Photo gallery:  Gov. Parson visits Springfield John Deere Reman facility
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature:  Medicaid expansion debate, budget and daylight savings bill
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) expects eminent domain legislation to reach floor, uncertain about open enrollment bill
          Missouri Independent:  University of Missouri to close center studying state economy, taxes
          KWMU:  Missouri to open temporary license office at Lambert Airport
          P-D:  Missouri Gaming Commission Chairman Mike Leara raising questions about push to legalize slots in Missouri
          P-D:  The Link Market denied sales tax exemption by Missouri officials, awaits state Supreme Court decision
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Sen. Hawley's "Trust-Busting for the Twenty-First Century Act" is right move for the wrong reason
          P-D letter:  Wildwood man urges Post-Dispatch to attempt responsible journalism regarding COVID, instead of its "clickbait" headlines
          P-D letter:  Clayton septuagenarian says gas tax favors rural Missourians, wants toll roads instead
          P-D letter:  Ladue sexagenarian criticizes charter schools, blames urban students' poor performance on "racial segregation" and "the stress of poverty"

        Sunday, April 25, 2021
St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley weighs in on "speech police," vaccines
          JCNT:  Solution to Missouri River flooding remains elusive
          KC Star:  USDA still has 231 job vacancies for KC-area jobs;  Comments from Blunt, Cleaver
          P-D:  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush weighs in on St. Louis City jails
          KC Star:  Missouri will resume use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, DHSS says
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update
          P-D:  Despite vaccine success, it's still too soon to continue living normal life, St. Louis area doctors insist
          Joplin Globe:  Online sales tax bill moves through Missouri House committee
          SNL:  Missouri State survey:  1 in 10 teachers thinking about calling it quits
          SNL:  Missouri State survey:  Missouri teachers have felt stressed, 'attacked' during pandemic, statewide survey shows
          P-D editorial:  On anti-Asian hate, Josh Hawley again on the wrong side of history
          JCNT editorial:  Renewing commitment to crime victims
          Joplin Globe parent company:  Take our brief survey on Black Lives Matter, "racial inequality," George Floyd, "police reforms," etc.
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Sam Graves must remember to maintain visibility in his district
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Randall Williams' departure an opportunity to restore credibility to DHSS
          P-D editorial:  Lawmakers should embrace, not ban, 1619 Project
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Hawley vows to rein in corporate power. If only he meant it.
          Columbia Missourian's Adam Jackson:  Missouri lawmakers strive to peel back rules designed to curb harmful CAFOs
          KWMU op-ed:  Kaiser Health News' Eric Berger:  Virtual care spreads in Missouri health system, home to 'hospitals without beds'
          KC Star letter:  Man who chooses to live in Kansas criticizes Missourians for bad judgment in electing Josh Hawley
          P-D letter:  Kirkwood septuagenarian disapproves of Post-Dispatch's sensationalist COVID headlines

        Saturday, April 24, 2021
JCNT:  Varying COVID travel restrictions remain in place in numerous states
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Area women discuss how COVID vaccine is affecting their menstrual cycles
          Missouri Independent:  Health officials continue to cater vaccine distribution to minorities, foreigners who choose to not speak English
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association to raise money for Uniting Missouri PAC;  D.C.-based Common Cause, liberal Missouri group unhappy
          P-D:  Jefferson City's Gamble Schlemeier wins City of Chesterfield contract to secure Biden "Rescue Plan Act" handouts
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Michael Davis (R-Kansas City)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Lisa Thomas (R-Lake Ozark)
          SNL:  Missouri's library for blind gets tech upgrade
          SNL:  New tax credits for Missourians who adopt, foster children become law
          SE Missourian:  Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) opposed to Medicaid funds expansion
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) says rural areas "overwhelmingly" opposed "financially unsustainable" Medicaid expansion
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown) supports teacher bill moving through Missouri House
          P-D:  State suspends intake at Annie Malone home for juvenile delinquents in north St. Louis City
          P-D:  Bill looks to enable Missouri power utilities - and their customers - to shift away from coal costs
          The Missouri Times:  PSC accelerates Missouri-American Water Company order
          P-D editorial briefs:  On Josh Hawley's massive fundraising haul and Rick Roeber's departure
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Randall Williams' tenure as DHSS director was tumultuous
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  League of Women Voters septuagenarian wants lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Four bishops:  Opposing infanticide, and supporting Medicaid expansion, are not mutually exclusive
          P-D letter:  National Council of Jewish Women sexagenarian opposes GOP plan to improve Missouri court system

        Friday, April 23, 2021
KC Star:  Josh Hawley the only senator to take a stand against "anti-hate crimes" bill
          KC Star:  Leaders of protester mob that invaded McCloskeys' neighborhood refute couple's claims
          The Missouri Times:  Schmitt signs letter to Biden opposing court-packing proposal
          KC Star:  Quinton Lucas takes part in national Gabby Giffords/Everytown gun-control rally;  KC mayor claims 5,000 people have been slain in KC duing his lifetime, blames Missouri state lawmakers
          Heartlander News:  Boone County Democratic Party raffle leads to legal gray area
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Jo Doll (D-Webster Groves)
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  St. Louis women are reporting unusual menstrual periods after receiving COVID-19 vaccine
          JCNT:  State leaders recognize crime victims' rights during ceremony
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson on departures of DHSS director and COO:  "We thought it was the best thing to do - to part ways"
          P-D:  Gov. Parson on Williams' departure:  It was 'the best thing' to 'go in different directions'
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson asked for Missouri health director Williams' resignation
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson signs foster care, adoption support bills
          JCNT:  Governor signs foster care bills
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson signs into law bills that provide tax credits for foster, adoptive families
          P-D:  Gov. Parson signs bills providing financial support for foster care and adoption
          KRES/KWIX:  Gov. Parson on legislators' end-of-session push:  Wayfair, gas tax, COVID liability
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri cattle producer pushes support for property rights, opposes Grain Belt Express
          SNL:  Legislative losses for Medicaid expansion piling up
          P-D:  Prospects for Medicaid expansion dim as key Senate committee says no
          KC Star:  Missouri 'likely going to court either way' as Senate panel rejects Medicaid expansion funds
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Bill from Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (R-Parkville) would inject Hillyard Center funding
          Heartlander News:  Public hearing held over bill to ban use of The 1619 Project
          P-D:  Webster Groves School Board approves curriculum based on Southern Poverty Law Center resources;  State legislators debate amendment opposing anti-white curriculum
          KWMU:  Several St. Louis-area school districts will keep online learning after pandemic ends
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) on housing stock bill
          Missouri Independent:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis) says trickery from MONA supporters threatens bill
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri legislators meet with British ambassador, consuls
          Missourinet:  Friends of the United Kingdom Caucus highlights Missouri's $2 billion economic relationship with the UK
          KC Star editorial:  Of course Josh Hawley was the only no on anti-Asian hate crime bill. That's his brand
          P-D editorial:  Attorney General Schmitt keeps tilting at legal windmills to raise his campaign profile
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri health director is gone, and he won't be missed
          P-D editorial:  State money shouldn't flow to private entity using questionable tactics
          Missourinet's Bob Priddy:  Update on heart surgery
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Westminster assistant political science professor Joshua Holzer:  Summary of news coverage regarding GOP U.S. Senate primary
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Greater St. Louis, Inc. wants lawmakers to fund Medicaid expansion
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  ProPublica's Jeremy Kohler and Haru Coryne:  Missourians who chose to get state-supported 'clean energy' loans complain about paying their debts
          Joplin Globe letter:  Pineville septuagenarian expresses anger over GOP lawmakers and Medicaid expansion funding, compares Rep. Dirk Deaton (R-Noel) to Sen. Josh Hawley

        Thursday, April 22, 2021
P-D:  Danielle Belton named editor-in-chief of HuffPost;  Hazelwood Central graduate/GALACTIC alum on her bipolar disorder, focus on LGBTQIA* and handicapped issues, approach to newsroom reporting facts despite liberal biases
          KC Star:  Event promo:  RSVP for our gun-control advocacy series, paid for by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America;  Panel, hosted by gun-control series reporter Kaitlin Washburn, will assign blame for "root causes of gun violence"
          KC Star:  Former Amnesty International intern and refugee advocate Hurubie Meko joins KC Star's gun-control journalism team
          The Missouri Times:  House expels Rick Roeber (R-Lee's Summit) following Ethics report
          Missourinet:  For the first time since the Civil War, Missouri House expels one of its own
          Columbia Missourian:  House takes historic vote to expel lawmaker over abuse allegations
          KWMU:  House votes to expel Rick Roeber
          KC Star:  Roeber expelled from Missouri House
          Brownfield Ag News:  Ag groups host rally at Missouri Capitol to protect land rights
          Brownfield Ag New:  Committee hears emotional testimony in support of SB 508
          The Missouri Times:  Legislators, landowner groups rally in support of eminent domain legislation
          Missourinet:  Bill to stop Grain Belt Express path gets Missouri Senate hearing, again
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri senators discuss bill that would halt construction of Grain Belt Express
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) on election-related bills:  paper ballots and using campaign cash to pay babysitters and day cares
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Medicaid expansion funding fails in Senate appropriations
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Medicaid expansion fails Senate committee on tie vote
          P-D:  Medicaid expansion funding withers in Missouri Senate
          Columbia Missourian:  Online sales tax moves through House Ways and Means Committee
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Legislature addressing prison-staff shortage
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) on Special Needs Adoption Tax Credit Act
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson asks for David Steelman's help in UM System Board transition
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson thanks David Steelman for service on UM System Board, asks for resignation
          P-D:  Bill to protect high school girl athletes advances in Missouri House
          Missouri Independent:  House approves bill to protect female high school athletes
          KC Star:  Bill to maintain level playing field in high school athletics passes House
          P-D:  Debate over "1619 Project" white-guilt curriculum reaches Missouri statehouse
          P-D:  Low enrollment delays Normandy charter school launch to 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Firefighter benefits bill perfected after Senate amendment stalls
          JCNT:  Tensions flaring in Senate as session winds down
          SE Missourian:  Missouri House OKs daylight savings bill;  Rep. Barry Hovis (R-Cape Girardeau) votes 'no'
          KC Star editorial:  Swampy Sam Graves raises money at his favorite locale:  a high-end Wyoming ski resort
          Columbia Missourian's David Rosman:  We can't eliminate personal property taxes without finding other funding means
          P-D letter:  Affton man opposes changes to statewide petition process
          SE Missourian letter:  Moms Demand Action sexagenarian claims traveling "memorial" gimmick had banner stolen, "t-shirts knocked over"

        Wednesday, April 21, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Missouri congressional delegation, except Cori Bush, support effort to reduce flood risk on Missouri River
          Missouri Independent:  Advocacy group says hundreds of levees endanger Missouri River;  Atchison County is trying a new way
          Heartlander News:  U.S. Senate candidate Eric Schmitt announces support for congressional term limits
          KWMU:  Black Lives Matter activists celebrate Minnesota court case verdict by blocking downtown intersection, disrupting commutes of people who work for a living, chanting "It ain't [sic] over!"
          P-D:  Photo gallery:  Black Lives Matter agitators block intersection, disrupt evening commute of working people
          KC Star:  Video:  Cori Bush criticizes jury deliberations in police prosecutions:  "Guilty, guilty, guilty ... As much as I want to be overjoyed, the thing is, that really should be the regular thing. It shouldn't be that there is this worldwide wait to find out what the verdict is."
          SNL:  State and municipal officials, along with race activists, weigh in on Minneapolis verdict
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Bill Hardwick (R-Waynesville)
          KC Star:  Missouri Republicans say they couldn't keep Roeber out of House after abuse charges emerged
          The Missouri Times:  Randall Williams resigns as health director;  Robert Knodell named acting chief
          SE Missourian:  Southeast Missouri native Robert Knodell named acting director of DHSS
          Missourinet:  Missouri's top health leader, chief operating officer resign
          Missourinet:  Rep. Mike Stephens (R-Bolivar), House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) assess Williams' performance as DHSS director
          SNL:  Missouri's public health chief Randall Williams resigns after years of controversy
          Missouri Independent:  Randall Williams out after four contentious years as Missouri health director
          KWMU:  Missouri health director Randall Williams resigns
          Columbia Missourian:  Randall Williams leaves state health department after four years
          P-D:  Randall Williams, Drew Erdmann depart
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) has ideas for using "Biden bailout money" responsibly
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers strike deal on pro-life language in Medicaid funding bill
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville) explains why she's voting against PDMP
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House approves homeschooler activity measure
          P-D:  House debates bill to keep high school boys from competing in girls' sports
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Bill could offer lifetime protection for abuse victims
          Columbia Missourian:  Sens. Lincoln Hough (R-Springfield), Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis) spar over firefighter cancer fund
          The Missouri Times:  Reps strip nondiscrimination bill from Children and Families Committee
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Sierra Club says Ameren's 2050 climate goal is 'just too slow'
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Even with Wayfair legislation, brick-and-mortar businesses still face uphill battle
          SE Missourian editorial:  Loan-referral website ranks Missouri #1 for college students
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe:  Standing up for personal property rights is standing up for Missouri agriculture
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Renewable Fuels Association President Steve Murphy:  E15 is a homegrown opportunity Missouri can depend on
          KC Star's Robert Cronkleton:  Send us your questions about "police brutality and reform" and we'll include them in our next advocacy piece
          P-D letter:  Former St. Louis Public Schools board member Peter Downs criticizes Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs) over charter schools

        Tuesday, April 20, 2021
The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis) on COVID, shutdowns, vaccines, election integrity;  Panel weighs in on GOP U.S. Senate primary, more
          The Missouri Times:  Kimberly Guilfoyle joins Greitens campaign as national chair
          Missouri Independent:  Former Trump adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle named national chair of Greitens U.S. Senate campaign
          KWMU:  Local race activist Darryl Gray warns of St. Louis riots if Minneapolis jury finds officer not guilty in criminal's drug death
          SNL:  Missouri COVID-19 vaccine navigator upgrade will make it easier for Greene County residents to schedule appointments
          P-D:  71 in St. Louis County test positive for COVID-19 after full vaccination
          KWMU:  Volunteers are a vital part of Missouri's successful COVID-19 vaccination effort
          The Missouri Times:  House Ethics Committee:  Rep. Rick Roeber (R-Lee's Summit) sexually, mentally, physically abused his children
          Missourinet:  House Ethics Committee releases Roeber report
          Missouri Independent:  Panel recommends Missouri House expel Republican accused of sexually abusing his children
          P-D:  Scathing report on Missouri lawmaker sets stage for ouster
          The Missouri Times:  Senate committee passes supplemental budget bill
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri spending bill would offer money for mortgage help, utility bills
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) analyzes various Wayfair proposals
          The Heartlander:  Why one police chief backs anti-doxxing legislation in Missouri
          P-D:  Senate cuts funding for St. Louis school program over Opportunity Trust discussion
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) on eminent domain bills
          Missouri Independent:  Grain Belt transmission line forges ahead amid landowner, lawmaker pushback
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers support plan to improve 'time-critical diagnosis' in Missouri
          KWMU:  Rising Missouri cannabis sales expected to get bigger boost from 4/20 pothead holiday
          SNL:  Fisherman breaks state and world records with spotted gar catch in southeast Missouri
          KBIA:  Race agitators spread disinformation about Mizzou's restructuring, larger budgets for special-interest centers
          Columbia Missourian:  MU special-interest centers to get more full-time staffing;  Mizzou coed calls strengthening of centers "super disheartening"
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri Ethics Committee report confirms Roeber allegations. Now he must be expelled.
          KC Star editorial:  MU, why haven't you learned? Race activists want answers and you owe them that
          SE Missourian op-ed:  Sen. Roy Blunt:  The truth behind Dems' push to pack the court
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  Increased funding needed for state and local roads
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Jamie Burger (R-Benton):  States are solving the COVID liability problem;  Missouri should follow suit
          KC Star op-ed:  Associated Industries of Missouri CEO Ray McCarty:  Energy transmission projects like Grain Belt Express key to prevent Missouri outages
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Renew Missouri Executive Director James Owen:  Energy improvement financing laws a win for customers and the environment
          KC Star's Mara Rose Williams:  "This exhausted black mother weeps for her sons and the sons of my sistas [sic]";  Race columnist "angry, pissed off" about police
          P-D letter:  O'Fallon sexagenarian attempts sarcasm over Rush Limbaugh Day proposal and statewide votes
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield octogenarian calls state legislature "the junta or Politburo"

        Monday, April 19, 2021
KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush wants $1 trillion in federal spending for "environmental justice"
          SNL:  Josh Hawley records $3 million fundraising haul
          SNL:  Photo gallery:  Black Lives Matter protest in Springfield draws nearly 25 people wearing masks outdoors
          KC Star:  Local Vietnamese woman seizes "anti-Asian hate" moment, peddles t-shirts and tote bags at her coffee shop;  Jackie Nguyen says a young non-Asian male once requested shop's "weirdest" coffee drink, tells other harrowing tales of hatred and oppression
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Sen. Bob Onder (R-Lake Saint Louis) talks with Scott Faughn about governments shutting down businesses and churches, COVID vaccine, vote fraud, more;  Panel of state Reps. Donna Baringer (D-St. Louis City) and Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green), Jamey Murphy, St. Louis City Alderman-elect Anne Schweitzer on Medicaid expansion funding, GOP U.S. Senate primary, gas tax, offer to give Post-Dispatch reporter a tour of brand new studio, more
          KC Star:  Kansas City area has hundreds of vaccine appointments available. So where are the takers?
          KC Star:  KC metro reports fewer than 50 new coronavirus cases, no new deaths Sunday
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) previews final month of Regular Session
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) on his gaming legislation
          Washington Missourian:  End of emission testing requirement may be on the horizon
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) pleased to see funding increase for Missouri's Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) program
          CDT:  Missouri School Boards' Association, Missouri Charter Public School Association, others weigh in on charter school legislation
          P-D:  $2 million in Missouri budget could flow to nonprofit funder of charter schools
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) on substitute teacher bill
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri pre-K programs have room to grow;  Advocates hope more government spending is on the horizon
          KOMU:  Protesters gather around Missouri Capitol for transgender march;  Humanoid, wearing mask outdoors, says males do not have natural biological advantage over females in sports
          Missourinet:  Rep. Adam Schwadron (R-St. Charles) wants to crack down on porch pirates
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Car-buying service ranks Missouri teen drivers among the nation's riskiest
          P-D editorial:  Missouri businesses should have a right to require proof of vaccination
          KC Star editorial:  Tuition hike would hurt working-class Missouri families
          SE Missourian editorial:  A reminder of Mississippi River flood wall importance
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Missouri GOP seeks to politicize state court, while accusing Biden of doing the same

        Sunday, April 18, 2021
KC Star:  As Greitens attempts comeback, Schmitt is crowd-pleaser at Jackson County GOP event
          KC Star:  Video:  Schmitt, Greitens clips from Jackson County Reagan-Lincoln Day event
          Missouri Independent:  At Macon County Lincoln Day, Greitens says supporters have 'bar-fight intensity'
          SNL:  This Week in Missouri's 2022 U.S. Senate race:  Jason Smith, Billy Long to hold fundraisers at Trump's Mar-a-Lago
          JCNT:  March for Life participants are getting younger
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature:  budget, oversight hearings and MLB antitrust exemption pushback
          Columbia Missourian's Allison Marie Sawyer:  Missouri lawmakers vote to lower unemployment compensation;  Comments from St. Louis City Democrat "Peter Meridth [sic]"
          JCNT:  Missouri children's health was improving going into the pandemic
          Missourinet:  Rep. Jerome Barnes (D-Raytown) says sports officials are being harassed and threatened by parents and fans
          KC Star editorial:  AG Eric Schmitt's lawsuits are everywhere, while Missouri's business goes unattended
          P-D editorial:  Missouri lawmakers should work with urban leaders on gun control and making it easier to punish police officers
          Joplin Globe editorial:  State agencies must be open, follow Sunshine Law
          KC Star's Michael Ryan:  Packing Supreme Court wouldn't be the 'reform' that U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver sees it as
          KC Star op-ed:  U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver:  Missouri can't afford politicians disobeying the voters on Medicaid
          P-D op-ed:  John and Janet Ashcroft:  In J&J appeal of talc-cancer verdict, remember corporate cover-ups and deception
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  I was hospitalized with the China virus, and can't figure out my medical bills
          SNL letters:  Veteran GOP activist Mark Comfort wants Blunt and Hawley to oppose Dick Durbin bill on price controls and "crony capitalism";  Willard septuagenarian says Senate bills "gag" citizens from reporting animal abuse
          P-D letter:  Sappington man says Ann Wagner has "no principles whatsoever"
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian calls GOP state legislators "arrogant," "infantile"

        Saturday, April 17, 2021
The Missouri Times' Scott Faughn:  The Chronicles of the Phony Woke:  On Post-Dispatch reporter Jack Suntrup's aborted hit piece
          Twitter:  Video:  Watch Scott Faughn confront Post-Dispatch reporter Jack Suntrup via phone;  Suntrup takes a powder
          KC Star:  Josh Hawley raises more than $3 million in first quarter
          The Missouri Times:  Amid U.S. Senate bid rumors, Jason Smith to hold reception at Mar-a-Lago
          P-D:  Jason Smith to hold fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago
          Missouri Independent:  Dem U.S. Senate candidates Scott Sifton, Lucas Kunce deliver first fundraising reports
          The Missouri Times:  Remington/MO Scout poll puts Schmitt and Greitens neck-and-neck
          The Missouri Times:  NFIB backs Schmitt's suit against Biden's spending plan
          Joplin Globe:  Area cities already planning to how to spend cash from Biden's "American Rescue Plan Act"
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Michael Burton (D-Lakeshire)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Bishop Davidson (R-Republic)
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove (D-Kansas City) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about voter ID, Medicaid expansion, more
          SNL:  Missouri House:  Roeber can't 'escape' investigation by resigning
          AP:  Missouri begins $5 million ad campaign to encourage COVID vaccines
          Columbia Missourian:  Columbia vaccination event caters to those who live in Missouri but choose to not speak English
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) on opposition to vaccine requirements
          KWMU:  Lawmakers considering COVID-19 liability legislation
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State of Missouri reports two cases of Legionnaire's disease after guests stay at Macon Hotel
          St. Joseph News-Press:  For cities, Wayfair legislation may come with a price
          Missourinet:  Missouri House gives green light to bill letting drivers turn left on red
          P-D:  'Significant' lagoon breaches are just one problem northern Missouri hog farmer faces
          The Missouri Times:  PSC approves Ameren coronavirus assistance fund
          JCNT editorial:  Missouri House makes right call on HIV drugs
          SNL op-ed:  Ozarks Technical Community College Chancellor Hal Higdon:  On "cancel student debt!" silliness and Missouri's generous A+ Scholarship Program
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  SLU associate sociology professor Elizabeth Chiarello:  Forget PDMP, Missouri lawmakers must fund Medicaid expansion
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Sen. Bill White (R-Joplin):  Grain Belt Express a great investment for Missouri
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Missouri Coalition for the Environment Board Member Joe Pitts:  Bill from Sen. Eric Burlison (R-Battlefield) would weaken environmental protection
          P-D letter:  Creve Coeur octogenarian opposes Roy Blunt and NRA
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian wants Missouri to have primaries
          P-D letter:  Innsbrook sexagenarian calls state lawmakers' work "offensive," wants shortened legislative session

        Friday, April 16, 2021
Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Farm Bureau calls Biden's infrastructure spending spree a 'wolf in sheep's clothing';  Comments from U.S. Rep. Jason Smith, Farm Bureau's Spencer Tuma
          SNL:  College of the Ozarks sues Biden for order placing men in women's dormitories
          Columbia Missourian:  Another 1,800 vaccines available in Columbia
          KWMU:  St. Louis County health director on coronavirus:  "We are still in the middle of this pandemic";  Metro task force leader Alex Garza wants people to keep wearing masks, remain isolated from crowds
          SNL:  Which Missouri cities and counties are still forcing people to wear masks?
          KC Star:  Campaign finance updates:  Eric Schmitt, Eric Greitens, Lucas Kunce (D)
          The Missouri Times:  Imperial attorney Kyle Haubrich (R) running for Rep. Dan Shaul's open House seat
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Cyndi Buchheit-Courtway (R-Festus)
          Columbia Missourian:  Committee hears arguments on future shape of Columbia's congressional district;  Lawmakers hear testimony from "nonpartisan" League of Women Voters, actual experts
          The Missouri Times:  House rejects Roeber resignation so Ethics probe can continue:  'Our work is not yet done'
          Columbia Missourian:  House refuses to accept resignation of member accused of abuse
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House rejects Roeber's resignation
          Joplin Globe:  Governor visits Joplin's medical school
          Missourinet:  Rep. Jered Taylor (R-Nixa) says Dept. of Labor and Industrial Relations is suspending collection of unemployment overpayments
          Missouri Independent:  Senators grill Missouri labor director over unemployment debt actions
          St. Joseph News-Press:  NCAA may reneg on commitment to host 2023-24 Division II women's "elite eight" basketball tournament in St. Joseph;  Athletic association opposes legislators' effort to keep boys out of girls' sports
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes sewer, rate adjustment policy change
          KWMU:  Missouri House wants to end clock changes with permanent daylight savings time
          SE Missourian:  Reaction to permanent daylight savings time mixed for two local lawmakers
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate briefs:  Police mental health, protecting pets, to-go alcohol, softball game
          P-D:  Missouri Senate endorses plan to allow to-go liquor sales to continue
          The Missouri Times:  Kansas City International Airport grapples with increased utility bills after cold snap
          P-D:  Beyond Housing wants state tax incentives
          KC Star editorial:  To avoid Greitens redux, Missouri House plans to fire Rick Roeber before he can quit
          JCNT editorial:  Legislators should strengthen law against celebratory gunfire
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry:  Josh Hawley, who voted to overturn election, claims court bill seeks to overturn elections
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Jake Silverman:  Flood insurance needs rescuing from repetitive claims
          KWMU op-ed:  Harvest Public Media's Christina Stella:  Farmers sue for flood damages over attempts to protect an endangered Missouri River fish
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Adam Schnelting (R-St. Charles):  On "woke capitalism" and vaccine passports
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Phill Brooks:  "Kicking the can down the road" on Medicaid expansion
          SNL op-ed:  MSU mathematics professor Larry Campbell:  State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick wrong to support charter school legislation
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Stan Cowan:  Missouri Gaming Commission should mandate casinos go smoke-free
          P-D letter:  Affton septuagenarian expresses anger over GOP efforts on voter ID, offers sarcastic suggestion about banning Democrats
          P-D letter:  Fenton octogenarian responds to letter responding to story on voter ID legislation

        Thursday, April 15, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Hundreds of pro-life supporters assemble at Capitol for Midwest March for Life
          JCNT:  Lawmakers hear voice of 2,000-strong pro-life crowd
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley reacts to corporations' virtue-signaling on voting laws, says he will lead effort to "bust up these corporations, bust up these monopolies"
          KC Star:  Hawley votes against Asian Democrat's "COVID-19 hate crimes" bill
          SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith opposes Biden's executive action on guns
          SE Missourian:  SEMO alumna Beverly "Lady B" Logan announces independent bid for U.S. Senate;  St. Louis woman says she's creating a new "Purple Party"
          Missourinet:  Missouri House committee on redistricting to hear testimony on Vicky Hartzler's Fourth Congressional District today
          P-D:  J&J setback could boost vaccine skepticism
          SE Missourian:  Multiple bills introduced to honor Rush Limbaugh
          KRES/KWIX:  Missourians could vote on creating Department of Defense
          Columbia Missourian:  NAACP President Nimrod Chapel criticizes Sen. Brian Williams (D-St. Louis City) over chokehold-ban legislation, says senator "got sidelined ... That's real. That's what happened."
          P-D:  Missouri Republicans move forward with bills to add voting safeguards
          Columbia Missourian:  GOP lawmakers continue efforts to fight vote fraud
          P-D:  Missouri lawmakers near deal to collect taxes on online sales
          The Missouri Times:  065 agreement legislation approved by Senate
          JCNT:  Senate hears faith-based youth home legislation
          The Missouri Times:  Senators hear testimony on reform school regulations;  Paris Hilton submits letter to lawmakers, including Senator "Rheder [sic]"
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers push for accountability at DSS
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri open enrollment bill sparks debate
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) hoping to move reading bill through Legislature
          SE Missourian:  Missouri's accelerated substitute teacher training program to be permanent option
          Missourinet:  Missouri schools join forces to help military children
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Urban Issues Committee considers bill to allow school bus stop cameras
          Joplin Globe:  Bill proposes statewide ban of DWI checkpoints
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers consider reaffirming legal smoking age
          P-D:  Missouri House endorses plan to ditch time change
          Columbia Missourian:  House considers establishing permanent daylight savings time
          P-D:  Company pulls plan to build CAFO in northern Missouri
          SNL:  London-based data group YouGov asks Americans to rank states;  Limey poll puts Missouri at #43
          P-D editorial:  Missouri lawmakers propose to lock in, and lock out, voters before primaries
          JCNT editorial:  Keeping our children safe from abuse should still be a priority
          Missourinet's Bob Priddy:  Using a Magic 8 ball to make U.S. Senate GOP primary predictions (1,179 words)
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Environment Missouri's Bridget Sanderson:  Missouri homes and businesses should be fossil-fuel free
          P-D letter:  Fenton septuagenarian calls GOP ballot safeguards "fascism"
          P-D letter:  O'Fallon sexagenarian mocks lawmakers' efforts on time change
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City sexagenarian expresses surprise that vaccine event, organized by St. Louis City government employees, was a fiasco

        Wednesday, April 14, 2021
KC Star:  Hawley backs effort to revoke Major League Baseball's anti-trust exemption
          The Missouri Times:  EPA recognizes Energy Star partners in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri halts J&J vaccine following reports of blood clots
          P-D:  Missouri officials pause distribution of Johnson & Johnson vaccine
          KC Star:  Missouri deals with fallout from Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause
          SE Missourian:  Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause affects Scott County clinic
          Joplin Globe:  Area health providers pull Johnson & Johnson vaccines
          SNL:  Local health officials say benefits outweigh risk of COVID-19 vaccines despite J&J pause
          The Missouri Times:  Rick Roeber resigns from the Missouri House
          SNL:  Missouri lawmaker accused of abuse resigns, saying he plans to leave the state
          Missouri Independent:  Republican accused of abuse by his children resigning from Missouri House
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri legislators investigating Rick Roeber ask prosecutor to ensure 'safety' of child
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Adam Schwadron (R-St. Charles)
          KWMU:  No-excuse absentee voting period could be coming to Missouri
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri bills would create 'Rush Limbaugh Day,' name portion of interstate after him
          The Missouri Times:  Water, sewer rate adjustment policy change perfected after marathon Senate debate
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) believes PDMP will be a tough sell for the House this time
          The Missouri Times:  House tackles mental health parity bill
          SNL:  Lawmakers approve tax credits for Missourians who adopt, foster children
          KWMU:  Missouri labor department pauses unemployment payment collection after lawmakers raise concerns
          P-D:  Lawmakers grill Labor Department head, saying she reneged on agreement on unemployment overpayments
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers claim breach of trust in handling of overpayment of unemployment benefits
          The Missouri Times:  House perfects nuclear energy construction bill
          SNL:  Bill would allow concealed carry permit holders to exercise rights in church;  Rep. Ben Baker (R-Neosho) says bill could help prevent tragedies like Eiken Elam Saimon's attack on Neosho Christian church in 2007
          KWMU:  Bi-State CEO Taulby Roach opposes bill to allow Missourians to conceal firearms when enduring MetroLink
          KWMU:  Missouri public colleges get more freedom to hike tuition under House bill
          Columbia Missourian:  Lifting of tuition cap causes bipartisan concern in the House
          P-D:  Charter schools could see more money under GOP-backed measure advancing in House
          Columbia Missourian:  Move to allow students to choose their public schools worries some small districts
          P-D:  State education leaders vow to take action on Normandy schools leadership
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) shares status of performance audit and dredging bills
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill to address "food deserts" discussed in House committee
          SE Missourian:  Missouri bicentennial:  Cape Girardeau's central role in the state flag
          SE Missourian editorial:  Blunt visit reinforces need for kids to be in school
          KC Star editorial:  Profiles in cowardice:  KC's biggest employers silent on efforts to restrict voting
          KC Star editorial:  Disgraced Rep. Rick Roeber calls it quits. Never forget what happened to his kids.
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Franklin County should be exempt from St. Louis area's vehicle emissions testing program
          P-D editorial:  Ameren has a big ask - a substantial rate hike in exchange for clean energy
          P-D op-ed:  Lynn Schmidt:  I totally used to be a Republican, but not anymore
          July 2018:  Lynn Schmidt:  I'm a Republican, but I support Claire McCaskill over Josh Hawley
          July 2020:  Lynn Schmidt op-ed:  I'm a Republican, but I oppose Gov. Parson and the White House
          September 2020:  Lynn Schmidt op-ed:  I'm a Republican, but I oppose Jay Ashcroft's plan on mail-in ballots
          October 2020:  Lynn Schmidt:  I'm a Republican, but I support Jill Schupp over Ann Wagner
          December 2020:  Lynn Schmidt op-ed:  I'm a Republican, but I oppose Donald Trump, Josh Hawley and GOP senators
          P-D letter:  Concord Village sexagenarian expresses his feelings of apathy and grief over Legislature's actions, says there is no point in voting
          P-D letter:  O'Fallon sexagenarian disputes notion that photo ID is needed for basic societal functions, says he does not get carded when buying liquor

        Tuesday, April 13, 2021
The Missouri Times:  8th Congressional District tipsheet:  Todd Richardson, Justin Brown, Holly Rehder, Jason Bean, and wild cards
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Dan Shaul (R-Imperial) on congressional redistricting priorities, voter ID, absentee balloting, initiative petition standards, more
          The Missouri Times:  Lucas Kunce, looking to fill Democrats' ballot slot for 2022 U.S. Senate race, raises $280k in first quarter
          The Missouri Times:  Officials weigh in on Biden's "American Jobs Plan" spending spree;  Schatz:  "President Biden clearly needs to learn the definition of infrastructure"
          Missouri Independent:  Scramble starts for Missouri's share of federal COVID-19 manna
          P-D:  With billions at stake, Missouri officials line up for federal infrastructure cash
          SE Missourian:  Cape city awaiting Biden funds
          Reuters:  Proposal from Cori Bush would spend $20 million to collect pollution data in minority areas
          KC Star:  Black Lives Matter activists draw fewer than 50 to block traffic, disrupt working people's commutes
          SE Missourian:  River rising to 'minor' flood stage this week
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Ron Copeland (R-Salem)
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers move to bar businesses from requiring vaccine passports
          P-D:  Urbanites still failing to show up at mass vaccination sites
          The Missouri Times:  Senate drama thwarts Monday session
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Foster care, adoption assistance bills head to governor's desk
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers send tax benefits for foster, adoptive parents to Gov. Parson's desk
          Missourinet:  Rehder's bipartisan needle exchange legislation heads to Missouri House committee
          P-D:  Changes in HIV laws moving in Missouri;  Lawmakers take yet another step to protect to protect gay and bisexual men and racial and ethnic minorities
          KC Star:  Protecting high school girl athletes from male competition could cost Missouri college championship sites;  NCAA wokeness policy threaten's state's chance to host 2023 Division I basketball regionals, Division II cross country championships, etc.
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House advances gun legislation expanding concealed carry access
          SE Missourian:  Local chapter of Moms Demand Action promotes traveling "memorial" gimmick
          P-D:  Biodiesel plan pits Missouri farm groups against truckers, retailers;  Thoughts from Missouri Trucking Association's Tom Crawford, Missouri Farm Bureau's BJ Tanksley, others
          KCUR:  Genealogy group wins case against state over fees for Sunshined documents
          P-D editorial:  Move to rewrite Medicaid restrictions threatens the most vulnerable Missourians
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Listen to the Missouri Department of Conservation - stop planting and replace Bradford pear trees
          SNL op-ed:  Missouri League of Women Voters President Evelyn Maddox:  Missourians didn't understand what they were doing when they voted to pass Cleaner Missouri, so we'll be watching the congressional redistricting process very closely
          KC Star op-ed:  Missouri Cattlemen's Association's Bruce Mershon:  Jefferson City can't let Grain Belt Express trample Missourians' private property rights
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Bankers Association CEO Max Cook:  Missouri Senate must act to protect homeowners
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Kansas City Beacon's Brittany Callan:  COVID-19 distribution for KC black population an afterthought
          P-D letter:  Sunset Hills septuagenarian wants St. Louis to secede from Missouri, form its own liberal mask-wearing state

        Monday, April 12, 2021
SE Missourian:  Jason Smith gets COVID shot, opposes vaccine passports
        SNL:  Things to know about the COVID vaccine in Missouri
        KC Star:  Kansas City metro area reports only 31 coronavirus infections, no new deaths Sunday
        KWMU:  Area doctor:  Despite widespread vaccinations to vulnerable populations, keep wearing your masks and avoid crowds for "the next few months"
        This Week in Missouri Politics:  St. Louis City Mayor-elect Tishaura Jones;  Panel of Reps. Rasheen Aldridge (D-St. Louis City) and Ron Hicks (R-Dardenne Prairie), Jefferson County GOP leader Derrick Good, NARAL's Mallory Schwarz talk with Scott Faughn about U.S. Senate race, Medicaid expansion funding, more
        The Missouri Times:  Missouri Pharmacy Association CEO Ron Fitzwater running for Jefferson City mayor
        Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in Missouri Legislature:  federal stimulus funding, state budget and workers compensation issues
        P-D:  Despite birth control tiff, Missouri Senate leaders say budget will advance
        Missouri Independent:  Missouri legislators question whether labor department reneged on unemployment deal
        KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) explains education task force bill
        Missourinet:  School nurse group hopes Missouri districts will put federal aid toward hiring nurses
        KRES/KXIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) talks statewide regulatory framework for personal delivery devices making last-mile deliveries
        KC Star:  Grain Belt Express could provide stronger electric grid - if Missouri lawmakers don't kill it
        KRES/KWIX:  House passes measure dealing with law enforcement officer training funds;  Thoughts from Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown)
        Missourinet:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown) says shortage of gas stations near Missouri-Iowa border is a safety issue
        St. Joseph News-Press:  Missouri Department of Conservation offers advice as morel mushroom hunting season heats up
        Missouri Independent:  Backers of LGBTQIA* legislation may fail once again
        P-D's Tony Messenger:  Ameren seeks rate hike as it asks Legislature to give it a sweet tax deal

        Sunday, April 11, 2021
Politico:  Ann Wagner launches "Wagner Victory Committee" PAC
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Missouri lawmakers looking to prohibit mandate on vaccine passports
          JCNT:  Missouri Pharmacy Association CEO Ron Fitzwater to run for Jefferson City mayor
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) hopes to secure funding to expand foster care offices
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) confident and "hopeful" about open enrollment bill, ESA legislation
          KC Star:  Missouri boarding schools lack government oversight, but get nearly $1 million in COVID relief
          JCNT:  State officials remind Missourians to watch for child abuse and neglect
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Missouri Republicans wrong to oppose vaccine passports, and would rather have the poor suffer than give Democrats a win on Medicaid
          P-D letter:  Arnold septuagenarian says Dems' hypothetical "people without ID" do not exist
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin sexagenarian criticizes House Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage), acknowledges he'll continue to win re-election
          JCNT letter:  Jefferson City sexagenarian says high school boys do not have biological strength and speed advantage over high school girls
          P-D letter:  National Council of Jewish Women opposes pro-life legislation
          P-D letter:  Cedar Hill octogenarian wants state to cut pear trees on its own property before residents cut down theirs

        Saturday, April 10, 2021
Columbia Missourian:  Scott Sifton talks Senate candidacy, upcoming 'tough race' for Blunt's seat
          Brownfield Ag News:  Flood recovery along Missouri River moves to stage three
          SNL:  Springfield 'mega event' breaks single-day state record for COVID-19 vaccines
          Missouri Independent:  COVID-19 vaccine now available to all Missourians who are 16 and older
          Missourinet:  Since late January, no coronavirus cases among Missouri veterans home residents
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Neil Smith (D-St. Louis County)
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson requests relief fund for local utilities reeling from cold snap
          KC Star:  Jackson County reassessment woes of 2019 drive proposed Missouri property tax change
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Todd Graves confirmed to university governing board
          KOMU:  State education leaders adjust MAP testing during pandemic
          CDT:  Bill to keep high school boys from competing in girls' athletic competitions heads to House floor;  Separate bill would protect children from gender reassignment surgery and chemical castration
          SNL:  Murder charges for Springfield man who arranged meetup on dating website, showed up to find transgender;  House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) weighs in
          KY3:  'Trap' or die:  Authorities say area transgender used dating app "Plenty of Fish" in fatal sex-for-drugs scheme
          P-D editorial brief:  Cori Bush "ups the ante for admission into the local club of far-left leaders" with ridiculous "cancel rent" Tweet
          SNL op-ed:  Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick:  Education improvements should have bipartisan support
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  "Reproaction" activists:  Pro-lifers are wrong - abortion is here to stay in Missouri
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Extreme weather events prove electric cars aren't a perfect solution
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County septuagenarian agitated over House GOP lawmakers' position on Medicaid expansion funding

        Friday, April 9, 2021
KC Star:  Mayor Quinton Lucas (D), contemplating U.S. Senate run, criticizes KC police chief for planning to attend Jackson County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner as honored guest
          KC Star:  After criticism from potential Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, KC police chief says he will skip GOP event
          KC Star:  After black nationalist's attack on Capitol last week, Blunt among bipartisan lawmakers who say permanent fencing not helpful
          Washington Missourian:  Bullets double in price, gone from store shelves;  Store owners say Biden Administration, Black Lives Matter danger fuels sales
          KC Star:  Missouri bill to nullify federal gun laws advances as Biden orders regulations
          Joplin Globe:  Blunt promotes pro-vaccination message while touring Mercy clinic
          CDT:  Blunt discusses COVID-19 vaccine with Mizzou, Truman VA officials
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Blunt visits UMKC-Mosaic site;  Campus expansion is part of Medical Student Education Program that Blunt helped start in 2019
          SE Missourian:  State enters phase 3 of coronavirus vaccine plan
          KWMU:  St. Louis FEMA site offers second doses of Pfizer COVID vaccine to walk-ins
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Annette Turnbaugh (D-Grandview)
          P-D:  Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright wants Gov. Parson to declare Opening Day a state holiday
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Republicans renew effort to change how judges are selected
          Missourinet:  Missouri House's bipartisan budget increase for foster children praised by Kids Win Missouri
          Missourinet:  Missouri panel works to find out why boarding school abuse allegations have fallen through the cracks
          Missourinet:  Sen. Greg Razer (D-Kansas City) says Gov. Parson struck compromise with Dem senators on Todd Graves appointment
          Columbia Missourian:  House passes bill to allow higher education tuition increases
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Emission exemptions bill heads to House despite bipartisan concerns
          P-D:  Missouri Senate votes to end emission testing in St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson Counties
          The Missouri Times:  PSC sets hearing dates for Ameren rate case
          P-D:  Ameren seeks rate increase
          SNL:  Missouri Department of Conservation offers buyback program to combat 'growing infestations' of invasive pear trees
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri lawmakers peddling false choice between public defenders, Medicaid expansion
          Joplin Globe editorial:  State lawmakers should protect Eleven Point State Park
          SE Missourian op-ed:  David Limbaugh:  Goodbye to my brother - for now
          P-D letter:  Eureka septuagenarian theorizes that Missouri has plenty of money for Medicaid expansion, and should raise tobacco tax too
          P-D letter:  Hermann sexagenarian seeks to educate GOP state lawmakers on democracy and socialism, quotes 18th-century French philosopher

        Thursday, April 8, 2021
SE Missourian:  Blunt meets with school, local officials to discuss school reopenings
          Columbia Missourian:  Blunt says COVID-19 vaccines are 'social responsibility' at roundtable
          KRES/KWIX:  U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer discusses ways to stop infestation of Mexican illegals, says Biden Administration ignores the rule of law
          The Missouri Times:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler on a potential Senate race and how she's forged her political path
          The Missouri Times:  4th Congressional District tipsheet:  Caleb Rowden, Caleb Jones, Rick Brattin, Denny Hoskins, Bill Hardwick, Garrett Hawkins, Kurtis Gregory, Dan Houx, Taylor Burkes
          Missourinet:  Missouri House redistricting committee to hear testimony this morning from residents in 6th Congressional District
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson to meet with govs of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska to discuss Missouri River and Corps-related issues
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Dean Van Schoiack (R-Savannah)
          Politico:  KWMU statehouse reporter Jaclyn Driscoll joins Democrat Illinois House Speaker Emanuel "Chris" Welch's staff
          The Missouri Times:  Report says most Missouri small businesses expect to remain open despite coronavirus impact, new report says
          Missourinet:  Missouri's third mega vaccination event comes at a pivotal time
          P-D:  Few show for vaccinations at dome, as FEMA opens event to all Missourians
          Washington Missourian:  27 percent of Franklin County residents have put in effort, begun COVID-19 vaccinations
          KWMU:  St. Louis Veterans Affairs expects to give 80% of patients COVID vaccine by summer
          Washington Missourian:  Vaccinations spell relief for teachers, staff
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri Senate votes to ban vaccine passports for travel
          KRES/KWIX:  Renter financial asssitance program now open for Missourians;  Details from Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton)
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown) on prioritizing services for vulnerable Missourians over dumping more money into Medicaid
          KC Star:  Missouri Republicans wary of being on the hook for perpetual Medicaid expense growth
          SNL:  Missouri Senate passes latest plan for opioid monitoring system
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) says PDMP will have a hard time passing House
          KC Star:  Incensed lawmakers say Missouri agency knew kids were being abused and did nothing
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers question lack of oversight, retaliation fears within state agency
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers press Missouri DSS for change after abuse allegations at religious schools
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate bill would provide more access to substance abuse treatment for prisoners
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Kudos to GOP state lawmakers for supporting foster children
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Fund Amtrak, please
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  United for Missouri's Carl Bearden:  Ashcroft v. Ashcroft:  Father knows best - protect the initiative process system
          Columbia Missourian's David Rosman:  Proposal to change initiative petitions in Missouri is a threat to democracy
          Bob Priddy:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) responds to Priddy criticism of Legislature improving election laws

        Wednesday, April 7, 2021
The Missouri Times:  U.S. Senate tipsheet:  Assessing the horse race between Eric Schmitt, Eric Greitens, Jason Smith, Billy Long, Ann Wagner, Dave Schatz, John Brunner, Scott Sifton, Dem diversity candidates
          SNL:  College of the Ozarks hosts Newt Gingrich, panel on 'lives under socialism'
          The Missouri Times:  Biden taps Robin Carnahan to head GSA
          SNL:  Biden taps Robin Carnahan to lead procurement agency
          KC Star:  Biden taps former Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan to lead federal agency
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Former St. Louis City Elections Director Scott Leiendecker's electronic poll book streamlines voting process
          The Missouri Times:  David Tyson Smith wins House race, will join superminority
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri reports first South African coronavirus variant case
          SNL:  State now offering free COVID-19 testing weekly in Springfield
          P-D:  St. Louis providers speed up vaccine process, but state projects far fewer doses available next week
          Missouri Independent:  State anticipated, and received, fewer vaccine doses from federal government this week
          KC Star:  CDC sends Missouri $55 million to increase vaccine access to "underserved communities"
          KWMU:  Even with large COVID vaccination sites, some health officials find nits to pick;  Boston, Mass. doctor says mass vaccination sites discriminate against people who don't have cars or are handicapped
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes statewide PDMP legislation
          KWMU:  Missouri Senate approves statewide prescription drug monitoring program
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri one step closer to PDMP
          P-D:  Long-sought opioid tracking plan advances to Missouri House
          The Missouri Times:  Senate approves Todd Graves' appointment to UM Board despite bipartisan pushback
          Missouri Independent:  Todd Graves approved for University of Missouri curators despite bipartisan filibuster
          P-D:  Greitens shadow looms large, but Senate backs ally for Mizzou [sic] post
          Missourinet:  House Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage) outlines alternative to Medicaid expansion;  Kirk Mathews is acting Medicaid director
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly):  Instead of dumping cash into Medicaid, lawmakers "allocated some very important items for those people who really need it"
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) details House budget funding K-12, higher education, foster kids
          KC Star:  Missouri lawmakers consider spending Medicaid expansion dollars on public defenders
          The Missouri Times:  Legislature considers domestic violence gun "loophole"
          KWMU:  Early childhood hubs part of efforts to improve preschool access in Missouri
          KC Star:  Gun control advocacy series:  Sedalia teen killed herself in 2017 - and used a gun from her father's collection
          KC Star's Dave Helling:  If Missouri GOP lawmakers are proud to subvert the will of the people, let's toss these laws too
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Dean Van Schoiack (R-Savannah):  SB 51 is Missouri's answer to COVID liability protection for all
          Washington Missourian letter:  New Haven septuagenarian criticizes Republicans over Medicaid expansion funding
          P-D letter:  University City septuagenarian lectures GOP state lawmakers about state lotto, talks about teaching high school students in the 1960s
          P-D letter:  Manchester septuagenarian says 8th graders are smarter than Rep. Justin Hill (R-Lake Saint Louis), wants Gov. Parson to push for more Medicaid spending

        Tuesday, April 6, 2021
SNL:  Josh Hawley to keynote Christian County Lincoln Day later this month;  Billy Long, Jay Ashcroft, Eric Burlison also slated to speak
          P-D:  Mass vaccination site to open at The Dome, but urbanites' vaccination enrollment is lacking
          P-D:  Photo gallery:  Gov. Parson, FEMA official, Mayor Lyda Krewson at mass vaccination site
          KWMU:  Officials hope FEMA site will help prod urbanites to put forth effort and get COVID vaccine
          SNL:  Anyone 18+ can register for one-dose COVID-19 vaccine event in Springfield this week
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Demand for COVID-19 vaccine slows down
          KC Star:  KC metro area, including Kansas, adds fewer than 150 new COVID cases, only one new death Monday
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) on Senate amendment protecting Missourians from vaccine passports
          Missouri Independent's Tessa Weinberg:  In vaccine rollout, most businesses seeking to jump ahead in line were denied;  School districts, grocery stores like "Aldi's [sic]" remained in original tier
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson joins military/veteran suicide prevention challenge
          The Missouri Times:  March general revenue increased over last year, latest report says
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature:  PDMP, budget, foster care and human cloning
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) on why he's voting against PDMP
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) on Medicaid funding and why Republicans have strong legal standing
          KC Star:  New details in Circle of Hope case;  girl says she was handcuffed, chained for 2 weeks
          Missouri Independent:  Attorney Mark Pedroli files appeal in lawsuit over Eric Greitens' use of Confide
          Joplin Globe:  Missouri Department of Conservation officials warn against planting Bradford pear trees
          SE Missourian editorial:  Be alert to online fraud caused by photos of vaccination cards;  people seeking external validation via their vaccination status should post stickers, other virtue-signaling symbols to social media instead
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri lawmakers working against wishes of KC police, mayor on where officers live
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Stephanie Bell:  Charter school opportunities could have kept my family in my hometown
          P-D letter:  Bella Vista septuagenarian uphappy with GOP lawmakers over minimum wage, threatens to vote against them
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves septuagenarian gets emotional over GOP lawmakers' stance on Medicaid expansion, says he will no longer vote on ballot propositions:  "I quit"

        Monday, April 5, 2021
SNL:  DNC rents Springfield billboard to celebrate Biden's spending spree, bash Blunt and Hawley
          SNL:  This Week in Missouri's 2022 U.S. Senate race:  Polling, plus tidbits on Jason Smith, Vicky Hartzler and Dave Schatz
          Missourinet:  TSA films educational video at KCI on how to pack firearms for travel
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Sen. Dave Schatz (R-Sullivan) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about Medicaid expansion funding, gas tax, elections/ballot integrity topics
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) explains why Legislature prioritized vital social services for vulnerable Missourians over Medicaid expansion funding
          P-D:  Senate to take up budget, debate Medicaid expansion
          KRES/KWIX:  Bill from Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) addresses substitute teacher shortage
          Missourinet:  Bill from Rep. Suzie Pollock (R-Lebanon) would lower school immunization requirements
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) "not crazy about" PDMP legislation
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) talks about cracking down on phone-spoofing scammers
          Missourinet:  Former Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (R-Odessa) is focused on protecting ratepayers at Public Service Commission
          KC Star:  KC metro area reports fewer than 30 new COVID cases, no deaths Sunday
          KC Star editorial:  Vaccine passports are a matter of Missouri getting back to normal, not politics
          P-D's David Nicklaus:  Biden's relief bill was a short-term fix. St. Louis should prepare now for his infrastructure plan
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Family Health Council's Mandy Hagseth:  Holding Medicaid hostage over birth control defies law and reason
          KWMU/Corporation for Public Broadcasting "Sharing America" racism reporter Andrea Henderson:  State lawmakers oppose allowing former inmates to vote, as part of GOP plot to keep whites in power
          P-D letter:  Missouri Budget Project's Rush Ehresman expresses anger toward GOP lawmakers over 2010 puppy mill vote, recent transgressions
          P-D letter:  Shrewsbury octogenarian calls GOP state lawmakers "entitled and selfish babies"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County sexagenarian says GOP efforts on ballot integrity make her feel "angry - and you should be, too"

        Sunday, April 4, 2021   Happy Easter!
ABC News:  Sen. Roy Blunt to appear on "This Week" this morning
          Missouri Independent:  Owners of rental properties to take yet another hit as federal moratorium on rent expands;  Missouri's handouts to renters expands
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Sara Walsh (R-Ashland) on the costs of Medicaid expansion and the toll on K-12 and public safety funding
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) hoping for core funding increase for community colleges
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri senators try to find common ground on education issues as end of session looms
          KC Star:  Missouri Highway Patrol seizes Agape Boarding School records in abuse investigation
          KC Star:  Kansas City metro records fewer than 80 new COVID cases, two deaths Saturday
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Good news on COVID, Bella Vista Bypass
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri lawmakers want to suppress the vote. They fear free, fair elections
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Phill Brooks:  How Missouri controls filibusters
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman and Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri Republicans fight the will of the people as they push limits on democracy
          SNL op-ed:  OATS Transit Executive Director:  OATS opposes allowing concealed-carry permit holders to protect themselves when enduring public transportation
          P-D letter:  Des Peres sexagenarian says Gov. Parson developed vaccine distribution plan to force Democrats to drive to Republican strongholds
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County man says Gov. Parson had no vaccine distribution plan
          P-D letter:  Maplewood sexagenarian, who says he taught in St. Louis Public Schools and is an Audubon Society member, "disgusted" by charter schools, guns and GOP lawmakers
          P-D letter:  Kirkwood septuagenarian says GOP state lawmakers oppose Medicaid expansion funding because they want people to be sick
          P-D letter:  Ellisville man claims to be a Republican, criticizes bevy of GOP elected officials and the NRA

        Saturday, April 3, 2021
KRES/KWIX:  U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer says vaccine passport "just another way of (Biden Administration) taking over your life, dictating to you what you can and cannot do"
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri lawmakers move to ban vaccine passports - but what are they?
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Chris Sander (R-Lone Jack)
          P-D:  Bill Haas, frequent St. Louis political candidate, dies at 76
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Bill from Sen. Dan Hegeman (R-Cosby) would allow no-excuse absentee voting
          Missourinet:  Sen. Dave Schatz (R-Sullivan) on Medicaid expansion funding prospects
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Rep. Peter Merideth (D-St. Louis City) on Medicaid expansion funding
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  House Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about Medicaid expansion funding, minimum wage
          KWMU:  DHSS continually updating and improving vaccine website data
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Missouri releases ID verification app for alcohol sales
          The Missouri Times:  House considering bill to fight catalytic converter theft
          The Missouri Times:  Lawmakers call for local utility relief fund in wake of cold snap
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  It's time for state lawmakers to deliver on Medicaid expansion funding
          Joplin Globe editorial:  We're almost there on the Bella Vista Bypass
          KC Star letter:  Missouri should pass GOP bill offering abused women lifetime orders of protection
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Executive Director Mallory Schwarz:  The Post-Dispatch editorial board is "notoriously racist and sexist"
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Former state tobacco prevention head Stan Cowan:  Response to Tobacco 21 bills in Legislature
          Joplin Globe letter:  Neosho septuagenarian responds to letter responding to GOP lawmakers' moves to prevent vote fraud

        Friday, April 2, 2021   Good Friday
KC Star:  Cleaver, Graves weigh in on Biden infrastructure and housing spending
          SNL:  Former Rep. Courtney Curtis (D-Ferguson) gets 21 months for spending campaign cash on himself
          Columbia Missourian:  Profile:  Incoming superminority freshman Rep. David Tyson Smith (D-Columbia) on "burden" of being Columbia's first black state rep, etc.
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson expects state to receive 250,000 to 300,000 vaccines each week by end of month
          JCNT:  State leaders anticipate about 1.2 million Missourians being vaccinated in April
          P-D:  No immediate effect in Missouri from loss of millions of Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses
          P-D:  St. Louis City residents can apply for state-run pandemic aid program for renters
          The Missouri Times:  Former Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer (R-Odessa) appointed to Missouri Public Service Commission
          The Missouri Times:  Approval of UM Board of Curators picks stalls in Senate
          Missouri Independent:  Senate filibuster stalls Graves nomination to University of Missouri curators
          P-D:  Nomination of former GOP chairman to university board stalls in Missouri Senate
          Missourinet:  Medicaid expansion not included in final Missouri House budget
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House budget could be changed in Senate
          KC Star:  Medicaid expansion funding not guaranteed as Missouri budget goes to Senate
          P-D:  Missouri House approves budget without Medicaid expansion
          KWMU:  Missouri House passes state budget without funding for Medicaid expansion
          The Missouri Times:  Former Gov. Jay Nixon's economic development director Jason Hall, others want to see Medicaid expansion
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Rep. Peter Merideth (D-St. Louis City) to criticize GOP over Medicaid expansion funding, uncontested
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) task force bill addresses broadband deployment and enhancement
          JCNT:  Time to get trains chugging, lawmakers told
          KRES/KWIX:  IEP bill from Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) passes House
          P-D editorial:  Feds fill the gap where Gov. Parson failed in coronavirus vaccination effort
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Conor Martin:  John Brunner is the citizen senator Missouri needs
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina):  School choice will have little to no impact on rural schools
          P-D letter:  Arnold man says minimum wage should be determined by Congress, not state
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian agitated by House GOP position on Medicaid expansion

        Thursday, April 1, 2021   April Fool's Day
April 2020 Missouri political news headlines
          April 2019 Missouri political news headlines
          April 2018 Missouri political news headlines
          April 2017 Missouri political news headlines
          April 2016 Missouri political news headlines
          April 2015 Missouri political news headlines
          Missourinet:  Missouri hopes to work with neighbors to improve Missouri River levees
          Washington Missourian:  Missouri approaches 25 percent vaccination rate
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate Leader Dave Schatz mulls entry into 2022 U.S. Senate race
          The Missouri Times:  Dave Schatz named 2020 Statesman of the Year
          The Missouri Times:  Life House Youth Center assists students in Sullivan;  Director praises Schatz
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Rep. Derek Grier (R-Chesterfield) named Foundation for Government Accountability's 2020 Legislator of the Year
          P-D:  Former state Rep. Courtney Curtis (D-Ferguson) gets 21 months in prison for misuing campaign funds
          Missouri Independent:  Former state lawmaker sentenced to 21 months in prison for misusing campaign funds
          Missourinet:  Residents in Missouri's 7th Congressional District to testify today at Capitol in Jefferson City
          SNL:  Springfield GOP senators split on whether to fund Medicaid expansion
          Missourinet:  Diverse views on Medicaid expansion:  Thoughts from Gov. Parson, House Budget Chair Cody Smith (D-Carthage), House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield), Missouri Hospital Association's Dave Dillon
          KC Star:  4 Star Politics show:  KC Star's Jeanne Kuang on Medicaid expansion, education legislation, tax cuts, vaccine distribution
          Missouri Independent:  Senate committee approves Todd Graves nomination to University of Missouri curators
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri Senate committee approves Todd Graves' appointment to UM curator's role;  Comments from Florissant Democrat "Angela Mosely [sic]"
          Missouri Independent:  Steelman-Tilley tension flares as David Steelman departs Board of Curators
          KWMU:  'A very nasty, aggressive bird':  Missouri fights deadly black vultures
          The Missouri Times:  NAACP, others congregate at Capitol to complain about ballot integrity proposals
          P-D:  NAACP, ACLU, et al. complain about voting proposals
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson warns that feral hogs are a danger to the state and threaten agriculture
          The Missouri Times:  House passes bill from Rep. Rasheen Aldridge (D-St. Louis City) establishing "Limb Loss Awareness Month"
          Missouri Independent:  Restrictions on local health orders regain momentum as bill advances in Missouri Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Ameren Missouri requests rate adjustment to bolster reliability
          P-D:  Missouri House formally condemns Dred Scott decision from 169 years ago
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson is right about juvenile offenders. Fund Missouri's Raise the Age law, GOP
          P-D op-ed:  Jean Evans:  Missouri should lean on tech to drive our economic comeback
          Missourinet's Bob Priddy:  State lawmakers should not change election laws (1,217 words)
          P-D letter:  Kirkwood sexagenarian says "rural Republicans" oppose Medicaid spending as a tool "to control women"
          P-D letter:  Sunset Hills sexagenarian claims 94-year-old mother is "mindful of current events" but can't manage to get a photo ID for voting

        Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Missourinet:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith considering U.S. Senate run in 2022, pledges to fight for working families
          Columbia Missourian:  Photo:  Anti-Hawley protest draws fewer than 50 combined attendees and counter-protesters
          KRES/KWIX:  Randolph County Right to Life hosting event in April;  Terry Beatley to discuss NARAL founder's change of heart on infanticide
          KWMU:  VP Kamala Harris touts St. Louis mass vaccination site, plugs Medicaid funding
          SNL:  Springfield to be site of state's largest vaccine event
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Vaccination team provides update
          KC Star:  Gun control advocacy series:  Poverty and violence in one St. Louis man's life;  "Structural racism" to blame for individuals' decisions to rape, rob and murder
          KC Star:  Event promo:  Please join Report for America and Missouri Foundation for Health at our next gun-control event today
          P-D:  Audit shows Great Circle overbilled Missouri's Medicaid program $2 million
          P-D:  Bill from House Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage) gives funding boost to mental health, public defenders, nursing homes
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House Republicans reject efforts to fund Medicaid expansion
          KC Star:  Missouri House overwhelmingly rejects Democratic proposals for Medicaid spending
          SNL:  Bill from Rep. Mike Bernskoetter (R-Jefferson City) would tie duration of unemployment benefit handouts to unemployment rate
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers raise concerns bill would limit oversight of dark money, affect labor unions;  Comments from "Sen. Jill Schupp (R-Creve Coeur) [sic]"
          P-D:  Missouri Senate grants initial approval to adoption proposal from Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester)
          Missourinet:  Missouri Senate endorses law enforcement bills to ban chokeholds
          SNL:  Bill on police chokeholders, KC police emancipation takes another step forward
          Missourinet:  Proposed constitutional amendment from Rep. Justin Hill (R-Lake Saint Louis) is aimed at checkpoints and roadblocks
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor's (R-Bunceton) prescribed burn bill passes out of House
          Joplin Globe:  Missouri section of Bella Vista Bypass scheduled for completion by fall
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri GOP berserk over Medicaid;  Comments from Dem "Rep. Peter Meridith [sic]"
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Missouri House GOP stance on Medicaid funding will lead to "wasteful litagation [sic]"
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Go, but go slow on black bear season
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Leader of female prisoner re-entry program:  Lawmakers should support GOP bill on inmate tampons
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Cori Bush and Rasheen Aldridge:  Bill to help protect citizens from protester behavior is anti-democratic

        Tuesday, March 30, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Eric Schmitt releases first U.S. Senate campaign ad:  'My conservative values run deep'
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry and Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri AG Schmitt sues Treasury over tax cut restrictions in COVID stimulus plan;  Comments from state Rep. J. Eggleston of "Mayfair [sic]"
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri sues over tax cut penalties in federal COVID-19 relief bill
          Columbia Missourian:  CoMo for Progress to hold protest against Hawley today
          The Missouri Times:  Remington rated among top GOP polling firms
          Missourinet:  Central Missouri man accused in January's attack on U.S. Capitol
          SE Missourian:  Ninth annual Stand Up for Life event scheduled for April 18
          Joplin Globe:  Ron Richard's father, professional bowler Carl Richard, passes away at 97
          KWMU:  FEMA to give 168,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses at eight-week St. Louis event
          P-D:  FEMA to open 8-week vaccination site in St. Louis City, at least tripling city capacity
          KWMU:  Missouri nursing homes are allowing indoor visits for the first time in a year
  KWMU statehouse reporter Jaclyn Driscoll quits midway into her second legislative session
          SNL:  Missouri Department of Conservation says disposing of dead fish waste properly is a must
          Poynter:  McClatchy, parent company of Kansas City Star, is outsourcing page design and typesetting, helping to eliminate at least 26 jobs
          Missouri Independent:  House to debate Missouri budget
          P-D:  With Medicaid expansion in limbo, House set to vote on budget;  House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) calls GOP colleagues "petulant children"
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Hospital Association commissions poll showing Missourians support implementation of Medicaid expansion
          Missourinet:  Missouri House Special Committee on Redistricting wants to hear from 8th District constituents today
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) reflects on election bill passage
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes bill freeing Kansas City police officers from urban residency
          P-D:  Missouri Senate sends KC police emancipation, chokehold ban to House
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers looking at need to expand rural broadband access
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate to consider agriculture facility inspection bill
          The Missouri Times:  PDMP bill perfected in Senate
          P-D:  Missouri Senate gives initial approval to prescription drug monitoring program
          Missourinet:  Missouri Senate committee to tackle school bus safety today
          JCNT:  Missouri House passes bill to regulate faith-based residential care
          P-D:  Missouri House backs new rules for boarding schools aimed at stopping abuse and neglect
          Missouri Independent:  Lawsuit against Missouri House over lack of mask mandate moved to federal court
          SNL:  Better Business Bureau says 'use caution' with this Missouri medical marijuana card company
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Nicotine and marijuana vapes showing up in schools
          P-D editorial:  Missouri GOP lawmakers turn their backs on voters and the poor
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Southeast Missouri Transportation Service Executive Director Denny Ward:  SMTS does not support HB 52
          SE Missourian letter:  Man who twice ran unsuccessfully for 8th Congressional District seat says Jason Smith is wrong on stimulus and a wide range of issues

        Monday, March 29, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe talks with Scott Faughn about 2024 gov race, his pro-life record, school choice, Biden's gun control push, more;  Panel of Sen. Karla Eslinger (R-Wasola), Columbia Mayor Brian Treece, Axiom's Hannah Beers Sutton, and The Missouri Times' Kaitlyn Schallhorn discuss GOP U.S. Senate primary, COVID, more
          SNL:  This Week in Missouri's 2022 U.S. Senate race:  Eric Greitens, Eric Schmitt, Scott Sifton and Dem also-rans
          KC Star:  500 attend Asian rally in Kansas City;  Zero attacks on police officers, torched American Flags or looted businesses
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Some rural Missouri hospitals receiving CARES money, some not
          KC Star:  KC metro reports only 35 new COVID-19 infections, no additional deaths Sunday
          KWMU:  As expected, some metro area residents choosing to travel to rural areas for COVID vaccine
          Missouri Independent:  State continually improving data, demographic details on COVID website;  PROMO complains that "transgender" option not inclusive enough, wants to see "gender non-binary" or "gender nonconforming" added
          SNL:  Profile:  Missouri Foundation for Health's new CEO Dwayne Proctor
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature:  Medicaid expansion, budget, PDMP and proposal to reduce Missouri House's size
          KC Star:  House Budget Chair Cody Smith (R-Carthage) says he's prioritizing Missouri's most vulnerable populations by funding public defenders, school transportation and mental health
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) expects to see increase in core funding for community colleges
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) on broadband expansion, and ensuring cities and counties don't add new taxes on satellites
          CDT:  At candidate forum, incoming House superminority member David Tyson Smith says Missouri ranks only 3rd in "voter suppression"
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers seek to protect constituent info from disclosure under Sunshine Law;  other amendments to bill inspire debate
          P-D:  Missouri fixing dam at shuttered Jay Nixon State Park
          P-D editorial:  Missouri has the right law on juvenile offenders. Now it needs to fund it.
          P-D editorial:  Banning chokeholds, reporting data a step in the right direction
          P-D's Bill McClellan:  Reality is more complicated than it appears on TV;  "60 Minutes" offers simplistic and biased puff piece on Kim Gardner, with no mention of botched Greitens case or other snafus
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Republicans in Missouri, Georgia turn their backs on democracy
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Ashley Aune (D-Kansas City):  List of House GOP transgressions:  Medicaid funding, minimum wage, initiative petition processes, ignorance of "food desert" victimhood theme, more
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Angelica Ittzes:  House Bill 37 denies rights to no one
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Coalition for Transparent and Secure Elections:  Missouri legislators must make hand-marked paper ballots the official Missouri ballot
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County septuagenarian says Eric Greitens is not a real Navy SEAL
          P-D letter:  Clayton man wants to see Eric Greitens "back to the trash heap along with former St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger"
          Joplin Globe letter:  Webb City octogenerian says GOP state lawmakers' "atrocities" have her feeling emotions ranging from scared to depressed

        Sunday, March 28, 2021
Washington Missourian:  Dave Schatz considering run for U.S. Senate
          KC Star:  Greitens' return signals more dramatics on horizon;  Springfield activist takes aim at "these men who have used their power" against women
          KC Star:  "Stop Asian Hate" rally draws nearly 150;  Civilized crowd makes political statement with zero reports of arson, assaults on police officers, or blocked traffic endangering drivers
          P-D:  City officials, activists already positioning for federal stimulus money;  Leader of "Vacancy Collaborative" seeks cash to remedy "racism, redlining and racially restrictive covenants and white flight and all that history"
          P-D:  Mass vaccination events distribute some 18,000 doses in three days
          CDT:  Rowden:  Gas tax the 'short-term fix' Missouri transportation needs
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri House approves new voting protections
          Washington Missourian:  State gives cannabis industry a break as businesses adjust to new deadlines
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Finding marijuana use among drivers tricky for law enforcement
          JCNT:  State parks director:  Rock Island Trail project on track
          P-D editorial:  Missouri GOP's effort on voter ID is the real election fraud
          P-D editorial:  A minimum wage delayed is a minimum wage denied
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Maneuvering shameful:  Fund Medicare [sic] expansion
          P-D op-ed:  Planned Parenthood's Michelle Trupiano:  Missouri women's health depends on erasing Trump-era regulations
          KC Star's Jonathan Shorman:  Missourians' rate of refusal for COVID-19 shot won't truly tame the pandemic
          Columbia Missourian's Grace Zokovitch and Tatyana Monnay:  With Medicaid vote, GOP state lawmakers seek to illegally undo the will of the people
          P-D letter:  Septuagenarian man living in Central West End imagines scenario of Eric Greitens and "lap(ping) it up like heavy cream"
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City man expresses emotions over 2010 puppy mill vote, threatens to vote against Republicans over Medicaid funding
          P-D letter:  Creve Coeur septuagenarian opposes GOP minimum wage proposal, concludes argument with early 1990's punchline "Not."

        Saturday, March 27, 2021
The Missouri Times:  To accelerate recovery efforts, Gov. Parson extends ongoing state of emergency through Aug. 31
          SE Missourian:  Phase 2 of virus vaccine plan begins Monday
          P-D:  Free rides and free shuttles to North St. Louis City vaccination event this weekend, but hundreds of spots remain unclaimed
          KWMU:  Despite clear instructions from St. Louis City officials, urbanites forward vaccine invitation e-mails and create confusion;  University City woman:  "You sort of trust the government to handle things."
          KC Star:  Local Asian activists plan weekend protests, blame Donald Trump for racism in America;  Galpals promote new victimhood designation "hapa" for half-Asians
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Tricia Derges (R-Nixa) indictment grows to include alleged $900k COVID fraud scheme
          SNL:  Feds:  Indicted Rep. Derges misled Greene County to get $300k COVID test grant
          Missourinet:  Derges charged in alleged $900k COVID-19 fraud scheme
          AP:  Prosecutors add 3 fraud charges against Missouri lawmaker
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Wash U.'s "Voter Access and Engagement Initiative" lead says GOP state lawmakers seeking voter protections are racist
          Missourinet:  Video:  Recap of Missouri Legislature's work this week on education bills
          Missouri Independent:  Todd Graves meeting with senators ahead of confirmation vote
          The Missouri Times:  House Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) sponsors tax credit for businesses affected by shutdowns
          The Missouri Times:  Senate leadership still sees path forward on local health department restrictions
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Luetkemeyer's bill would intercept stimulus checks headed for prisoners
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) confident in performance audit bill after strong House support
          SNL:  Missouri Department of Conservation announces state's first black-bear hunting season this fall
          P-D:  Season, limits set for first-ever Missouri black bear hunt this October
          SNL:  Missouri Department of Conservation is offering five permits for 2021 elk-hunting season
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri Legislature to voters:  Drop dead. We won't do as you told us on Medicaid
          P-D editorial:  Credit to nine GOP state senators who sided with Dems on local control
          JCNT editorial:  Chokeholds should be banned, with rare exception
          SE Missourian's Lucas Presson:  Cape's Shad Burner played role in state COVID vaccination rollout
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Kaiser Health News' Lauren Weber:  Missouri's public health defunding led to chaos
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Smoke Free Missouri's A.J. Moll:  Tobacco 21 will address youth use;  Legislature should pass HB 517

        Friday, March 26, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Campaigns, cocktails and the Capitol:  The Missouri Times launches Third Read podcast:  U.S. Senate scrum, 2024 gov race, ESA bill, more
          NY Times:  Republicans fear flawed candidates could imperil key Senate seats;  Comments from Peter Kinder, Gregg Keller
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Hawley weighs in on campaigns for U.S. Senate seat
          SNL:  Springfield's Dee Wampler representing three Missouri men charged with entering U.S. Capitol during riot
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Some local Asian leaders says St. Louis' focus on black issues made them feel left out of victimhood discussions
          KWMU:  Missouri's China virus cases fall as vaccine program succeeds, doctors say
          Missourinet:  Missouri COVID-19 rate lowest in nation;  St. Louis area events to vaccinate up to 18,000
          KWMU:  Thousands of Missourians find relief at St. Louis mass vaccination
          P-D:  St. Louisans line up for COVID-19 vaccine
          Missourinet:  Missouri House gives final approval to photo ID legislation;  bill also allows no-excuse absentee voting
          Missouri Independent:  Republican lawmakers vote down funding for Missouri Medicaid expansion
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  Jay Ashcroft praises House Republicans for "commitment to fiscal responsibility" on Medicaid vote;  Reaction from "Rep. Peter Merideth (D-University City [sic])"
          Columbia Missourian:  House committee votes no on Medicaid expansion funding
          P-D:  Republicans vote down funding for Medicaid expansion in Missouri
          SNL:  Missouri House Budget chief wants three-year pause on minimum wage increases
          The Missouri Times:  Senate to consider bipartisan unemployment overpayment waiver
          Columbia Missourian:  House approves new school choice bill
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate rejects local health order restrictions after marathon session
          The Missouri Times:  Senate approves renewable natural gas program
          KC Star editorial:  Medicaid vote in Missouri rejects reason, law, sense - and worst, the voters' will
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Do not change dates of municipal elections
          Columbia Missourian's George Kennedy:  Missouri just might miss Roy Blunt in the U.S. Senate
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County sexagenarian says Missouri GOP and Greitens "don't give a hoot" about Missourians
          P-D letter:  Ballwin man upset by Legislature's action on ballot initiatives
          P-D letter:  Octogenarian founder of "Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice" says state lawmakers should stop trying to protect children from gender reassignment surgery or keep boys from competing against girls in high school sports

        Thursday, March 25, 2021
KWMU:  AG Eric Schmitt jumps into Missouri's U.S. Senate race
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt officially jumps into Senate race
          The Missouri Times:  A look at how Eric Schmitt has taken on the federal government as attorney general
          The Missouri Times:  AG Eric Schmitt:  A timeline of his career
          SNL:  Schmitt launches Senate bid to succeed Roy Blunt
          AP:  Schmitt running for U.S. Senate
          Missouri Independent:  Eric Schmitt joins race for U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Roy Blunt
          KC Star:  Schmitt launches U.S. Senate bid
          KC Star:  Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt grills Greitens
          SE Missourian:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith joins a call to probe Biden's border wall construction suspension
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Local gun store owner weighs in on Biden's gun-control push
          P-D:  Kamala Harris' husband makes stop in St. Louis, promotes Biden stimulus and "gender wage gap" theory;  Area "gender nonbinary" says it was passed over for school district promotions because it looked like a man
          P-D photo gallery:  Harris' husband, Mayor Lyda Krewson sit through complaint session featuring four minorities and "gender nonbinary" Caucasoid
          KC Star:  Louis Enrique Colon of Blue Springs pleads not guilty to conspiracy, other charges in Capitol riot case
          Columbia Missourian:  New DHSS resource to provide statewide access to vaccination transportation
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Vaccine Navigator especially helpful for large-scale vaccination events, local health departments say
          The Missouri Times:  ESA bill takes first step in the Senate
          Columbia Missourian:  K-12 teachers could receive $500 tax deductions
          Missourinet:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) says requiring student broadband access report will help to close digital divide
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri lawmakers seek answers from DSS on oversight gaps of unlicensed reform schools
          Missouri Independent:  Abortion amendment puts bill to finance Missouri Medicaid program in limbo
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) says Wayfair is a priority
          KWMU:  Missouri House committee discusses giving businesses more time to implement minimum wage hikes
          Columbia Missourian:  House bill would help businesses brace for forced wage increases
          Missourinet:  Rep. Brian Seitz (R-Branson) says Missouri seniors are having difficulty paying property taxes
          AP:  Missouri House moves to tighten bail rules
          KC Star:  Bill to free Kansas City police officers gets initial Missouri Senate approval
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri senators discuss resources for homeless and unaccompanied youth
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposed state budget reallocates funds for in-home services
          The Missouri Times:  Bill to lessen power of local officials during pandemics fails in Senate
          P-D:  Bipartisan group in Missouri Senate sinks attempt to limit local health authorities
          P-D:  Lawmakers weigh bills to make daylight savings time permanent in Missouri
          Columbia Missourian:  Ban on same-sex marriages will stay on the books in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  Ameren Missouri gets green light for new solar facility
          P-D:  Ameren gets state approval to build its largest solar project
          P-D:  Missourians' Spire bills are going up, and a federal case will determine how much
          P-D:  Coalition that includes former Gov. Jay Nixon fights court-ordered sale of Missouri parkland
          KC Star:  Northeast Kansas City newspaper publishes blank front page as cry for help;  Publisher, managing editor plead for cash
          P-D editorial:  Pandemic funds to states are for pandemic relief, not GOP tax-cut-mania
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  The two Erics prepare to do battle on Fox News for the soul of the Missouri Republican Party
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  House Bill 37 on vaccine religious exemptions denies rights to parents, teachers to have safe schools

        Wednesday, March 24, 2021
KC Star:  Hawley stands by 2018 call for Greitens to resign
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Former state lawmakers weigh in on Greitens bid:  Thoughts from retired Reps. Pat Conway, Galen Higdon, Jim Neely
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Gov. Parson celebrates National Agriculture Week
          Brownfield Ag News:  Gov. Parson:  Ag Day gets farmers' story to the world
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Gov. Parson establishes Show Me Strong Recovery Task Force
          P-D:  Missouri reports decline in new COVID-19 cases
          KC Star:  Kansas City metro adds fewer than 100 COVID-19 cases as rolling average sees drop
          KC Star:  KC Health Department vaccination data shows blacks outpacing other minorities
          CDT:  Coronavirus vaccinations continue to ramp up
          SNL:  As high court weighs Obamacare, House Majority Leader Dean Plocher (R-Des Peres) seeks statewide vote on pre-existing conditions
          Missourinet:  Proposed Missouri constitutional amendment would change legislative term limits
          Missourinet:  Missouri bill would enable more people to become substitute teachers
          Missouri Independent:  Emancipation of KC police officers wins initial approval of Missouri Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Senate perfects effort to free Kansas City police officers
          P-D:  Missouri Senate give initial approval to bill emancipating Kansas City officers
          P-D:  GOP-backed budget plan would fund one round-trip Amtrak ride between St. Louis and Kansas City per day
          KC Star:  Missouri reform school investigation grows:  Gov. Parson directs AG Eric Schmitt to investigate Agape
          SNL:  Schmitt's office investigating Cedar County Christian boys' reform school
          KC Star:  Legislation addressing Missouri reform school abuse gets widespread support in House
          Missourinet:  Lawmakers to question DSS chief about boarding school abuse investigations
          Columbia Missourian:  House advances bill regulating seclusion and restraint in schools
          Washington Missourian:  "Ludicrous":  Union R-XI school board president rips bills to move school board elections to November and restrict use of district resources for campaigning
          KRES/KWIX:  Truman President Dr. Sue Thomas says Gov. Parson is "very supportive" of public higher education, says schools want increase in funding
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) previews second-half legislative topics: Wayfair, fuel tax, Corps of Engineers bill
          Joplin Globe:  Bill pairs Second Amendment preservation and armed volunteer group
          P-D:  Missouri Health Care Association, others support proposal to give businesses more time to implement forced minimum wage hikes
          KC Star:  Bill from Rep. Cody Smith (R-Carthage) would give businesses more time to adapt to rising labor costs
          JCNT:  Disability rights advocates reach out to Missouri lawmakers
          Columbia Missourian:  Removing "food deserts" is the goal of bill from Sen. Doug Beck (D-Affton)
          Columbia Missourian:  State adds spice to Swift Prepared Foods incentives
          P-D:  February's freeze could raise Missouri gas bills 15% or more
          KC Star:  Mayor Quinton Lucas unhappy with pricey natural gas bill from Texas provider;  Spire's Scott Weitzel explains concepts of weather, supply and demand
          SNL:  House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade (D), Rep. Betsy Fogle (D) weigh in on local school board campaign shenanigans
          P-D editorial:  It's up to Missouri's GOP to keep the deeply unfit Greitens away from the Senate
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Independent pharmacies step up in vaccine effort
          KC Star's Dave Helling:  Eric Greitens' U.S. Senate run means a migraine for Missouri Republicans - and Democrats, too
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. John Wiemann (R-O'Fallon):  We cannot let trial lawyers shut down our state
          P-D letter:  St. Charles woman wants Bill Eigel of "Weldon Springs [sic]" to ask Caleb Rowden to please scuttle bills regarding initiative petitions

        Tuesday, March 23, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Jay Ashcroft opens up about his decision not to run for U.S. Senate
          KWMU:  Lt. Gov. Kehoe passes on U.S. Senate contest to run for Missouri governor
          Missouri Independent:  Mike Kehoe passes on 2020 U.S. Senate run to focus on 2024 Missouri governor's race
          SNL:  Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe won't seek U.S. Senate seat, running for governor instead
          SNL:  Who's running to replace Roy Blunt in the U.S. Senate? 'Everyone'
          SNL:  Former Gov. Eric Greitens announces run for Senate, brushing off past scandals
          KWMU:  Eric Greitens announces run for Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Greitens jumps into 2022 U.S. Senate race
          The Missouri Times:  Dan Shaul enters race for SD 22
          The Missouri Times:  Becky Willard joins Hawthorne Foundation as its new executive director
          KC Star:  State to put more than half of unspend federal aid in unemployment fund to help Missourians in need
          Missouri Independent:  Federal aid, Medicaid expansion top issues for Missouri House Budget Committee
          Missouri Independent:  Budget plan shows first Missouri savings from federal Medicaid changes
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate bill seeks to block prisoners from receiving coronavirus stimulus checks
          Columbia Missourian's Jose Luis Adriano:  Bill from "Sen. Roger Stone, R-St. Charles" [sic?!?] addresses bail and conditions of release from custody
          The Missouri Times:  Senate takes a shot at permanently allowing sale of mixed drinks to go
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri Soybean Association supports bill to provide more food options to women, children
          The Missouri Times:  NAACP, others oppose Eigel's bill on protester accountability
          P-D:  Organization for Black Struggle, ACLU, et al. oppose protester-accountability bill;  Sen. Bill Eigel (R-Weldon Spring) takes time out to gift Rep. Rasheen Aldridge (D-St. Louis City) with a "teachable moment"
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill seeks to help police better corral protester mobs
          P-D:  Rep. John Wiemann (R-O'Fallon) wants to apply ethics standards to cities, starting with St. Louis City
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) discusses biodiesel content bill
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) talks about meat processing tax credit
          Columbia Missourian:  Dentists, optometrists and more professions now eligible as vaccinators in Missouri
          SE Missourian:  Daily average of vaccine doses administered falls slightly
          KC Star:  KC metro's daily rolling average of COVID-19 cases holds steady
          KC Star editorial:  The depraved Eric Greitens thinks we have a short memory, Missouri. Prove him wrong
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Sen. Jason Bean (R-Holcomb):  Time is right for more high-speed Internet access in Missouri
          St. Joseph News-Press op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  Incentive programs work for rural Missouri
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  Missouri GOP lawmakers, like their Georgia counterparts, seek to prevent black people from voting

        Monday, March 22, 2021
NBC:  Meet the Press:  Roy Blunt:  "Democracy is give and take"
          The Missouri Times:  Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe announces gubernatorial bid, forgoing U.S. Senate bid
          Missouri Independent:  Top 10 rankings for GOP U.S. Senate candidates:  Congressional delegation, Eric Schmitt, Scott Fitzpatrick, Mike Kehoe, others
          Washington Missourian:  Local Moms Demand Action chapter promotes traveling t-shirt gimmick
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature:  budget and preexisting condition legislation
          KWMU:  Missouri Legislature second-half preview:  Budget, Medicaid funding, school choice, sports betting
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) discusses future of school choice bills
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) talks rural broadband
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) talks election-related proposals
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) expects significant pay increase for Dept. of Corrections workers
          Missourinet:  It's back:  Seersucker Wednesdays
          KC Star:  KC metro reports fewer than 35 new virus cases, no additional deaths Sunday
          P-D editorial:  Missouri lawmaker's police-dog bill deserves to go nowhere
          KC Star's Kevin Hardy:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Missouri's gun laws to blame for rural suicides
          Columbia Missourian's Mallory Daily:  As state lawmakers open their arms to agribusiness and regulations vanish, CAFOs hurt communities
          P-D letter:  St. Peters octogenarian shares thoughts on Hawley, Civil War and Sherman's March to the Sea

        Sunday, March 21, 2021
Politico:  Sunday talk show lineup:  Roy Blunt on 'Meet the Press'
          P-D:  Minor flooding expected in the St. Louis area
          P-D:  After multiple historic floods, Eureka, region rethink river management
          SE Missourian:  River rising, floodgates closing on Cape Riverfront
          Missourinet:  Thousands vaccinated at successful Arrowhead event, many from Jackson County's poorest neighborhoods
          KC Star:  KC metro records only 64 new COVID cases, no new deaths Saturday
          Washington Missourian:  Rural Americans less likely to get COVID vaccine as independent pharmacies step up
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Latest highway funding fix could include a rebate
          Missourinet:  Legislation to keep sex offenders away from Department of Conservation centers has bipartisan support
          Washington Missourian:  County transportation committee members share criticisms of MoDOT staff
          KC Star editorial:  Gov. Parson's appointment of Todd Graves to university board gives enormous power over KC to one hyperpartisan law firm
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Fantasizing about an Eric Greitens campaign and the return of "swagger" and "machine guns"
          JCNT letter:  Jefferson City sexagenarian opposes gas tax increase
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian opposes minutemen bill

        Saturday, March 20, 2021
KC Star:  Cleaver's anti-racism rally draws "roughly two dozen people"
          P-D:  Local activists gather in St. Louis City to tell tales about perceived bigotry, linguistic slights
          P-D:  Minorities dominate 2021 St. Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Bee;  9 minorities, 1 Caucasoid reach final round
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson speaks at mega-vaccination event;  Jackson County Executive Frank White (D) praises governor, says event is essential for "communities of color"
          SE Missourian:  Teachers, school administrators line up for vaccine
          Missourinet:  CDC study of Missouri schools:  COVID-19 spread is rare in K-12 schools
          KWMU:  CDC-Wash U. study shows in-person schooling was safe all along
          P-D:  Wash U. study shows low COVID transmission in schools that follow basic protocols
          KC Star:  KC metro area adds fewer than 100 new COVID-19 cases and no deaths
          The Missouri Times:  'Tale of two governors':  New ad compares Gov. Parson's handling of coronavirus to Cuomo
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri individual tax filing, payment deadline extended through May
          CDT:  Gov. Parson:  Columbia Area Career Center a showcase for workforce development in Missouri
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) gives recap of education bill
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson taps new members for University of Missouri board
          Missouri Independent:  Convenience store owner pleads guilty in Missouri illegal gambling case
          Columbia Missourian:  Incoming Rep. David Tyson Smith (D-Columbia) signals priorities for term in superminority:  fighting "voter suppression," limiting effective police restraint tactics, etc.
          JCNT editorial:  Congratulate the leaders who drove successful renovation of Capitol building
          P-D letter:  Crestwood septuagenarian expresses anger over city council vote, sarcastically suggests Gov. Parson and GOP state lawmakers will reject federal relief funds

        Friday, March 19, 2021
SE Missourian:  Hawley, Smith back bill simplifying concealed-carry renewal
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Blunt retirement leaves speculation on replacement
          SE Missourian:  Area man seeks signatures to run as independent for U.S. Senate
          P-D:  Feds used St. Louis-area man's social media posts to place him at U.S. Capitol riot
          Brownfield Ag News:  Japan temporarily sets higher tariff on beef;  Comments from University of Missouri livestock economist Scott Brown
          KC Star:  Cleaver to host media event with Asians, others this afternoon
          JCNT:  Missouri to begin final phases of COVID-19 vaccination plan soon
          Missourinet:  Missouri's next COVID-19 vaccination phases to open earlier than expected
          SNL:  Missouri expects to open up COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to all residents by April 9
          KWMU:  All Missouri adults will be eligible for COVID vaccine April 9
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson announces every Missourian will be eligible for a COVID vaccine by early April
          P-D:  Missouri opens floodgates:  All adults to be eligible for vaccine in April
          P-D:  St. Charles County aims to give 4,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine at Family Arena in largest one-day clinic yet
          KC Star:  All adult Missourians can get COVID vaccine beginning April 9, Gov. Mike Parson says
          KC Star:  Ride KC to provide shuttles to 'mega' COVID-19 vaccination event at Arrowhead Stadium
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri tax bills unlikely to trigger penalties in federal stimulus law
          CDT:  Gov. Parson picks Keith Holloway, Todd Graves for University of Missouri curator spots
          P-D:  Gov. Parson picks Todd Graves for spot on University of Missouri Board of Curators
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson selects two accomplished Mizzou grads for curator posts
          Missouri Independent:  State working through backlog of payments to Missouri child care providers
          JCNT editorial:  Wayfair bill will level the playing field
          KC Star editorial:  Mass vaccination at Arrowhead can't disguise the continuing COVID-19 mess in Missouri
          SNL op-ed:  Rep. Betsy Fogle (D-Springfield):  GOP lawmakers work to disregard the voice of Missouri voters on Medicaid
          P-D letter:  Oakville octogenarian disappointed in Gov. Parson, wants him "to be on top of the facts and figures" of state budget

        Thursday, March 18, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Dem U.S. Senate candidate's flip-flop on abortion raises question if there's still room for pro-life Democrats in Missouri
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis' new exhibit and podcast to celebrate Cori Bush, other liberals
          SNL:  Missouri State seeks PPP loan for Ozarks Public Television, Ozarks Public Radio;  MSU CFO:  "Anywhere we can get free money, we're looking at it"
          The Missouri Times:  Flood recovery efforts outpacing past years, Gov. Parson says
          JCNT:  Flooding possible as heavy rain impacts mid-Missouri
          KRES/KWIX:   Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) says state is flush with cash, opposes gas tax increase
          Missouri Independent:  SLU church helps urbanites get state ID;  St. Louis liberal explains how she got emotional about Missouri Republicans' ballot integrity efforts
          Missouri Independent:  Lawsuit alleges Washington University leaked confidential records to KC Star to undermine Title IX bill
          P-D:  Another employee charged with abuse at Webster Groves youth center
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) on teacher retirement bill
          KC Star:  Some KC-area districts open virtual schools
          P-D:  Virtual learning, first a crisis response to the pandemic, is in St. Louis to stay
          Missourinet:  Missouri Nurses Association:  It's more dangerous to be a health care worker than a police or corrections officer
          KWMU:  Missouri to vaccinate 14,000 people at several St. Louis-area events next week
          SE Missourian:  Area vaccine clinics scheduled
          P-D:  Drop in virus testing prompts Missouri leaders to emphasize its importance
          P-D:  Some Asian groups criticize Rep. Brian Seitz;  Branson Republican referred to China virus as "Chinese virus"
          The Missouri Times:  PSC approves intervention in Empire transportation electrification case
          SNL:  'Destroy' and 'dispose' moss balls infected with invasive zebra mussels, Missouri Department of Conservation urges
          The Missouri Times:  Lynne Jackson leads push to denounce Missouri Supreme Court decision from 180 years ago
          KC Star editorial:  No, Missouri cannot and should not use COVID relief to fund tax cuts
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  State must support corrections workers
          SE Missourian's Lucas Presson:  U.S. Rep. Jason Smith says $1.9 trillion spending bill a blue state bailout
          Columbia Missourian's Steve Spellman:  School officials, legislators at odds on reopening plans but compromise could have been reached
          JCNT letter:  Former state rep runner-up Thomas Minihan (D) accuses U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer of executing "drive-by shooting at the truth"
          KC Star letter:  Sedalia man complains about Gov. Parson's criticism of liberal reporters' complaints about vaccine distribution
          Columbia Missourian letter:  Columbia septuagenarian calls Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) a "gutter-mouth" and will continue to not vote for him

        Wednesday, March 17, 2021   Happy St. Patrick's Day!
AP:  Missouri AG Eric Schmitt, others attorneys general questions stimulus barring tax cuts
          The Missouri Times:  What the new COVID relief package means for Missouri
          AP:  Missouri State Fair on this year after 2020 cancellation
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Sen. Barbara Washington (D-Kansas City) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about COVID liability, federal stimulus funds, KC police officer emancipation, more
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) talks Wayfair bill progress
          KWMU:  Electronic tracking of livestock has many opponents in the U.S.;  Comments from Dept. of Ag Director Chris Chinn, Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins
          SNL:  Missouri starts revoking marijuana business permits at companies that didn't meet operating deadline
          Missourinet:  Missouri's National Guard Hall of Fame ready to launch in Kirksville
          P-D:  Missouri hopes for triple the doses of virus vaccine soon
          KCUR:  Seniors who failed to take initiative to get COVID vaccine now competing with wider pool
          Missouri Independent:  New York group "Equity Forward" requests documents from DSS, complains about administrative fee;  State contracts with Alliance for Life to help low-income women who choose life over death
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Gov. Parson is a committed advocate of vocational education
          JCNT editorial:  Planning Show-Me State travel? Go with Mo
          P-D editorial:  More guns isn't the solution to violence on Missouri public transportation
          P-D editorial:  Superintendent's lack of certification adds to Normandy's state accreditation woes
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Annual Sunshine Week editorial
          KC Star op-ed:  Show-Me Institute's James Shuls and Michael McShane:  No, school choice would not defund public schools in Missouri
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Rural Crisis Center's Tim Gibbons:  Missouri DNR selling out Missourians for JBS
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  From St. Louis to Sedalia, vaccine tourists blaze a trail out west
          P-D letter:  Alzheimer's Association's Stacy Tew-Lovasz praises Blunt for support of Alzheimer's research
          P-D letter:  Barnhart sexagenarian says GOP state lawmakers seek to confuse voters
          P-D letter:  Fenton sexagenarian opposes gas tax proposal
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield septuagenarian calls GOP lawmakers' proposals "stupid" and "untenable"

        Tuesday, March 16, 2021
The Missouri Times:  A look at how AG Eric Schmitt has taken on the federal government
          KWMU:  St. Louis City will receive more than $500 million in coronavirus cash - most in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) discusses bill which allows school districts to share superintendents
          KC Star:  Proposals from Reps. Suzie Pollock (R-Lebanon) and Chuck Basye would protect minors from transsexual-related surgery and hormone treatments, keep boys out of girls' high school sports
          St. Joseph News-Press:  State bans device to weigh corn - without a scale
          P-D:  St. Louis area school districts begin vaccinating teachers
          KWMU:  Teachers roll up sleeves for COVID vaccine
          Joplin Globe:  Teachers, staff receive first vaccinations as new tier opens
          KC Star:  Need a COVID test in Missouri? Worlds of Fun and Kansas City Zoo will play host
          Missouri Independent:  CDC study:  Most Missourians who got first COVID vaccine dose got recommended second shot
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Two nearby Department of Corrections prison facilities temporarily close due to staff shortages
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposed legislation honors legacy of David Dorn;  Retired police captain was murdered in St. Louis City during George Floyd riots and looting
          JCNT:  New Missouri tourism campaign launches
          P-D:  Explore St. Louis praises Missouri's new tourism campaign, starring black woman;  NAACP complains
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Senate President Pro Tem Dave Schatz applies business sense to transportation funding
          Phill Brooks:  Missouri's legislative second half:  Taxes, school choice, ballot integrity and COVID-19 promise to be dominating issues
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Columbia attorney W.B. Tichenor:  No state subsidy for private schools
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Bruce DeGroot (R-Chesterfield):  Police transparency efforts will help both public, law enforcement officers
          P-D letter:  Pasadena Hills septuagenarian says Blunt left Senate to flee Trump, mixes metaphors involving life-support systems, California landslides and Moses
          P-D letter:  Warson Woods man responds to Post-Dispatch editorial that criticized state's position on infanticide

        Monday, March 15, 2021
KRES/KWIX:  Blunt says Biden's stimulus will backfire when Missouri voters realize funds went to illegals, prisoners, poorly-managed states
          KRES/KWIX:  Luetkemeyer says Biden's "buddy-buddy, chummy-chummy" approach to foreign foes is disconcerting
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters) on Roy Blunt, ESAs, personal life, property taxes, election integrity, more;  Panel of Reps. Peter Merideth (D-St. Louis City) and Jim Murphy (R-St. Louis County), David Barklage, and Ryan Hawkins talk Blunt, COVID lockdowns, initiative petition changes, more
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Phil Christofanelli (R-St. Peters) deftly rises as young star of Republican Party, says he is gay
          Missourinet:  Budget to take center stage in Missouri House when lawmakers return from Spring Break
          P-D:  Pandemic didn't crush Missouri state budget as had been expected
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) explains vote against gas tax increase
          Missouri Independent:  Todd Graves' path to curator spot will face "some pretty strong opposition," Missouri Senate Democrats' counsel Chris Schappe warns
          Missourinet:  Missouri Public Defender System handles about 6,000 deadbeat criminal cases annually
          P-D:  State, regional China virus update
          P-D editorial:  Missouri GOP wants to make it easier to deceive voters and harder for them to speak
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Like native grasses taking root, better flood-plain policy is emerging in Missouri
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian says Billy Long is lying about stimulus "fluff"
          P-D letter:  Glendale sexagenarian says serving as a poll worker gives her election expertise that Rep. Justin Hill (R-Lake Saint Louis) lacks
          P-D letter:  St. Louis City octogenarian supports gas tax increase
          Joplin Globe letter:  Citizens for Modern Transit's Kimberly Cella:  Concealed carry permit holders should be unarmed when enduring St. Louis' MetroLink and other public transportation
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin woman frightened by minutemen proposal

        Sunday, March 14, 2021
Washington Missourian:  Blunt explains decision to not seek re-election
          KC Star:  Profile:  Hawley consultant Timmy Teepell;  Successful Louisiana advisor declines to talk to liberal reporters;  Comments from anonymous rival GOP consultants, Democrats, etc.
          Columbia Missourian:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) won't back down from criticism of union tactics, labels Columbia NEA's arguments "complete bullsh!t"
          KRES/KWIX:  MSBA's Brent Ghan anticipates full funding of foundation formula
          KC Star:  Circle of Hope students happy with charges
          SNL:  Missouri Supreme Court weighs key transparency case
          Columbia Missourian:  Boone County vaccine distribution runs smoothly at area's first state-sponsored clinic
          P-D:  New state data provide clearest picture yet on vaccine flow in Missouri
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update
          Joplin Globe:  Newspaper eliminates Sunday print edition, replaces it with "Weekend Edition" delivered on Saturday
          P-D editorial:  Gov. Parson sits on a mountain of federal aid yet complains about the new package
          P-D's Kevin McDermott:  Roy Blunt personified a GOP establishment that passively abetted Trump's mayhem
          P-D "The Bottom Line" video series:  Seasoned business reporters Jim Gallagher and David Nicklaus say Missouri's system of utility regulation protected St. Louisans this winter
          P-D letter:  Florissant septuagenarian suggests Gov. Parson arranged vaccine distribution to reward those who voted for him

        Saturday, March 13, 2021
KWMU:  'Not a last chapter guy':  Blunt looks ahead
          KC Star:  After mass layoffs gutted federal agency in Kansas City, push to restore jobs pays off
          JCNT:  Cole County could see millions in federal COVID-19 aid
          SE Missourian:  State data shows southeast Missouri's unemployment picture improving
          SE Missourian:  Local chambers cheer Wayfair passage in Missouri Legislature
          Joplin Globe:  Southwest Missouri lawmakers share upcoming bills, goals for 2021 session
          Joplin Globe:  Rep. Ben Baker (R-Neosho) proposing changes for local elections
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Campus leaders weigh in on bill from Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer (R-Parkville) to reorganize career and technical training services
          Missouri Independent:  Lawmakers seek answers on Missouri vaccine plan
          SNL:  Missouri teachers are eligible for COVID vaccine next week - but will they take it?
          P-D:  Poll of fewer than 425 Missourians shows a quarter say they won't get COVID vaccine
          KC Star:  Want the COVID vaccine in the KC area? These tips will improve your chances
          KC Star:  Local China virus update
          P-D:  State China virus update
          KWMU:  Missouri seeking to get correct data from vaccine providers regarding mutiracials
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Here's to hoping Missouri's next U.S. senator shows St. Joseph as much love as Roy Blunt did
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Gas tax plan unorthodox but needed
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Annual Sunshine Week promo
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Renew Missouri's James Owen:  Assault on clean energy financing in Jefferson City continues
          Columbia Missourian's David Webber:  Missouri Legislature should not put limits on citizen input

        Friday, March 12, 2021
P-D:  Gov. Parson confirms he's not running for Blunt's seat;  Rizzo endorses Sifton to fill Dem slot
          Missouri Independent:  Dems consider options to take the hit in U.S. Senate race:  Jay Nixon, Scott Sifton, various urban and diversity candidates
          KRES/KWIX:  Luetkemeyer says students need to return to school
          Jason Rosenbaum:  How the coronavirus dramatically changed Missouri politics and policy
          Columbia Missourian:  Gov. Parson gives hope to Missourians with recent COVID news
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri independent pharmacies receive 16,000+ coronavirus vaccines in first week of program
          Missourinet:  Kansas City's Arrowhead Stadium will be mega-vaccination site for two-day event
          JCNT:  'Mega-vaccination' event planned for Kansas City
          SE Missourian:  Cape County reopens vaccine waitlist
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers consider creating fund to bring doctors to rural areas
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson visits Nichols Career Center
          The Missouri Times:  Governor promotes Work Ready communities with visit to Nichols Career Center
          Washington Missourian:  Governor visits Four Rivers Career Center
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson, Lt. Gov. Kehoe reflect on Capitol renovation effort and success
          KWMU:  Changing the Missouri Constitution could get harder
          SNL:  Missouri reps want higher standard for constitution changes
          Columbia Missourian:  House gives final push to bills on constitution changes, local health orders
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate reconsiders vote on tax cut bill
          The Missouri Times:  Wayfair tax bills pass out of both chambers - but with some differences
          KWMU:  Missouri Legislature advances online sales and gas taxes
          Columbia Missourian:  State Senate passes Wayfair and gas tax bills
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate passes syringe services program bill
          Missouri Independent:  Few Missouri prosecutors file gambling charges sought by patrol
          P-D:  Normandy schools superintendent not certified to lead the provisionally-accredited district
          KC Star:  Two women handed new roles at Star;  Melinda Henneberger promoted to newspaper VP and editorial page editor;  Mara Rose Williams moving to opinion staff after conceiving paper's whiteness-apology series
          SE Missourian editorial:  Celebrating Missouri's bicentennial year of statehood
          KC Star editorial:  Finally, Missouri moves on abusive 'reform school,' but don't credit AG Eric Schmitt
          P-D's Antonio French:  Even Democrats might miss Roy Blunt one day
          Columbia Missourian's William Skipworth:  Blunt statement on reopening schools rated "half true"
          P-D's Michele Munz:  Missouri's underfunded public health departments deserve more money, but GOP lawmakers seek to hurt them
          Columbia Missourian's Caitlin King:  Missouri Republicans push misleading information on gender dysmorphia, rush witnesses through committee testimony
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County septuagenarian wants "a candidate for statewide office" to propose curbing Centene's ability to profit from Medicaid

        Thursday, March 11, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Eric Schmitt to announce candidacy for U.S. Senate
          KWMU:  Jay Ashcroft won't run for U.S. Senate - opening the door to a crowded field
          SNL:  Jay Ashcroft says he won't run for Blunt's seat in 2022
          KC Star:  "4Star Politics":  John Hancock, Mike Kelley weigh in on GOP U.S. Senate primary field:  Thoughts on Eric Schmitt, Mike Kehoe, Jason Smith, Ann Wagner, Vicky Hartzler, Democrats' "retreads" and "wallpaste personalities"
          SNL:  Here's what Missouri would get from Biden's $1.9T aid plan
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Michael Johnson (D-Kansas City)
          SE Missourian:  State vaccination plan prepares to enter new segment
          Missouri Independent:  St. Louis, KC regions to get even larger share of Missouri vaccine supply under new model
          P-D:  Thousands more vaccine doses bound for St. Louis as Missouri adjusts distribution
          KWMU:  Some illegals uneasy about getting vaccine;  Advocates wants vaccine details translated into foreign languages for immigrants who refuse to learn English
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  Rep. Emily Weber (D-Kansas City) files HR complaint against Rep. Brian Seitz (R-Branson) for calling China virus "Chinese virus"
          The Missouri Times:  Circle of Hope owners arrested in 'most widespread sexual, physical, mental abuse' cases, Schmitt says
          Missourinet:  Schmitt:  Circle of Hope is one of the most widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse patterns in state history
          SNL:  Schmitt charges Circle of Hope Girls Ranch owners with abuse, child molestation, statutory rape
          KC Star:  Schmitt details 'horrific' abuse in charges against girls reform school owners
          P-D:  Owners of Missouri reform school charged with more than 100 felonies
          P-D:  GOP lawmakers move to raise standard of changing Missouri Constitution
          The Missouri Times:  Schatz's gas tax increase perfected by Senate
          SNL:  Missouri lawmakers talking about nearly doubling gas tax - but you could opt out
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  Missouri senators discuss tax cuts;  Comments from Sen. Bill Eigel of "Weldon Springs [sic]"
          P-D:  Tax cut push in Missouri could jeopardize federal relief funds
          KRES/KWIX:  Missouri School Boards' Association Brent Ghan says several GOP bills "not particularly friendly to public education"
          P-D:  Missouri House favors plan allowing students to switch school districts
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) predicts overwhelming vote to protect high school girls from males dominating athletic competitions
          P-D:  Bill from Rep. John Wiemann (R-O'Fallon) would bar judges from rewriting ballot language
          The Missouri Times:  Senate formally condemns Missouri Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision
          KWMU:  Murderer's lawyers to file for habeas corpus after Supreme Court loss
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Blunt's decision not to seek re-election is a loss for Missouri
          KC Star editorial:  KC can't go on a spending spree with federal COVID-19 relief
          P-D editorial:  Religious boarding schools must not get a pass from basic state oversight
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Hospital Association's Herb Kuhn:  Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City) offers the wrong prescription for Medicaid overhaul
          Bob Priddy:  Reflections on the filibuster's value to the Missouri Senate (741 words)
          P-D letter:  Louisiana sexagenarian calls Gov. Parson a coward and says lawmakers should not change Missouri Conservation Commission

        Wednesday, March 10, 2021
SNL:  Blunt expresses optimism for country's future, offers advice to Missouri's next U.S. senator:  "Democracy is not for sissies"
          The Missouri Times:  Roy Blunt praised by Trump after Senate announcement
          SE Missourian:  Peter Kinder, others weigh in on Blunt's announcement;  Local Dem leader suggests House Superminority Leader Crystal Quade or Dem AG primary runner-up Elad Gross take the hit for Dems in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  'Fated from birth':  Judge Stith retires from Supreme Court after venerable career
          The Missouri Times:  Ben Brown to run for Schatz's open seat
          SNL:  AG Eric Schmitt's office:  Circle of Hope Girls Ranch owners in custody
          Missourinet:  AG Eric Schmitt to provide update today on Circle of Hope facility
          P-D:  Critics continue to second-guess Missouri's vaccine distribution logistics
          KCUR:  Urban leaders complain about inability to read and interpret vaccine data provided by state
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Rep. John Simmons (R-Washington) explains voter ID bill
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-O'Fallon) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about federal stimulus money for Missouri, Medicaid spending, voter ID, charter schools, more
          The Missouri Times:  Schatz's gas tax increase stalls in Senate
          Missourinet:  Missouri gas tax hike proposal put in park
          P-D:  Gas tax increase with rebate option slams into wall of opposition in Missouri Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Wayfair tax bill perfected in House
          Missourinet:  Missouri reviews whether it can give teachers a bonus. There's good news and bad news.
          Missouri Independent:  Rep. Jeff Coleman (R-Grain Valley) says he's avoiding distractions as he moves social media bill forward;  Tennessee activist tells reporter to "kiss my (posterior)"
          Missouri Independent:  Committee votes to increase size of Missouri Conservation Commission
          P-D:  Missouri House debates vaccination rules as COVID-19 cases tumble
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Rep. Bridget Walsh Moore (D-St. Louis City) sponsors employment bill to help workers with disabilities
          P-D:  Measure to merge St. Louis County police departments meets pushback in Missouri House
          KWMU:  Tampon bill moves forward
          P-D editorial video:  Tod Robberson and Kevin McDermott on Blunt's departure:  Two retirement-age white men discuss Blunt's retirement, say senator should have bashed Trump and Republican Party and predict Blunt will join sons in lobbying
          P-D editorial:  St. Louis cautiously reopens, but GOP in Missouri and elsewhere unilaterally disarms
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Jobs With Justice's Caitlyn Adams:  Josh Hawley hurts us with his lies
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield man suggests Hawley is racist for opposing left-winger's appointment
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County octogenarian labels Gov. Parson incompetent, uses inaccurate farming analogy

        Tuesday, March 9, 2021
The Missouri Times:  Roy Blunt won't seek re-election to U.S. Senate in 2022
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri political figures react to Roy Blunt's retirement announcement
          The Missouri Times:  Sen. Roy Blunt:  A timeline of his career
          SNL:  Blunt says he's not running for re-election, reshaping 2022 race
          Joplin Globe:  Reflections on Roy:  Thoughts from Nick Myers, Gary Nodler, Ron Richard, former aide Steve McIntosh, local Dems
          Columbia Missourian:  Photo gallery:  Roy Blunt through the years
          P-D:  Roy Blunt, at Springfield airport, declines to insert himself into early GOP scramble for his seat
          P-D:  Video:  Blunt says GOP primary "will sort itself out," says he's confident Republicans will keep seat
          Missouri Independent:  Blunt won't run again in 2022, likely sparking crowded GOP primary
          Missouri Independent:  10 potential candidates for Blunt's seat
          Missourinet:  Blunt will not run for another term as U.S. Senator
          KC Star:  Field of possible GOP U.S. Senate candidates forms after Blunt's announcement;  KC Mayor Quinton Lucas considering bid to fill Democratic ballot slot
          KC Star:  Missouri AG Eric Schmitt leading effort of 12 attorneys general to fight back against Biden "social cost" environmental order
          KC Star:  Man accused of threatening to kill Cleaver will remain detained
          SE Missourian:  More than 1 million Missourians receive one dose of COVID vaccine
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri adds 81,206 'probable' COVID-19 cases to pandemic report
          KC Star:  KC Health Department leader wants more vaccine doses
          KC Star:  COVID vaccines for Missouri teachers gain priority under federal directive
          Columbia Missourian:  Protecting health care workers from violence the focus of new bill
          Missourinet:  House Budget Chairman Cody Smith (R-Carthage):  Missouri expects to receive billions under new stimulus package
          KRES/KWIX:  State working to catch up on jail reimbursement debt;  Comments from Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton)
          P-D:  Conservative effort to eliminate Missouri's personal property tax hits turbulence, falls short
          KRES/KWIX:  McGaugh's elections bill moves to House floor
          Washington Missourian:  Voter ID bill from Rep. John Simmons (R-Washington) moves to Senate
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate perfects bill restricting use of education funds for campaigning
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) stands by "strong language" regarding Missouri NEA
          The Missouri Times:  KC Public Schools Superintendent Mark Bedell criticizes charter school legislation
          Columbia Missourian:  Problems in medical marijuana rollout cause tense discussion among lawmakers
          P-D:  Missouri House passes bill to honor Second Amendment rights on public transit
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate to debate asbestos litigation legislation
          KRES/KWIX:  Bill would extend co-op tax credits through 2027
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Roy Blunt was always good to Southwest Missouri
          P-D editorial:  Roy Blunt's departure speaks volumes about GOP's shift to the radical right
          KC Star editorial:  Does Blunt want to be remembered for defending the GOP or Trump?
          KC Star's Dave Helling:  Republicanism changed under Roy Blunt's feet, leaving him no place to stand
          SE Missourian's Adrienne Ross:  Farewell column, and a heartfelt thank you to the Rust family
          P-D op-ed:  R Street Institute's Anthony Lamorena:  Missouri's cash bail laws need changing
          P-D letter:  University City man says Gov. Parson sends vaccines to rural areas because of racism

        Monday, March 8, 2021
KRES/KWIX:  U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler discusses President Trump's future role in GOP
          SNL:  Republicans look ahead to 2022 elections at Greene County Lincoln Day
          Joplin Globe:  Local Republicans gather for Lincoln Day;  Billy Long calls size of stimulus unemployment handouts "ridiculous"
          Missouri Indpendent:  Missouri man who threatened Cleaver and Tennessee congressman will have a hearing today
          Missourinet:  After two decades, Missouri Supreme Court Judge Laura Denvir Stith retires today
          Missourinet:  Look for several late nights in the Missouri Senate this week;  House to begin discussion on congressional redistricting
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) wants all of unemployment overpayments forgiven
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) discusses Wayfair bill
          P-D:  New members added to Missouri House Conservation Committee ahead of controversial vote
          KC Star:  Reps. Derges, Price and Roeber are shunned by some, but still remain in office
          KC Star:  KC area kindergarten enrollment dropped amid COVID
          Missouri Independent:  Black Missourians underachieve in obtaining COVID vaccine
          KWMU:  Legislation to provide free tampons for convicts on hold;  Report from committee hearing held two weeks ago
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Legislative 'politics' stand in the way of improving prisoners' access to tampons
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin septuagenarian wants voter photo ID requirement
          P-D letter:  Creve Coeur man says Post-Dispatch editorial board shows prejudice against public funding for religious schools
          P-D letter:  Columbia, Illinois woman weighs in on Missouri driver-defense bill, details incident in which her injured son with cerebral palsy could not be reached by ambulance because of Black Lives Matter agitators

        Sunday, March 7, 2021
SNL:  Blunt, Hawley vote against Biden's $1.9 trillion pandemic aid bill
          KC Star:  Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker (D) expresses frustration with Black Lives Matter protesters who chose to "block traffic, and vandalize a car" during Saturday agitation
          Columbia Missourian:  More than half a million Missourians have received both doses of vaccine
          P-D:  Hundreds appear for one-shot vaccine option at north St. Louis County center
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri making state and local reports on China virus deaths match more closely by adding data on antigen tests
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Local law enforcement officials weigh in on House Bill 85 and Second Amendment freedoms
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) shares status of performance audit bill
          KC Star:  Operator of reform schools says he would "welcome" state registration requirement
          P-D:  Feds take over case involving Great Circle adventure camp worker accused of child porn
          Joplin Globe:  Miller murder straining state's death penalty defense teams
          P-D editorial:  In an inquiry about the insurrection, Hawley is oddly focused on communications
          P-D editorial:  Ignoring hypocrisy, Missouri lawmakers reach for any excuse to block wind energy
          Columbia Missourian's Mark Ossolinski:  How Missouri Republicans are challenging the federal government
          KC Star's Kaitlin Washburn and P-D's Rachel Rice:  "Missouri Gun Violence" advocacy series, sponsored by Missouri Foundation for Health and Report for America:  Black male suicide on the rise; Guns are to blame
          KC Star op-ed:  VFW State Commander Eric Sullivan:  Don't let Missouri lawmakers cheat sick veterans out of justice for asbestos exposure
          P-D letter:  Maryland Heights sexagenarian says Gov. Parson is "selling out" and accepting bribes from Chinese companies
          Columbia Missourian letter:  League of Women Voters septuagenarian says Missouri Republicans' voter ID proposal is racist, sexist, ageist, ableist, and classist

        Saturday, March 6, 2021
Missourinet:  Interview:  Hawley wants separate minimum wage hike, calls for immediate tax credit for blue-collar workers
          KRES/KWIX:  Hartzler has concerns with COVID relief package
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Ashley Aune (D-Kansas City)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Brian Seitz (R-Branson)
          SE Missourian:  Virus numbers continue significant drop
          KC Star:  Kansas City metro adds less than 75 new COVID-19 cases, deaths at local hospital down
          Missourinet:  Check out next week's mega coronavirus vaccination events in Missouri
          Missouri Independent:  Most Missouri mass vaccination events last week had unused doses, but waste was rare
          P-D:  Missouri rejiggering vaccine distribution protocols
          The Missouri Times:  Former House employee alleges he was fired for requesting mask mandate;  Tad Mayfield seeks jury-trial payday for "emotional pain and suffering," etc.
          Missouri Independent:  Lawsuit alleges Missouri House staffer was fired for complaining about lack of masks
          KRES/KWIX:  O'Laughlin disappointed that COVID liability bill does not include emergency clause
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) discusses support for ESA bill
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-O'Fallon), others discuss public defender funding
          Missouri Independent:  Dan Finney resigns seat on Missouri Gaming Commission
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) moving bill to help Marceline
          KC Star editorial:  Rep. Sam Graves complains about COVID-19 aid for farmers - but only if they're black
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Senate should join House in approving bill to create online financial database to increase fiscal transparency for local governments
          SE Missourian op-ed:  Peter Kinder:  Remembering Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech 75 years ago
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Phill Brooks:  Charter school legislative efforts vs. the Constitution

        Friday, March 5, 2021
KC Star:  U.S. Rep. Sam Graves (R) meets with Biden in Oval Office to discuss infrastructure plan
          SE Missourian:  Profile:  From southeast Missouri to the governor's office:  Robert Knodell
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Chris Brown (R-Kansas City)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Kurtis Gregory (R-Marshall)
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske recap:  2020 Dem AG primary silver medalist Elad Gross still pitching February report showing national GOP AG group invited Eric Schmitt's staff to a series of regular conference calls
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri general revenue remained strong in February, latest report says
          SE Missourian:  State unveils new vaccine program;  Even more vaccination events to be held in urban areas
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson:  Even more vaccination events will be catered to urban communities
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson:  Distributing COVID vaccines to as many Missouri pharmacies as possible will expand accessibility
          Missourinet:  Feds to prioritize teachers in retail pharmacy vaccine program
          Columbia Missourian:  K-12 teachers, child care workers eligible for immediate COVID-19 vaccination
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson announces five pharmacies in KC to have vaccine, with three more sites in surrounding area
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri will add antigen tests to its COVID report, increasing positive case counts
          SNL:  House OKs plan allowing state officials to restrict public health orders issued by local governments
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri House moves to forgive federal coronavirus unemployment overpayments
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House votes to forgive federal unemployment overpayments
          KWMU:  Missouri House approves unemployment overpayment forgiveness plan
          Columbia Missourian:  House passes bill to prevent collection of federal unemployment repayments
          KC Star:  Missouri House passes bill to forgive undeserved unemployment benefits
          P-D:  Some Missouri lawmakers look to make some pandemic-related voting changes permanent
          SNL:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) wants public vote on new rules ensuring biological males do not compete in girls' high school sports
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske preview:  Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-O'Fallon), others to discuss public defender funding
          Missouri Independent:  Interpersonal tension continues between two Missouri Gaming Commission members
          The Missouri Times:  PSC clarifies customer assistance program
          Washington Missourian:  Department of Corrections spokesperson:  Pacific prison to get garment factory
          Columbia Missourian:  Columbia NAACP holds town hall to list grievances regarding China virus within Department of Corrections
          JCNT:  NAACP complains about COVID in prisons
          KWMU:  Missouri Department of Conservation hopes videos recorded in Spanish will attract new visitors
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Doug Richey (R-Excelsior Springs):  We need to get COVID liability protections to governor's desk pronto
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County man calls Rush Limbaugh a pig
          P-D letter:  Former Ferguson-Florissant School Board President, who moved to Illinois, criticizes Missouri charter schools

        Thursday, March 4, 2021
KC Star:  Marionville man allegedly made threats against Tennessee Dem congressman in 2019 and Emanuel Cleaver in January
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Johnson & Johnson shot may see high use at mass vaccination events
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri to receive Johnson & Johnson vaccine in late March
          P-D:  St. Louis area hospitals may still be vaccinating seniors, rather than essential workers, in mid-March
          Columbia Missourian:  Wide ranging election proposals include eliminating presidential primary
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) believes an education package will be approved
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Bill allowing concealed carry on public transit perfected by House
          Columbia Missourian's Will Morris:  House bill allows concealed carry on public transit;  Comments from "Rep. Peter Meridith [sic]"
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate committee hears abortion bills
          P-D:  Republicans vote to protect businesses from local health orders
          KRES/KWIX:  House passes eminent domain bill;  Thoughts from Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville)
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Bunceton) on anhydrous regulation bill
          Columbia Missourian:  Senate committee hears testimony about medical marijuana patients and rationalizing why "food deserts" are to blame for poor diet choices
          JCNT:  Two bills would protect children from gender reassignment surgery, keep boys and girls from playing against opposite sex in high school sports;  LGBTQIA* activists unhappy
          Columbia Missourian:  At House hearing, two high school girls say they want to play on boys' teams
          Missouri Independent:  Committee hears debate on high school sports bill;  Woman complains that soccer-playing son was not allowed to join girls' team;  Former women's college basketball player says allowing men to compete against women is unfair to women
          P-D:  Activists weigh in on Basye's bill to protect female high school athletes
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri lawmakers consider cybersecurity commission
          SNL:  Sen. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove) to Congress:  Don't 'pack' the Supreme Court
          The Missouri Times:  Cancer group moves annual lobbying day to Zoom
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Women Legislators of Missouri hold college scholarship contest
          P-D editorial:  Apparently, 'safe and secure' elections aren't so safe and secure
          KC Star editorial:  Everyone knows Lamar Johnson is innocent. Why won't Missouri give him a new trial?
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton):  Federal flood policy needs to safeguard communities, taxpayer interests
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  Republican lawmakers cite debunked conspiracy theories, push unconstitutional voter ID bill
          KC Star letters:  Kansas City septuagenarian praises vaccination system;  CEAM's Johnnie Calloway praises charter schools;  Overland Park septuagenarian wants Gov. Parson to put on "big boy pants" and stop pushing for larger Missouri share of federal stimulus funds;  Kansas City man calls Hawley "subversive white bigot"
          P-D letter:  St. Louis man takes offense to Hawley's pro-America comments at CPAC

        Wednesday, March 3, 2021
KC Star:  Hawley asks FBI director about consumer data collected in Capitol riot investigation
          KC Star:  Blunt, Hawley vote to confirm Biden's pick for chair of Council of Economic Advisers
          SNL:  Eric Greitens makes appearance on St. Louis radio, criticizes Roy Blunt
          The Missouri Times:  Jesse Jackson's organization endorses black candidate in election for Kip Kendrick's open seat;  Attorney David Tyson Smith to join Democratic superminority after April election
          SE Missourian:  Coronavirus doses continue to flow into southeast Missouri
          P-D:  St. Louis-area COVID-19 patient counts hit lowest number in months;  doctors see 'light at the end of that proverbial tunnel'
          Missouri Independent:  Urban Missourians fail to step up and get vaccinated, consultant hired by state finds
          Joplin Globe:  Mass vaccination effort in Carthage draws hundreds;  Area residents explain process of putting in effort to sign up and get to site
          The Missouri Times:  Hough proposes largest income tax cut in Missouri history
          The Missouri Times:  Schatz's new bill would block some presidential executive actions
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate considering database of failing schools
          Missourinet:  Missouri senators seek to shine spotlight on underperforming schools
          KWMU:  Standardized testing will happen this year, and some teachers are unhappy
          Missouri Independent:  Democrats "concerned" about Medicaid spending bill, theorize about GOP tricks
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate debates time limit for product damage suits
          Columbia Missourian:  Capitol security the focus of House bill
          P-D:  "Baker bill" from Rep. Ben Baker (R-Neosho) would allow Missourians to sell homemade baked goods on the Internet
          P-D:  Bill from Sen. Doug Beck (D-Affton) would stop foreign companies from owning Missouri farmland
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Lawmakers files bills to rename highway after David Dorn
          KRES/KWIX:  Prescribed burn legislation from Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) moving forward in Missouri House
          Missourinet:  Convicted murderer Lamar Johnson's appeal rejected by Missouri Supreme Court;  AG Eric Schmitt and Kim Gardner are on opposite sides in case
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Supreme Court denies murderer a new trial
          KC Star editorial:  If you're afraid of nationalized elections, blame Donald Trump and Eric Schmitt
          KC Star editorial:  KC business, health leaders see hope on the COVID horizon
          P-D editorial:  Cities are slighted in Missouri's vaccine distribution. It's time for a new model.
          Missouri Independent:  Former Paul LeVota intern Taylor Hirth:  As a former Missouri Capitol intern, the latest scandals come as no surprise
          KC Star letter:  Kansas sexagenarian criticizes Missouri's Josh Hawley, attempts analogy involving a child murdering its parents
          SE Missourian letter:  Jackson, Mo. union boss:  Form letter:  End 'right-to-work' laws
          Lincoln Journal-Star, Feb. 17:  Lincoln, Nebraska union boss:  Form letter:  End 'right-to-work' laws
          Lisbon Morning Journal, Feb. 18:  Ohio postal union boss:  Form letter:  End 'right-to-work' laws
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        Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Joplin Globe:  Josh Hawley among speakers for Jasper-Newton County Lincoln Day dinner this Saturday
          CNN:  Hawley says he evaluates Biden cabinet nominees "one at a time"
          KC Star:  Gov. Parson says Biden's stimulus package formula shortchanges Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  DHSS' Williams:  Missourians could return to normal activities by summer
          SE Missourian:  Nearly 500k Missourians have completed coronavirus vaccine regimen
          P-D:  Missouri expects 50,000 J&J vaccine doses this week
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson announces adjustments to Missouri's vaccine distribution model;  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D) wants more attention for "black and brown" people
          SNL:  Gov. Mike Parson reverses last of 2020-21 budget cuts, citing improving economy
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri schools to receive $123 million as Gov. Parson releases budget withholdings
          KWMU:  Gov. Parson releases all budget funds previously withheld at height of pandemic
          The Missouri Times:  House perfects coronavirus unemployment overpayment waiver
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) pleased with COVID liability legislation
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) talks ESA bill passage, changes made during process
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) explains why she voted against House Bill 349
          Washington Missourian:  State's proposed school funding legislation 'disgusting' to Washington School Board members
          Missourinet:  Proposal from Rep. Dottie Bailey (R-Eureka) would allow Missouri voters - not the governor - to decide who sits on the state board of education
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposal from Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) would protect high school girls from boys seeking to compete against them in sports
          Fox 2 (St. Louis):  Video:  Lawmakers plan to investigate high beef prices affecting Missouri cattlemen;  Rep. David Gregory (R-Sunset Hills) leads legislative effort
          Brownfield Ag News:  Rep. David Gregory (R-Sunset Hills) calls for cattle market investigation
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House considers multijurisdictional law enforcement evaluation
          Washington Missourian:  County opts back into prescription drug monitoring program
          SNL:  Former House Budget Chair Allen Icet (R-Wildwood) appointed Greene County Collector after billing delays
          P-D editorial:  Hawley's act falls deservedly flat even among like-minded conservatives
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Instead of voter ID, Missouri lawmakers should focus their energies on making voting more accessible
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  Hawley's support for Trump will hurt him with Missouri voters
          P-D op-ed:  Missouri Public Health Association's Lynelle Phillips:  Missouri lawmakers going after the wrong foe with restrictions on county health offices
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Rep. Chad Perkins (R-Bowling Green):  Some education reform policies are great for rural schools - so why are they complaining?
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County octogenarian says it's a bad idea to encourage "us old people" to use online vaccine sign-ups since "grandchild or neighbors" must be used to figure out computers

        Monday, March 1, 2021
March 2020 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2019 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2018 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2017 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2016 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2015 Missouri political news headlines
          March 2014 Missouri political news headlines
          Columbia Missourian:  Museum leaders meet with congressional staffers, want more federal money
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  DHSS Director Randall Williams and Gov. Parson's Chief of Staff Robert Knodell join Scott Faughn to discuss vaccine rollout;  Panel of Reps. Ashley Aune (D-Kansas City), Betsy Fogle (D-Springfield), Aaron Griesheimer (R-Washington), and Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin talk vaccine distribution, mask mandates, charter schools
          Missourinet:  Mass vaccination clinics scheduled for today in four Missouri towns
          SNL:  Essential workers' access to vaccine could be limited by supply constraints
          P-D:  Union capo, others complain about turnover at DSS' Children's Division
          Missourinet:  What we're watching this week in the Missouri Legislature
          SNL:  Missouri House OKs plan for private school, home school scholarships
          Missourinet:  Senate Education Committee to hear bill to close underperforming schools
          Missouri Independent:  School choice bills face both success and gridlock in Missouri
          SNL:  GOP lawmakers look to revive voter ID law
          SNL:  Sen. Eric Burlison (R-Battlefield) introduces 'right to work' legislation
          KWMU:  Fight continues over eminent domain for utility line across Missouri
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  After violent riots, Missouri lawmakers seek to protect police;  Comments from Sen. Bill Eigel, "a St. Charles [sic] Republican"
          SNL:  Sen. Lincoln Hough (R-Springfield) wants tougher penalty for letting feral hogs loose
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Missouri stalking laws need to be updated
          St. Joseph News-Press editorial:  Missouri voters deserve a chance to decide on pre-existing conditions protections
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri needs coronavirus doses where more people live
          P-D editorial:  Missouri Senate sees a one-way street for accountability for lawbreakers
          P-D's Bill McClellan:  Some Missourians love us from afar;  Rex Sinquefield, not Rush Limbaugh, deserves state's honor
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County sexagenarian expresses gratitude for state's successful mass vaccination event at UMSL
          P-D letter:  Hillsboro septuagenarian opposes GOP proposal to protect drivers who hit human roadblocks
          P-D letter:  Ballwin septuagenarian opposes charter school bill, wants to see more taxes
          P-D letter:  St. Louis County octogenarian says Rush Limbaugh accomplished nothing to warrant celebrating his life
          KC Star letters:  Greenwood septuagenarian thanks KC Star for efforts to counter Missouri's GOP legislative supermajority

        Sunday, February 28, 2021
KC Star:  Social justice group says KC area Proud Boys membership totals roughly forty (40) men across region;  Various liberal males share feelings and fears about massive posse's harrowing threat
          USA Today:  Gun control advocacy series:  Missouri's percentage increase of mass shootings ranks far below national average
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Sean Pouche (R-Parkville)
          Brownfield Ag News:  FFA Week proclamation from Gov. Parson, Lt. Gov. Kehoe delivered on tractors
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson's budget proposal aims to reduce Missouri Public Defender Wait list
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) meets with education leaders, addresses "piece of the pie" funding myth
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) explains approach to unemployment overpayments
          Brownfield Ag News:  Missouri House passes bill against eminent domain use
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown) talks COVID liability, says every business is essential
          JCNT:  Rapid COVID-19 tests benefit mid-Missouri schools
          P-D:  Hundreds of St. Louis residents get vaccinations Saturday
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibail) continues push for Hannibal bypass
          Joplin Globe:  Missouri PSC opens investigation into power interruptions during recent cold snap
          P-D editorial:  State legislators find creative new ways for taxpayers to fund private schools
          P-D letter:  St. Louis woman bashes Josh Hawley, claims to be "lifelong Republican and Catholic"
          P-D letter:  Pacific octogenarian says Missouri Republicans cannot win elections without "manipulating the voter rolls"

        Saturday, February 27, 2021
The Hill:  Josh Hawley gets boisterous ovation at CPAC:  "I'm here today, I'm not going anywhere and I'm not backing down"
          Missouri Independent:  Judge puts off ruling in Missouri gaming machine case
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Legal roundtable discusses Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch's Twitter case, Sunshine Law suits, more
          P-D:  Todd Richardson taking temporary leave of absence to spend time with family
          KC Star:  Missouri Highway Patrol investigating abuse allegations at southwest Missouri reform school
          P-D:  More than 100 being laid off at Webster Groves youth treatment facility
          Missourinet:  Next week's mass vaccination events in Missouri have been scheduled
          Missouri Independent:  State officials counter misinformation regarding southeast Missouri vaccination event
          KC Star:  KC metro's rolling average of COVID-19 cases falls again
          SE Missourian:  State moving to next coronavirus vaccine group
          KWMU:  Missouri officials find contagious coronavirus variant in 15 wastewater testing sites
          KC Star:  COVID-19 variants from UK and California detected in Missouri wastewater
          KC Star:  Young illegal with autism receives special immigration status;  Judge rules Missouri child welfare must keep custody of Mexican alien
          P-D:  Missouri ordered to pay legal fees after losing licensing case against Planned Parenthood
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri 911 Board invests $2 million in modernization
          The Missouri Times:  PSC investigates cold snap's effect on utilities
          P-D:  Spire look to 'further unify' Missouri rates
          The Missouri Times:  PSC considers response to new federal regulations
          KC Star editorial:  No, Josh Hawley, we don't hate America if we want to learn from history's mistakes
          P-D editorial briefs:  Praising pet protection bill, bashing Rush Limbaugh's "dark legacy"
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Prioritizing vaccines for Missouri teachers recognizes their role as essential workers
          KC Star's Bryan Lowry:  Josh Hawley minimizes racism's role in U.S. history
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Missouri Farm Bureau President Garrett Hawkins:  A few of the recommendations we've shared with Missouri's congressional delegation
          P-D "The Bottom Line" video series:  Semi-retired business reporters David Nicklaus and Jim Gallagher say state should let undeserving benefit recipients keep money
          P-D letter:  Ladue octogenarian theorizes that Josh Hawley had secret knowledge of Capitol rioters' plans
          P-D letter:  Clayton septuagenarian offers smorgasboard of Rush Limbaugh's funniest quotes
          P-D letter:  Frontenac octogenarian responds to Post-Dispatch editorial from five (5) weeks ago, bashes Republican state lawmakers for opposing mask mandate

        Friday, February 26, 2021
SE Missourian:  Rush Limbaugh laid to rest
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri activating next tier of coronavirus vaccine distribution mid-March
          JCNT:  Missouri to begin next COVID-19 vaccination tier in March
          Missourinet:  Missouri vaccination update:  Get ready teachers, childcare centers, grocery workers
          Missourinet:  Missouri has now completed 68 mass vaccination clinics
          Joplin Globe:  K-12 teachers, other 'critical infrastructure' workers to be eligible for vaccine by March 15
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri moving to next vaccination group March 15
          KWMU:  Missouri to offer COVID-19 vaccine to teachers and essential workers in March
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri teachers, childcare workers eligible for COVID vaccine by mid-March
          P-D:  Missouri to expand vaccination effort in mid-March
          KC Star:  Teachers groups praise Gov. Parson's decision on teacher vaccinations
          SNL:  Missouri teachers, 'essential workers' eligible for COVID-19 vaccine starting March 15
          KC Star:  Southeast Missouri town, lacking large retail or convenience store space, holds successful mass vaccination event at Knights of Columbus
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Republicans look to protect election integrity through voter ID requirement
          The Missouri Times:  House narrowly passes ESA bill
          Missourinet:  Missouri House narrowly passes private schooling tax credit bill
          P-D:  In historic vote, school choice proposal wins final approval in Missouri House
          KC Star:  Missouri House passes school choice bill
          KWMU's Jaclyn Driscoll:  Missouri House OKs state-sponsored scholarships for private schools;  Comments from "Rep. Phil Christophanelli [sic]"
          KRES/KWIX:  Putnam County superintendent opposes Senate Bill 55
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes law enforcement, protester-accountability bills
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) pleased with progress of performance audit bill
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House passes eminent domain bill
          The Missouri Times:  Derges asks Republican colleagues to help her bills
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown) says bill could help eliminate some telemarketing calls and e-mails
          KC Star:  ACLU sues as Missouri is set to release autistic Mexican illegal from foster care
          P-D editorial:  Josh Hawley feigns outrage as he attacks a retired black Army general
          SE Missourian editorial:  Gov. Parson is right - new behavioral hospital is a big win for patients, region
          KC Star editorial:  New Missouri Minutemen force is pointless
          SE Missourian Rush Limbaugh memorial issue op-ed:  Peter Kinder:  His dad's responsible (originally published May 25, 1993)
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Health Care for All's Jen Bersdale:  Gov. Parson needs to show more "compassionate leadership"
          KC Star op-ed:  Local "social justice activist and political strategist" Justin Horn:  Basye's bill to ban high school boys from competing against girls in sports hurts transgenders
          P-D letter:  Oakville sexagenarian opposes honoring Rush Limbaugh, cites radio entertainer's criticism of "Barrack [sic]" Obama
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City septuagenarian says state should do more to help autistic Mexican illegal, says it's not alien's fault mother smuggled him here

        Thursday, February 25, 2021
P-D:  Illegal alien gets free pass from Biden administration, flees Maplewood hideout
          KWMU:  Honduran illegal leaves Maplewood hideout
          JCNT:  Retired Cole County Judge Richard Callahan to prosecute McCloskeys
          KC Star:  "4 Star Politics" video:  Gov. Parson talks with Dave Helling and John Holt about COVID-19 vaccinations, reopening schools, unemployment benefits, more
          Missouri Independent:  Gov. Parson hints COVID vaccine eligibility could expand
          KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Jo Doll (D-Webster Groves) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about early impressions of serving in superminority, COVID vaccine distribution, reopening schools, charter school legislation, more
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House passes voter ID bill
          KWMU:  Missouri House approves legislation requiring photo ID to vote
          Columbia Missourian:  COVID-19 stimulus checks would be exempt from taxes under Missouri bill
          Missourinet:  Proposal from Rep. Dave Griffith (R-Jefferson City) is aimed at helping disabled veterans
          KC Star:  Missouri House advances school choice bill
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri House passes education savings account bill
          Columbia Missourian's Caitlin King and Adam Satrya Jackson:  Lawmakers debate school choice;  Comments from "Rep. Peter Meredith [sic]", others
          Columbia Missourian:  GOP bill would protect medical marijuana recipients' anonymity - and Second Amendment rights
          KWMU:  Some undeserving recipients of unemployment benefits are appealing - and winning
          Columbia Missourian:  Committee passes bill on faith-based youth homes
          Missouri Independent:  1913 ruling seen as key to Missouri illegal gambling cases
          Columbia Missourian:  House Emerging Issues Committee entertains discussion of teacher licenses, doorstep-package thieves, more
          KRES/KWIX:  Legislation may allow Missouri restaurants to permanently sell cocktails to-go;  Thoughts from Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville)
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Gaming Commission holds regular monthly meeting, discusses report
          KC Star:  KC's weekly average for new COVID cases dips below 200 for first time since July
          KC Star:  "It makes me so angry":  Mayor Quinton Lucas expresses frustration at large percentage of white Kansas City residents receiving vaccine
          SNL:  AG Eric Schmitt's office wins $170,000 restitution case against timeshare exit company
          P-D:  Missouri PSC launches investigation after energy rates soared in storm
          Washington Missourian editorial:  Public defenders underfunded, understaffed
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Jeff Smith:  A look at the factors influencing Roy Blunt's 2022 re-election
          KC Star's Jeanne Kuang:  House Republicans push voter ID bill despite fact that claims of illegitimate votes have been debunked
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Leadwood, Mo. parent Julie Smith:  Fix MOCAP now and empower families through school choice
          P-D letter:  Glendale man says Rush Limbaugh does not deserve recognition from state
          KC Star letter:  Kansas City sexagenarian calls Rush Limbaugh a "blowhard," says radio star "never got what he deserved"

        Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Missourinet:  Blunt honors officers affected by Capitol violence
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson, GOP governors call on Biden to reverse fuel order
          SE Missourian:  Gov. Parson calls new hospital "a win" for mental health in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  Senate passes COVID liability bill
          Columbia Missourian:  Missouri Senate passes COVID-19 liability protections
          KWMU:  COVID-19 liability protection clears Missouri Senate, won't take effect until August
          The Missouri Times:  Two state reps say Vescovo threatened their bills over charter school legislation
          Missourinet:  Missouri Senate puts off vote on giant K-12 education package
          P-D:  Missouri Senate takes up sweeping education proposal that would expand charter schools
          SE Missourian:  Cape Girardeau School District Superintendent Neil Glass, technology instructional specialist create presentation to criticize charter school proposal
          Columbia Missourian:  Proposal from Rep. Dottie Bailey (R-Eureka) could strip governor of power to appoint education board members
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill from Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) would allow recall of school board members
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) hoping for core funding increase for higher education
          The Missouri Times:  Tempers flare as House Corrections committee abruptly canceled
          P-D:  Senate gives preliminary approval to bill that creates new protections for police, increases penalties for protesters who break the law
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Senate approves bill to hold lawbreaking protesters accountable
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Legislature considers social media censorship bills following national trend
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill from Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) would incentivize filmmakers to shoot in Missouri
          Missourinet:  Conservation officials:  proposal to expand Conservation Commission threatens future of conservation in Missouri
          Columbia Missourian:  Grain Belt Express again the target of Missouri House
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri Gaming Commission chairman, long-time member at odds over need for Graves Garrett investigation
          Missourinet:  Several mega coronavirus vaccination events planned this week in Missouri
          P-D:  After weather delay, St. Louis County gets delivery of 6,000 vaccine doses
          SE Missourian:  COVID-19 vaccinations resume in southeast Missouri
          Missourinet:  St. Louis County Democrat wants teachers moved from tier three vaccination level to tier two
          Columbia Missourian:  Some black Missourians hesitant to get COVID vaccine;  white people's ancestors to blame
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Legislative Black Caucus seeks info on COVID vaccine plan for blacks
          Columbia Missourian:  COVID-19 variants in Missouri:  Wastewater tells better story
          SNL:  Missouri extends deadlines after most medical marijuana businesses failed to open on time
          SNL:  MoDOT offers tips for dealing with potholes, how to get them fixed
          KRES/KWIX:  Conservation agent reminds fishermen to renew state permits
          KC Star:  Elad Gross, who lost 2020 Democratic primary for attorney general to unknown Rich Finneran, releases report showing national GOP AG group invited Eric Schmitt's staff to a series of regular conference calls
          Missouri Independent:  Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem rules governor's office broke no laws by redacting confidential info;  Former Democratic AG candidate Elad Gross upset
          KC Star editorial:  Allowing concealed carry on KC buses is a terrible idea
          P-D editorial:  Don't let Missouri's utility industry strangle solar energy incentives
          SE Missourian editorial:  Volunteers have played helpful role in vaccination process
          P-D op-ed:  Former state Sen. Ted House (D-St. Charles):  School vouchers would destroy public schools in Missouri
          KC Star's Laura Bauer:  As time begins to run out for autistic Mexican illegal, state could do the right thing and help
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Lawsuit seeks to protect federal disability income from covering court fees
          P-D letter:  Webster Groves octogenarian finds Blunt's position against impeaching former president "disturbing"
          P-D letter:  National Association of Black Social Workers president calls Rush Limbaugh a "racist" and "white supremacist," wants NAACP to reinstate "travel advisory" against Missouri

        Tuesday, February 23, 2021
This Week in Missouri Politics:  Peter Kinder talks about the loss of Rush Limbaugh;  Panel of Reps. Tom Hannegan (R-St. Charles) and Bridget Walsh Moore (D-St. Louis City), Gregg Keller, St. Louis City alderman Tom Oldenburg debate COVID orders, vaccine distribution, charter schools
          The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri in line for $4.5 billion from federal stimulus bill
          KWMU:  U.S. Rep. Cori Bush sponsors bill to grant permanent residency to Honduran illegal
          P-D:  Cori Bush files bill to grant residency to illegal alien
          KRES/KWIX:  Proposal from Rep. Ben Baker (R-Neosho) would move some local elections to later in the year;  Thoughts from Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton)
          KRES/KWIX:  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) expects Senate to pass some version of Senate Bill 55
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) previews action-packed week in Education Committee, shares COVID-19 experience
          The Missouri Times:  Bill from Rep. Dale Wright (R-Farmington) would increase pharmaceutical industry transparency
          The Missouri Times:  Senate perfects bill addressing protests, investigations of law enforcement officers
          Columbia Missourian:  Under proposed law, Missouri would contribute to FBI database on police use of force
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Senate bill seeks to add pets to orders of protection
          P-D:  Pets could be added to orders of protection under proposal in Missouri Senate
          P-D:  Missouri public defender calls on lawmakers to fund office
          JCNT:  Gov. Parson recognizes supermarket employees
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson thanks grocery workers while touring Hy-Vee coronavirus vaccine site
          P-D:  St. Louis area counties preparing to deliver thousands of vaccines postponed by storm
          SE Missourian:  COVID vaccinations continue
          Missouri Independent:  77-year-old Independence woman successfully navigates vaccination process
          KC Star:  KC's Cerner helping create vaccine passport - a crucial step in returning to normal
          KWMU:  Federal grant helps Missouri judges learn the science of COVID-19
          KWMU:  Missouri Department of Agriculture looks to update pesticide training
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri's broken public defender system must be fixed
          SE Missourian's Adrienne Ross:  'If you don't have anything nice to say' about Rush Limbaugh, say nothing
          Columbia Missourian's Ken Midkiff:  Vicky Hartzler not representing "sane people"
          Columbia Missourian's Adam Satrya Jackson:  Voter fraud is very rare, and Missouri lawmakers cannot provide any evidence of it
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Renew Missouri's James Owen:  Missouri lawmakers must have facts on solar before acting
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Wake Forest University Law School dean:  Gov. Parson should pardon murderer Patty Prewitt

        Monday, February 22, 2021
Webster-Kirkwood Times:  "A little crazy":  SLU professor/Dem pollster Ken Warren says Cori Bush's "defund the police" and "defund the military" rhetoric is "not smart"
          Missourinet:  Rep. Chuck Basye (R-Rocheport) back at Capitol after recovering from COVID
          KRES/KWIX:  Rep. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) on Senate Bill 55 and charter schools
          Missourinet:  Proposal to elect Missouri Conservation Commissioners goes before House committee today
          Missourinet:  Missouri prison system could move officer training from classroom to real-world setting
          Washington Missourian:  Franklin County's second medical marijuana shop opens
          AP:  Missouri medical marijuana lawyers worry about discipline
          KOMU:  Missouri surpasses 1 million COVID vaccinations;  Health leaders praise Gov. Parson's leadership, administration
          CDT:  Boone County health official:  COVID-19 trends in county 'encouraging'
          P-D editorial:  To rehabilitate his public image, Hawley should focus on shutting down opioid addiction rehab centers
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri has too many older, low-risk prisoners behind bars. GOP bill would help.
          KC Star's Derek Donovan:  Liberals misunderstood Rush Limbaugh, but Missouri can't honor him with a special day
          P-D's Tony Messenger:  Judge puts Missouri Legislature on alert:  Fund the public defender's office, or else
          Joplin Globe op-ed:  Rik Hafer:  Missouri's economy tied to education levels
          P-D letter:  St. Louis reader hopes Post-Dispatch editorial board's incessant barrage of "orange-man-bad" venom and anti-Republican hatred makes writers feel good
          P-D letter:  St. Louis sexagenarian offers psychoanalysis of Roy Blunt, Josh Hawley
          P-D letter:  St. Louis woman wants Gov. Parson to apologize to Alex Garza

        Sunday, February 21, 2021
KC Star:  GOP leaders discuss grassroots support for Trump post-presidency:  Thoughts from Jean Evans, Sens. Eric Burlison and Mike Cierpiot
          P-D:  St. Louis area man arrested in connection to Capitol riot
          Brownfield Ag News:  At Missouri Farm Bureau event, Gov. Parson and Ag Director Chris Chinn discuss legislative priorities for agriculture
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) says budget work will be more difficult next year
          Joplin Globe:  Rep. Lane Roberts (R-Joplin) seeks to tighten stalking laws
          Columbia Missourian:  Sen. Andrew Koenig (R-Manchester) seeks increase in tax credit for domestic violence shelter donations
          P-D:  Thousands get first COVID-19 shot at vaccination event at UMSL
          P-D:  Some elderly, sick in St. Louis area seize opportunity to travel and get vaccine
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update
          SNL:  AG Eric Schmitt's office cracks down on Springfield fence company accused of bilking customers
          P-D's Bill McClellan:  Plain-speaking Gov. Parson pays tribute to the suffragettes, but it could have been more clearly worded
          St. Joseph News-Press op-ed:  Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd:  No gray area:  Gambling machines are illegal
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Missouri Association for Museums and Archives' Linda Endersby:  Remind state legislators of museums' importance
          KC Star's Laura Bauer:  Missouri about to let young man with autism become homeless
          P-D letter:  University City sexagenarian blames some Missourians' poor health on "stresses of poverty" and lack of Medicaid expansion
          P-D letter:  Central West End sexagenarian encourages Gov. Parson to be creative on vaccine distribution, suggests free vaccines to anyone who shuttles olds or the handicapped to vaccine centers

        Saturday, February 20, 2021
KWMU:  Census delay could mean later candidate filing and elections for Missouri
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Blunt leads Missouri congressional delegation in pressing feds to probe natural gas prices
          Missouri Independent:  DSCC still pushing Sunshine Law suit against Hawley, filed after Hawley defeated Claire McCaskill
          P-D:  Cori Bush holds second "swearing-in" for herself in St. Louis, condemns St. Louis' role in westward expansion and slavery
          P-D:  Photo gallery:  Kim Gardner performs symbolic "swearing-in" 7 weeks after real swearing-in;  youth ensemble bangs on bongos;  Human with multi-colored hair reads its poem;  More
          SNL:  Another Springfield man arrested in connection with riot at U.S. Capitol
          KC Star:  Two more Missouri men arrested Friday, charged with crimes in Jan. 6 Capitol riot
          Missourinet:  Rep. Hardy Billington (R-Poplar Bluff) proposes Rush Limbaugh Day each January 12 in Missouri
          P-D:  'Rush Limbaugh Day' could be coming to Missouri
          SNL:  Greene County GOP nominates former House Budget Chair Allen Icet (R-Wildwood) for Collector's office
          KC Star:  Indicted Missouri lawmaker brings high-profile attorney Al Watkins to her defense
          P-D:  Judge says waiting list for clients of Missouri public defenders is unconstitutional
          KC Star:  Judge rules Missouri's waiting list for public defenders violates constitution
          P-D:  Despite federal law, group says Missouri is not extending foster care
          Missouri Independent:  House Dems want access to report on Missouri Gaming Commission;  Commission says information falls under attorney-client privilege
          Missouri Independent:  For disability-rights advocate Sara Hart Weir, advising on Missouri vaccine plan is personal
          SNL:  11% of Missourians have received COVID-19 vaccine doses
          P-D:  COVID-19 rates continue to decline in Missouri and Illinois
          KC Star:  Regional China virus update
          The Missouri Times:  PSC dismisses utility acquisition request
          P-D editorial brief:  State GOP lawmakers correct to forgive unemployment overpayments
          JCNT editorial:  Less traffic, more fatalities
          SE Missourian's Lucas Presson:  Rush Limbaugh lived with enthusiasm and eternal hope
          Phill Brooks:  Punishment of legislators
          The Missouri Times op-ed:  Environment Missouri's Bridget Sanderson:  Missouri bill would require John Deere, other equipment manufacturers to give away access to machines' source codes
          P-D letter:  St. Peters sexagenarian says Blunt and Hawley are responsible for people who will be "hurt, maimed or killed" in the future
          P-D letter:  Middlebury, Conn. sexagenarian wants Missourians to know she disapproves of Hawley "doodling" during Senate debate

        Friday, February 19, 2021
CNN:  U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer asks good questions during the GameStop congressional hearing
          KC Star:  Pelosi's pick to lead investigation into Capitol unrest called Hawley a "little piece of sh!t with his Yale law degree"
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri cities, counties in line for millions from federal COVID relief bill
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri congressional delegation urges federal fuel supply review
          SNL:  Gov. Parson:  State 'will not tolerate' energy price gouging amid winter storm, blackouts
          Missourinet:  Congressional delegation, Gov. Parson offer thoughts on energy issues
          The Missouri Times:  Energy, infrastructure, broadband:  Governor, Ag Director Chris Chinn lay out agriculture priorities at Missouri Farm Bureau's annual event
          The Missouri Times:  Rep. Lane Roberts (R-Joplin) touts police training reimbursement proposal to increase officers in Missouri
          Missourinet:  Missouri could soon catch up on its jail reimbursement debt
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson's budget proposal would close half of housing units within Missouri women's prison
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Rep. Cheri Toalson Reisch (R-Hallsville), Riverfront Times' Danny Wicentowski discuss GOP proposal to give drug offenders a chance at parole
          Missouri Independent:  After a pandemic enrollment drop, Missouri educators are trying to find 'missing' students
          Missourinet:  Nearly 1,000 people died in Missouri traffic crashes in 2020
          P-D:  Despite traffic decline, deaths on Missouri roadways soared last year, state says
          The Missouri Times:  Gov. Parson, first lady receive coronavirus vaccine
          SNL:  Gov. Parson, first lady got first dose of COVID-19 vaccine last week
          JCNT:  Missouri continues vaccinations despite winter storms
          JCNT:  State sticking with current vaccination plan, despite some teachers' demands to be vaccinated immediately
          P-D:  Missouri health director, hospitals update St. Louis County Council on vaccine distribution
          P-D:  Breed-specific dog bans targeted by Missouri lawmakers
          JCNT:  Missouri Department of Conservation offers pond management workshop
          P-D editorial:  Rush Limbaugh changed politics for the worse, but there's no denying his influence
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Answers needed for Missouri regarding power crisis
          SE Missourian op-ed:  Jeff Long:  My unusual connection with Rush Limbaugh:  Radio program scheduling, Mary Frances Kinder's funeral, and Rush's help in getting a church back on its feet
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield septuagenarian opposes proposal to allow gun owners to protect themselves on MetroLink

        Thursday, February 18, 2021
The Missouri Times:  'Son of Missouri" Rush Limbaugh dies from cancer complications
          SE Missourian:  Rush Limbaugh, Cape native and broadcasting pioneer, dies;  Thoughts from lifelong friend Peter Kinder, others
          SE Missourian:  Widow tells audience about Rush Limbaugh's death
          Missourinet:  Missouri native Rush Limbaugh has died
          Missourinet:  Former Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley (R-Perryville) reflects on 2012 induction of Rush Limbaugh into Hall of Famous Missourians
          Twitter:  Gov. Parson offers prayers for Limbaugh's family;  Liberals, failed Democratic candidates reply to "celebrate" cancer, mock governor, taunt Limbaugh's family
          Columbia Missourian:  Hartzler visits vaccination site, talks federal stimulus
          KC Star:  Cleaver has big goals for housing policy under Biden
          SE Missourian:  Ameren Missouri extends energy conservation request through Friday
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Willard Haley (R-Eldon)
          Missourinet:  Schatz says state senators may have some longer evenings to make up for missed snow week;  emphasizes safety
          KC Star:  House committee passes bill to raise standard for changing constitution
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Moberly) says foundation formula will be fully funded
          Missouri Independent:  Pandemic could help pave the way for school choice in Missouri
          The Missouri Times:  Bills to forgive unemployment overpayments pass House committee
          Columbia Missourian:  Bill would allow recipients to keep much of overpaid unemployment benefits
          Missouri Independent:  Missouri House committee votes to forgive unemployment debts
          P-D:  Plan to waive collection of unemployment overpayments advances in Missouri House
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri House considering solar power fees
          P-D:  Missourians with solar panels could see electric bills rise under House bill
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  Lawmakers advance first responder doxing bill
          The Missouri Times:  Capitol Briefs:  House perfects bill to permanently offer mixed drinks to-go
          P-D:  Pandemic-inspired take-out booze rule could become permanent in Missouri
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  House Bill 153 to help cut red tape for Missouri farmers
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Tim Taylor (R-Bunceton) says prescribed burn bill making progress
          P-D:  Proposal to limit police techniques up for debate in House
          Columbia Missourian:  Lawmakers discuss officer-involved deaths and limiting effective restraint techniques
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Missouri anglers set for opening of trout season
          KC Star:  Gun-control forum recap:  Panelists say state lawmakers should spend more taxpayer money on urban health care, "food security," etc.
          KC Star editorial:  Missouri police do a difficult job, but don't need their own 'bill of rights'
          SE Missourian op-ed:  John Brunner:  School choice is a winning issue for all Missourians to pursue the American Dream
          Bob Priddy:  Thoughts on consistency of neighborhood snow, state employee pay raises, sarcastic take on Second Amendment Preservation Act (921 words)
          Columbia Missourian op-ed:  Area woman describes feeling "exhausted, confused, disillusioned, angry" and opposes GOP efforts to rein in local health agencies
          Columbia Missourian letter:  "Sustainabile Environmental Advisory Committee" member expresses her disdain for coal and Roy Blunt
          P-D letter:  Dittmer septuagenarian calls Blunt and Hawley traitors
          Joplin Globe letter:  Joplin sexagenarian calls Hawley self-entitled and self-important
          P-D letter:  Warson Woods sexagenarian says Gov. Parson was too busy campaigning in 2020 to plan vaccine distribution
          P-D letter:  O'Fallon septuagenarian details visit to Versailles to receive vaccine, complains about locals not wearing masks

        Wednesday, February 17, 2021   MoDOT Traveler Map
SNL:  Here's what we're watching for Missouri's 2022 U.S. Senate race
          KC Star:  Under Biden plan, Missouri would get $2.8 billion in state aid and $2.5 billion in local aid
          The Missouri Times:  What to know about rolling blackouts during winter storms
          SE Missourian:  Energy companies recommend conservation of electricity, natural gas;  rolling blackouts not expected
          P-D:  Ameren officials say rolling blackouts not expected
          JCNT:  Rolling blackouts not expected in mid-Missouri
          KC Star:  Market realities affect natural gas customers
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri enhances Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
          The Missouri Time:  Missouri reroutes vaccines after weather halts mass vaccination events
          P-D:  Mass vaccination event still on for Saturday on UMSL campus in St. Louis County
          SNL:  Some Missouri teachers complain about waiting their turn for COVID vaccine
          Missouri Independent:  Republicans seek to raise standards for changing state's constitution
          JCNT:  Rep. Sara Walsh (R-Ashland), advocates try to reach agreement on child care
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Sen. Cindy O'Laughlin (R-Shelbina) says despite misinformation from trial attorneys, COVID liability bill will pass
          Missourinet:  Sen. Greg Razer (D-Kansas City) wants more state spending on higher ed
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) talks Wayfair, personal property tax, education bills
          KWMU:  St. Louis on the Air with Sarah Fenske:  Show promo:  New season of We Live Here to focus on "environmental racism"
          Joplin Globe editorial:  Lawmakers should listen to Lane Roberts on Second Amendment Preservation Act
          SNL letters:  Springfield sexagenarian compares Hawley to Greitens;  Ferguson sexagenarian mocks Hawley's complaint about liberals showing up at his home;  Springfield sexagenarian compares Trump, Hawley and Billy Long to Hitler;  Springfield sexagenarian says Hawley does not love America;  Springfield octogenarian objects to Hawley's objection to Electoral College results
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield octogenarian disagrees with Blunt and Hawley, says democracy is about to end
          P-D letter:  Greentop sexagenarian theorizes that Gov. Parson mispronounced Garza's name in effort to send subliminal message to Trump supporters
          Joplin Globe letter:  Neosho woman opposes charter schools

        Tuesday, February 16, 2021
KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Vicky Hartzler, ranking member of military subcommittee, explains priorities for Whiteman and Fort Leonard Wood
        The Missouri Times:  This Week in Missouri Politics recap:  Wiemann on vaccine distribution, personal property tax, Wayfair;  Barklage, Lovasco, McCreery on Second Amendment Preservation Act, vaccines, more
        KWMU:  Politically Speaking podcast:  Rep. Bill Hardwick (R-Waynesville) talks with Jason Rosenbaum about Second Amendment Preservation Act, Fort Leonard Wood, and early impressions of legislative life
        Missourinet:  All state offices closed in Missouri today
        The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate, House pause session due to inclement weather
        Missourinet:  Missouri Senate cancels session all week due to snow and ice
        SNL:  Missouri Senate cancels session for the week amid cold temperatures, snowy roads
        The Missouri Times:  Missouri utilities ask customers to conserve energy during winter storm
        KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Ed Lewis (R-Hannibal) following school choice debate closely
        KC Star:  Remote learning renews fight for school choice in Missouri
        P-D:  Move to release older prisoners in Missouri could advance in House
        Missouri Independent:  COVID spread slows in Missouri, new cases now half national rate
        AP:  Missouri says more than 10% of state's residents get vaccine
        P-D:  Gov. Parson:  Non-Missourians should not receive state's vaccine doses
        Missourinet:  New program launches to help older Missourians access coronavirus vaccine
        CDT:  Truman VA vaccinates more than 1,400 before weather shutdown
        Missourinet:  Missouri pulls the plug on this week's mass vaccination events due to winter weather
        KWMU:  Some St. Louis area residents travel to rural Missouri to get COVID-19 vaccine
        Missourinet:  Teachers complain about waiting for vaccine, want immediate attention
        P-D:  Great Circle will shut down residential treatment in Webster Groves
        SE Missourian:  Missouri bicentennial:  Mules a good fit as state animal
        KC Star op-ed:  Show-Me Institute's David Stokes:  Connected Kansas City builders don't pay their share of taxes. Here's a partial fix
        P-D letter:  Webster Groves sexagenarian disagrees with Blunt on impeachment vote

        Monday, February 15, 2021   Presidents Day
KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer says Trump lowered "regulatory nonsense," but Biden is turning back the clock
          This Week in Missouri Politics:  Rep. John Wiemann (R-O'Fallon) talks COVID-19, election security, COVID liability bill, personal property tax, Wayfair;  Panel of Reps. Tony Lovasco (R-O'Fallon) and Tracy McCreery (D-Olivette), David Barklage join Scott Faughn to discuss COVID distribution, Second Amendment Preservation Act, charter schools, Blunt's re-election
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri Senate cancels session due to inclement weather
          Missourinet:  Snow forces Missouri House and Senate to cancel Monday sessions;  Rowden emphasizes safety
          JCNT:  MoDOT urges travelers to stay home during bitter cold, winter weather
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Sen. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) talks state budget, says this year's process likely easier than next year's
          Missourinet:  Rep. Cody Smith (R-Carthage) says Missourians shouldn't be taxed on federal stimulus checks
          Missourinet:  Missouri intercepts $78 million in stimulus money from deadbeat parents
          Missourinet:  Rep. Keri Ingle (D-Lee's Summit):  Issues with Circle of Hope and other Missouri facilities appear to be systemic
          Missouri Independent:  With urban homicides on the rise, Missouri lawmakers seek to help law-abiding citizens defend themselves
          KC Star:  KC metro's weekly average of new COVID cases continues trending downward
          KWMU:  SLU law professor takes a stand against selfishness, says Missourians should let most vulnerable populations get vaccinated first
          St. Joseph News-Press:  In St. Joseph School District, 30% of teachers fall into current tier and can get vaccinated now
          KC Star:  Some teachers complain about waiting their turn in vaccination line behind senior citizens, first responders and people with certain health conditions
          SE Missourian op-ed:  Sen. Holly Rehder (R-Scott City):  Fixing Medicaid
          Missouri Independent op-ed:  Missouri Department of Natural Resources sells out to foreign factory farms
          P-D letter:  Women's Voices Raised for Social Justice sexagenarian says Blunt wrong on impeachment
          KC Star letters:  Lowry City octogenarian calls Blunt "gutless" and "disgusting";  Columbia sexagenarian says Josh Hawley doesn't care about America
          P-D letter:  Sunset Hills sexagenarian wants Hawley to resign
          P-D letter:  St. Louis Hills septuagenarian expresses disbelief that Missourians elected Josh Hawley over Claire McCaskill
          P-D letter:  New York sexagenarian wants Missourians to know she's angry at Josh Hawley
          P-D letter:  Texas sexagenarian wants Missourians to know he's angry at Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz

        Sunday, February 14, 2021   Valentine's Day
Missourinet:  Blunt, Hawley vote against impeaching Trump
          SNL:  Blunt, Hawley weigh in on Dems' failed impeachment effort
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Randy Railsback (R-Hamilton)
          Missourinet:  Gov. Parson hopes to see Boeing use more Missouri suppliers
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Louis Riggs (R-Hannibal) talks Second Amendment Preservation Act
          JCNT:  Firearms sales set record in 2020;  Gun shop owner says Democrats' gun-control legislation helps fuel demand
          JCNT:  Missouri's Office of Childhood to provide more streamlined approach
          SNL:  MDC:  No feral hogs for Share the Harvest despite Robert Ross' push
          Washington Missourian:  Nearly 8 percent of Franklin County vaccinated against COVID-19, area doctors hopeful for more
          KC Star editorial:  Blunt, Hawley side with Trump, making future sedition more likely
          P-D editorial:  Gov. Parson again points the finger of blame elsewhere for his own failings
          P-D letter:  University City man speculates that Blunt, Hawley had minds made up prior to Dems' impeachment trial
          P-D letter:  Chesterfield septuagenarian says she wanted to see Hawley paying closer attention during impeachment trial
          P-D letter:  Las Vegas, Nevada septuagenarian says electing Hawley shows Missourians do not love America

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        Saturday, February 13, 2021
SNL:  Report lists Billy Long as top congressional tweeter - but now he's quitting after Twitter's anti-conservative purge
          SNL:  Springfield brothers charged with participating in riot at U.S. Capitol
          KC Star:  FBI arrests two Springfield, Missouri men in connection to Jan. 6 riot at Missouri Capitol
          KC Star:  KC-area Proud Boys appear in court on riot charges
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Maggie Nurrenbern (D-Kansas City)
          The Missouri Times:  Freshman profile:  Rep. Alex Riley (R-Springfield)
          The Missouri Times:  Missouri general revenue continues to rebound in new year, January report says
          Washington Missourian:  Schatz, local public and private school officials weigh in on charter schools
          The Missouri Times:  How lawmakers suggest handling the COVID-19 unemployment overpayments
          P-D:  Proposals would allow concealed-carry permit holders to protect themselves when enduring MetroLink rides
          KRES/KWIX (Moberly):  Rep. Peggy McGaugh (R-Carrollton) expects tougher road for Second Amendment legislation in the Senate
          Joplin Globe:  Local gun sales track rest of nation, "significantly up"
          Joplin Globe:  Local lawmakers present priorities to chamber leaders, discuss Second Amendment legislation, COVID liability, more
          Missourinet:  Missouri bills would move some local issues and races to a later election
          SE Missourian:  MoDOT lifts no-travel advisory for southeast Missouri
          St. Joseph News-Press:  Prison staff, criminals complain about COVID-19 procedures
          P-D:  Missouri COVID-19 rates return to summer levels;  St. Louis County forecasts steadier vaccine shipments
          KC Star:  New cases, hospitalizations down in Kansas City metro